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  • Chinese Power Blogger Publishes A Travel Essay on Seoul

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    The Seoul city government has published a romantic travel essay on Seoul with Chinese travel power blogger ‘Susu (阿拉苏苏苏)’ and travel essay writer ‘Sunjien (孙剑).’

    Co-writer Susu is a popular travel power blogger among young people, with 3.50 million fans on Weibo, one of the most popular Chinese social media sites. The other co-writer, Sunjien, is a best-selling travel writer who has travelled to 95 countries for 14 years, appeared on TV travel shows, and given lectures.

    Seoul has published the 285-page travel essay (not for sale), written by two famous Chinese travel writers, in both Korean and Chinese. The two writers honestly expressed what they saw and felt in Seoul as Chinese travellers through narratives, images, and video footage.

    ▲ Covers (Korean, Chinese) ▲ Inside Cover
    ▲ Contents ▲ Information Map (Illustration)

    Unlike other travel books focused on information delivery, this book has absorbing narratives and vivid images as if it were a travel journal, and it reflects the affections of modern Chinese travellers as well as the essence of travelling in Seoul.

    The book consists of two parts. In the first part, ‘Draw a Dream with a Passion in the Heart,’ Susu depicts a dynamic and vivid Seoul. In the second part, ‘Taking Time from Staying,’ Sunjien introduces the reader to the quiet and peaceful places of Seoul. The first part, ‘Draw a Dream with a Passion in the Heart’ vividly recounts Susu’s real experiences in the areas of Seoul full of young people and their passions, such as Hongdae, Dongdaemun Market, Gangnam, Noryangjin, Konkuk Univ, and Hangang River. The second part, ‘Taking Time from Staying,’ uses a lyrical narrative to introduce the reader to traditional and natural places in Seoul, such as Bukhansan Mountain Dulegil, Hwagyesa Templestay Program, Bukchon Hanok Village, and Buam-dong.

    Serving not only as a travel essay, but also as a guide for Chinese travellers in Seoul, the book includes illustrated maps for regions, travel information, and explanations on how to use public transportation (along with schedule information) in order for the travellers to easily visit the places they are interested in.

    For domestic and international travellers, international students, and visitors to Korea, the essay will be available in both Korean and Chinese editions in every Tourist Information Center in Seoul, the Seoul Metropolitan Library, international communication offices, and Korean language institutes of all universities located in Seoul. Additionally, the entire text will be available for everyone on the website of The Official Travel Guide to Seoul (www.visitseoul.net), and the online platform of Seoul Story (www.seoulstory.kr). It will be also available in the Korean Cultural Center in China for a tourism promotion for Seoul.


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