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  • Cheonggwonsa Shrine and Tomb Seoul

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    Cheonggwonsa Shrine and Tomb Seoul Cheonggwonsa Shrine in Seoul is located right beside Bangbae station on line 2. Cheonggwonsa Shrine was built below the tombs of Prince Hyoryong (1396-1486) and his wife, Princess Jeong (1394-1470). Cheonggwonsa Shrine was built in 1736. Prince Hyoryong was the 2nd son of King Taejong and the older brother of the next King, King Sejong the Great. The first son of the King has the heir to the throne but the 1st son and Prince Hyoryong (2nd son) gave up their tittles so Sejong their younger brother could become King. They both felt Sejong suited the position best and they were right. He went on and became the most powerful ruler Korea has ever seen and was given the tittle King Sejong the Great. Prince Hyoryong went on to become a Buddhist monk. The twin tomb of Prince Hyoryong and his wife are located at the top of a hill and offers some stunning views. A bit further down the hill are some more tombs of his descendants.