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  • Cheonggyecheon Stream lights up the world

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    Mayor of Seoul, Lantern symbolic of Seoul with Haechi

    Seoul’s Cheonggyecheon (Stream) is brimming with hope, as it launched a hope campaign prior to the 2010 Seoul Lantern Festival.

    This campaign, organized by Seoul City as one part of the “2010 Seoul Lantern Festival” public events, has been encouraging Seoulites to make lamps and ribbons of hope, from Oct. 15. The event, taking place at the Chyeongye Plaza, is running until Nov. 4, the eve of the launch of the 2010 Seoul Lantern Festival.

    Lantern from Japan, World heritage,
Lantern from China,Lantern from Taiwan

    The program for making lamps of hope is open to the public with the aims of creating one’s own lamp featuring a written personal wish. The one-of-a-kind wish lamps will be showcased at the Seoul Lantern Festival opening on Nov. 5.

    An event to make ribbons of hope is also taking place. Everyone, regardless of age or gender, is welcome to write down their wish on one of four ribbons representing Seoul for free. The colors include Namsan green, ginkgo nut yellow, Seoul sky blue, and red.

    Lamps of hope, Lantern tunnel

    The launch of the festival will then culminate with a phenomenal light exhibition featuring as many as 15,000 lanterns from 24 countries around the world invited to participate in the extravaganza by Seoul City.

    The event, mixing tradition and the modern, as well as Korea and the world, is expected to complement and accentuate the city’s festive mood in time for the G-20 Summit coming up in November and in line with Visit Korea Year.