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  • Changes in Seoul Living in 2019

  • SMG 2436

    Seoul Metropolitan Government publishes Changes in Seoul Living in 2019, providing useful information on the newly-conducted businesses in 2019, the opening of public facilities around the corner, and policies and measures closely related to everyday life.

    Changes in Seoul Living in 2019 introduces a total of 44 businesses in five categories: ① 11 businesses in Future Seoul, ② 12 businesses in Safety Seoul, ③ 13 in Welfare Seoul, ④ five in Balance Seoul, and ⑤ three in Democracy Seoul.

    To lessen the burden of the commission fees for small businesses (owner-operators) facing financial difficulties, the SMG introduced Zero Pay. Thanks to this payment system, consumers can benefit from a 40% deduction from their income while stores receive up to a 0% commission fee. You can check in detail how to use Zero Pay at the official website (https://www.zeropay.or.kr).

    The speed limit of the main roads has been decreased to 50km/h, with that of side streets having been decreased to 30km/h inside the four great gates of the heart of Seoul in order to establish the “People First” traffic culture for the next year. The traffic safety installations, including the traffic signs and road signs, will be accordingly renewed by March, three months from which speed limit enforcement will begin in accordance with the changed speed limit via speed cameras, etc.

    From 2019, child allowance will be given to the applicable households regardless of their income. A monthly stipend of KRW 100,000 will be allotted to every child under six years of age from January to August, as well as to every child under seven years from September.

    Changes in Seoul Living in 2019 is easily accessible to everyone at the SMG’s eBook service (http://ebook.seoul.go.kr) from December 31.