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  • China’s Governor of Shandong to become “Honorary Citizen of Seoul” as the Two Cities Strengthen Cooperation

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    Mayor Park Won Soon met with Governor Guo Shuqing of Shandong Province on August 25, 2015, during the governor’s visit to Korea, at which time Mayor Park pledged to strengthen exchange and cooperation between the two cities and presented Governor Guo with a Certificate of Honorary Seoul Citizenship.

    Governor Guo’s visit to Korea followed Mayor Park’s visit to Shandong, China, in November last year. At the meeting, Mayor Park and Governor Guo confirmed the strong friendship between their two cities and discussed ways to expand exchange and cooperation in various areas, including tourism, culture, and environmental issues.

    Mayor Park personally presented Governor Guo with his Certificate of Honorary Seoul Citizenship.

    Honorary citizenship is awarded to important non-Korean guests to Seoul who have demonstrated their contribution to the city as well as its management and administration. Past honorary citizens include heads of state, such as President Laura Chinchilla Miranda of Costa Rica (2012), and other important figures, including Guus Hiddink, the South Korean national soccer team coach (2002), and the American football star Hines Ward (2006).

    “I hope that, as an honorary citizen of Seoul, Governor Guo Shuqing of Shandong Province will continue to show great interest in and provide substantial support for the exchanges between Seoul and Shandong Province,” commented Mayor Park Won Soon. He went on to add, “Together, we will develop the friendship between Seoul and Shandong Province and work together to pursue policies and projects that will be of practical benefit to the people of Seoul and Shandong.”