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  • Chinese tourists’ tourism patterns

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    According to a survey of 2.22 million Chinese tourists visiting South Korea in 2011, 91.1% stayed for an average of six days in Seoul, spending $250 a day with 77% spent on shopping. Their favorite destinations were Myeong-dong (69.2%) and Dongdaemun Market (66.7%).

    2.22 million Chinese tourists visited South Korea in 2011, and 91.1% of them stayed in Seoul
    The percentage of women is getting higher, i.e., 43% in 2007 and 51% in 2011. Compared to tourists from other countries, the Chinese show a high percentage of group travelers. By age group, those in their 20s (26%) led the others, followed by those in their 30s (23%) and those in their 40s (23%). Those in their 40s led others in group tourists; those in their 20s led others in individual tourists.

    “Spending vacation” tops the list of purposes for visiting Korea; Chinese tourists stay for an average of 6 days in Korea, spending $250 a day with 77% spent on shopping; main items shopped are perfume and cosmetics (68.9%)
    According to the survey, groups of Chinese tourists stay in Korea for an average of 6 days and spend money on shopping. Individual tourists stay longer in Korea and spend less than group tourists. A high percentage visits Korea to meet friends or relatives.
    Those in their 30s visit Korea for business or professional purposes, spend most of their time in Seoul, and show a relatively high frequency of visiting Korea (i.e., 2.4 times in the past 3 years).

    Major destinations: Myeong-dong (69.2%), Dongdaemun Market (66.7%), Namsan•N Seoul Tower (37.5%)
    Overall, the major destinations of Chinese tourists are shopping centers. The favorite destinations of those in their 30s are: royal palaces (31.7%), Myeong-dong (15.5%), Insa-dong (14.3%), etc.

    Source: http://www.si.re.kr