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  • Cheongwadae & Artists Collaboration

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    The collaboration between Cheongwadae and young artists has resulting in the exhibition, Peace, A New Inspiration at Sarangchae. The exhibition will feature the works that provide a refreshing reinterpretation of the changes that have been brought about thanks to the blossoming of peace on the Korean peninsula featuring 46 paintings, two murals, and one media artwork by five individuals and one team of artists, who have shown captures their unique world of art in various fields from tape art to graffiti, media art, plant miniature, pen drawing, and Korean-style paintings.

    The tape artist used the packaging tape to depict the figures that had greatly influenced and stimulated the global community, such as the leaders of South Korea, North Korea, and the United States, as well as the members of BTS, and more. The graffiti artist presented “Annyeong” (6m x 5.4m) and work that depicts girls of multicultural background. “Annyeong” is an ambiguous title, yet can be understood as both a greeting and as “wellbeing” in Korean; the latter meaning wishing for peace on the peninsula.

    The Korean painting artist, who has a focus on pet animals, presents a folk painting and pop art, where visitors can discover the first pets from South Korea and North Korea, under the theme, Companion: A Part of Me.

    The miniature artist, specializing in the recording of plants through artistry displays colored paintings and pen drawings under the title, “The Illustrated Book of Korean Flora,” introducing plants indigenous to South Korea and North Korea, as well as endangered Korean coniferous trees.

    During the exhibition period until the end of January, artist-participatory events are also in store.

    On Saturday, December 29, live performances of taping artistry are scheduled to take place at the exhibition hall.