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  • Cheonggyecheon Reeds Transformed into a Maze

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    Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation (http://www.sisul.or.kr) has created a small maze park (covering 200sqm) using recycled reeds under Majanggyo 2(Bridge) in the downstream area of Cheonggyecheon Stream, and will open it to the public on Tuesday, February 28.

    The reed trail, The reed maze

    The reeds growing in Cheonggyecheon used to be deracinated and disposed of using taxpayers’ money. This winter, however, they have been used as the key material in the construction of a ‘maze park’. A total of 2,500 bundles of reeds were stacked upright and supported by bamboo poles for a maze park, 375 meters long and 1.5 meters high.

    Rather than uprooting the reeds last autumn, the reed colony opposite the maze park has been transformed into an attractive little ‘reed trail’ measuring about 1.2 meters wide and 50 meters long. Parents can stroll along the trail with their children while couples can enjoy a romantic date there.

    Citizens walking along Cheonggyecheon, which currently presents a rather plain aspect at this time of year, found the reed trail very intriguing: reeds are regarded an autumnal plant. The reed maze park and reed trail will remain open to the public until the end of April.