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  • Celebration of the 2nd Anniversary of Seoul Brand I·SEOUL·U

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it will be hosting a festival to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Seoul Brand I·SEOUL·U from 11am to 5pm on October 29 at the Oil Tank Culture Park located in Mapo-gu.

    I·SEOUL·U was selected as the new brand of Seoul by over 200,000 citizens in 2015. In May 2016, the Seoul Metropolitan Government officially launched the brand as the official symbol (brand) of Seoul through the announcement of the ‘Partially Revised Ordinance Bill on the Symbols of Seoul City Ordinance.’ The brand has been well-loved by people since.

    The festival was organized with the purpose of encouraging both Koreans and foreigners to experience the brand in order to expand upon its scope of use and improve familiarity of the brand in daily life in celebration of the 2nd anniversary of the I·SEOUL·U brand which encompasses Seoul’s core values of ‘Coexistence, Passion, and Composure.’

    The I·SEOUL·U 2nd anniversary festival will consist of three main events of ‘I·Market·U’, ‘I·Busking·U’ and ‘I·Concert U’ and seven experience-based programs.

    ‘I·Market U’ is a space that creates and sells artist-collaborated products (creative works) using the I·SEOUL·U brand. Check out various original works and make your own products.

    ‘I·Busking·U’ hosts performances by indie bands that visitors can listen to while relaxing and enjoying the autumn weather. Other noteworthy events are set to include a fashion show by artists who participated in ‘I Market U’ utilizing I·SEOUL·U.

    ‘I·Concert·U’ features performances in various genres to encourage the participation of young people in the festival. The Seoul Metropolitan Government Global Ambassadors KARD, No Brain, Mad Clown, and SEENROOT will perform their songs for Seoul citizens and foreign tourists.

    The festival will also feature seven experience-based programs focusing on Seoul brand’s three core values of ‘Coexistence, Passion and Composure’ and those who participated in all programs will receive collaborated products with the I·SEOUL·U brand.

    Overview the 2nd Anniversary of the ‘I·SEOUL·U Festival’

    《Festival Overview》

    • ○ Time: October 29 (Sun), 2017
      I·Market·U  Time: 11:00am∼7:00pm
       Place: Market Zone inside the Oil Tank Culture Park ※Participation by 100 vendors
       Description: Display and sales of Seoul brand utilizing collaborated products,
      Operation of programs
      (Theme: Coexistence, passion, composure)
      I·Busking·U Time: 11:00am∼5:00pm
      Place: Culture Plaza (Wooden Deck) inside the Oil Tank Culture Park
      Description: Busking (3 groups), fashion show, Seoul Brand Shelter
      (display of 400 chairs featuring the Seoul brand concept), etc.
      I·Concert U Time: 12:00pm∼4:00pm
      Place: Performance Zone inside the Oil Tank Culture Park
      Description: Congratulatory Speech, I Seoul U 2nd Anniversary Concert
      (8 groups including KARD and No Brain)

      ※ Schedule and cast are subject to change.

    • ○ Place: Oil Tank Culture Park (located in Mapo-gu)
    • ○ Participants
      – Citizens, Mayor of Seoul, Chairman of the Seoul Metropolitan Council, Members of the Seoul Brand Committee, Seoul Brand Citizen Participation Group, foreign residents, etc.

    ‘I·Concert·U’ Performance Schedule

    Category Performance Time Artist Genre
    Opening Performances 12:00 ~ 12:15 Machorita Acoustic
    12:15 ~ 12:30 Lalakus Acoustic Band
    12:30 ~ 13:00 SEENROOT Folk Rock
    Official Events 13:00 ~ 13:10 Opening ceremony and process guide
    Congratulatory speech by Seoul Mayor
    Main Performances 13:10 ~ 13:30 KARD K-POP
    13:30 ~ 14:10 Superbee & myunDo Hip-hop
    14:10 ~ 14:40 Rude paper Reggae
    14:40 ~ 15:20 Mad Clown Hip-hop
    15:20 ~ 16:00 No Brain Rock