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  • Children from around the world will join an event promoting the importance of environmental protection.

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    Seoul City will hold a poster and essay competition to promote the importance of environmental protection among the children of the world.

    2010 prize-winning work, 2009 prize-winning work

    The event will be jointly held with the “Global Children’s Club” from March 14-25, during which the city will receive posters and essays from children in Korea, China, Russia and Japan.

    Launched 15 years ago, the event seeks to raise public awareness of environmental protection. This year’s theme is the “3Rs” (Reduce + Reuse + Recycle).

    2008 children’s conference (2009), Awards ceremony (2009)

    The event welcomes children in the fourth-grade of elementary school through to those in the third-grade of middle school. The work of each child should first be screened by the art teachers in each school before being submitted to Seoul City for the official competition.

    “This competition will help elementary and middle-school students realize not only the importance of environmental protection but also the importance of real action to tackle such a global issue,” a Seoul City official said.