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  • Centennial Hanok, Baek In-Je House, Opens for Night Operation

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    The Baek In-je House, located in the Bukchon Hanok Village, will be initiating Friday and Saturday night operations during the months of July and August, permitting last entrance at 8:40 pm, followed by the closing of operations at 9 pm.

    Reservations are required through the Seoul Public Service Reservation System (http://yeyak.seoul.go.kr) during the two month period as guests will be treated to a guided tour of the House. Guests who obtain all the hidden stamps at five locations throughout the House will receive a special souvenir gift comprised of five different Baek In-je House postcards as a stamp tour is simultaneously conducted.

    Designated as Seoul Folk Cultural Heritage No. 22 and capturing the design of the modern hanok as it was built in 1913, the Baek In-je House was procured by Seoul City from the Baek In-je family, followed by structural renovations and the restoration of the architecture and lifestyle at the time prior to the opening of its doors on November 11, 2015.

    The Baek In-je House is the very first hanok to be opened to the public in the Bukchon area and maintains characteristic features different for traditional hanoks in that the sarangchae and main building are connected by a hallway amid the frequent use of red bricks and glass windows. It covers an expansive area of 2,460 ㎡ that allows guests to get a peek into the lifestyle of not only hanok culture, but also what life was like during the Japanese Colonial Era and for the Seoul-based upper class with its unique modern-day design featuring a two-story portion of the main building.

    □ Baek In-je House Overview

    • Location: 16, Bukchon-ro 7-gil, Jongno-gu (Gahoe-dong)
    • Operation Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 9 am – 6 pm
      • ※ Night operation hours run until 9 pm, Friday & Saturday during July/August
        Guided tours & stamp tour commence from 7 pm
    • Schedule: Closed January 1 & Mondays (Open on national holidays)
    • No. of Guests: One tour guide per 15 people / Up to 100 guests permitted at once for self-touring
    • Admissions: Free
    • Available Tours
      • – Self-touring: Tour the outer grounds / First-come, first-served admissions (No RSVP required)
      • – Guided touring: Guided tour of House grounded and interior of the main building, sarangchae and annex provided four times during the week & six times on the weekends
    • RSVP: Use the Seoul Public Service Reservation System (http://yeyak.seoul.go.kr) & on-site registration (For inquiries: 82-2-724-0200, 0232)

    Baek In-je House Photos

    Front entrance Interior Gate
    Front entrance Interior Gate
    Anchae (Main building) Panoramic of Main Building
    Anchae (Main building) Panoramic of Main Building
    Sarangchae (Guest house) Byeoldangchae (Annex)
    Sarangchae (Guesthouse) Byeoldangchae (Annex)