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  • “Chang Eung-bok’s Boutique Hotel, Peach Blossom Dream” Exhibit

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    “Chang Eung-bok’s Boutique Hotel, Peach Blossom Dream” Exhibit

    Seoul Metropolitan Government-run SeMA(Seoul Museum of Art) Living Arts Museum is turned into a boutique hotel by artist Chang Eung-bok.

    The SeMA Living Arts Museum is holding an exhibit titled Chang Eung-bok’s Boutique Hotel, Peach Blossom Dream at the Living Arts Museum to interpret the country’s traditional materials with contemporary design sense. Originally built as the Belgian Consulate in the early 20th century and renamed Living Arts Museum this year, the exhibition place will serve as a venue for resting and healing with objects symbolizing the country’s traditional beauty. The exhibit will display textile design objects, furniture, and video image installation artworks.

    Composition of exhibit

    – First floor: Peach Blossom Dream (Exhibition Halls 1-5)
    The five exhibition halls on the first floor will house the Reception, Living Room, Dining Hall, Bedroom, and Private Lounge. Those displayed will be artworks made by Chang Eung-Bok with the inspiration obtained from humorous everyday images appearing often in folk paintings of the late Joseon Period. They will feature fabrics and patterns with bold and gorgeous colors.

    – Second floor: Landscape (Exhibition Halls 6-11)
    The exhibition halls on the second floor will have the Business Center and suite rooms (Moon Palace Suite Room, Waterfall Suite, and Moonlit Night Suite). They are meant to be places for resting and healing. Those displayed will be minimalist works featuring abstract design made with the inspiration obtained by Chang from poems, writings, and pictures of artists of the Joseon Period.

     “Chang Eung-bok’s Boutique Hotel, Peach Blossom Dream” Exhibit

    • Title of the exhibit: “Chang Eung-bok’s Boutique Hotel, Peach Blossom Dream”
    • Period: May 28, 2013 ~ August 4, 2013
    • Opening ceremony: May 28, 2013, 5:00 PM
    • Place: Seoul Metropolitan Government-run SeMA Living Arts Museum
    • Genre of exhibit: Textile design, installation art
    • Artist: Chang Eung-bok (textile designer)