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  • Children Invited to Ring the Bosingak Bell to Send Message of Hope on Children’s Day

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will run the “2011 Bosingak bell-ringing program” for children to send a message of hope at the Bosingak (Belfry) in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the occasion of Children’s Day, which falls on May 5.

    Bosingak bell-ringing experience,Commemorative photo taken after ringing the Bosingak bell

    Bosingak Belfry is the site of the Bonsingak Bell, National Relic No. 2, which was originally tolled to herald the beginning of each new day, as well as to signal the opening and closing of the gates to the capital during the Joseon Dynasty. The bell was rung 33 times at 4 am and 28 times at 10 pm every day. The belfry was originally known as Jonggak, but Emperor Gojong named it Bosingak Belfry in the 32nd year of his reign (1895), and it has kept the name ever since. The current belfry, which has five sections at the front and back and four at the sides, was built by the Seoul Metropolitan Government as a two-story structure in August 1979.

    The Bosingak bell-ringing program is expected to provide an opportunity not only to pray for the health and happiness of the people, national unity and prosperity, but also to help children to recognize the importance of great cultural relics and to instill them with dreams of hope.

    Twelve children will be selected via online application at the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s website at http://www.seoul.go.kr (Culture →Daily Ringing of the Bosingak Bell), and twelve others will be picked on site by allotting numbers on a first come, first served basis, thus giving a total of 24 children the chance to ring the historic bell.

    • How to apply:
    • – Online applications (April 22 – May 4, 2011)
    • – On site applications on the day by allocating numbers to up to 12 children (from 11 am in front of the Bosingak Belfry)

    Inquiries: Bosingak (Belfry) Management Office (+82-2-731-0532)