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  • Changdeokgung Palace to See Historically-regenerated Four Roads

  • Urban Planning News SMG 3935

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a plan on Sep 26th, 2016 for the regeneration of history and humanities in front of Chandeokgung Palace, regenerating the neighborhood surrounding the Palace. Despite the meaningful political, historical, cultural and geographical associations of the area in light of its locations (formerly the center of Hanyang dosung (castle town)) and its potential to revitalize the city surrounded by the Four Big Gates of Seoul, it has not developed in line with its historical place in Seoul and lost track of its identity.

    For this reason, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will introduce a new approach to the regeneration of history and humanities by highlighting the fact that this area has gone through a 400-year history from Joseon Dynasty to the modern city of today. Unfortunately, many of the plans on strengthening historical identity have not been implemented.

    In order to implement the plan of regenerating history and humanities, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has categorized four roads in the neighborhood of Changdeokgung Palace. They are ① Donhwamun-ro (Joseon dynasty), ② Samil-daero (modernizing period) ③ Ikseon~Nakwon (modern and present age) ④ Seosunla-gil (present age).

    ① Donhwamun-ro: the redevelopment of roads and streets facing Changdeokgung Palace, traditional culture street
    First, Donhwamun-ro, which was once the center of all the networks of roads in Joseon Dynasty, will change into a public pedestrian street toward Chandeokgung Palace. To this end, roadways will be made into pedestrian walkways step by step.

    ② Samil-daero: Centennial Memorial Space for March First Independence Movement, tour programs
    Second, Samil-daero will be equipped with space for commemorating the March First Independence Movement to honor the spirit of the March First Movement, which triggered the foundation of the Republic of Korea. The value of the March First Independence Movement will be highlighted again in order for the public to see and experience historic sites which are not widely known of as of yet.

    ③ Ikseon~Nakwon: Ikseon Traditional House, the recreation of newly emerging culture in the vicinity of Nakwon Arcade
    Third, the Ikseon~Nakwon area leads to an area of Nakwon Arcade~Donhwamun-ro~Seosunla-gil. The concept of the regeneration here is to create a newly emerging culture regarding food, clothing, housing, and joy so that Korean royal culture will be embodied into the life of the public.

    ④ Seosunla-gil: the existing Jewelry Specialized Neighborhood + Hand-Craft and Art Street
    Fourth, Seosunla-gil will combine the potential of the jewelry specialized neighborhood surrounding Jongmyo Shrine and the creative growth engine of youth craftspeople so that crafts, culture, and human beings are in harmony in this Hand-Craft and Art Street.