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  • CCTV Live Videos Available on Smartphones

  • Integrated News SMG 3164

    It is now possible to check the live CCTV videos of major tourist attractions and key traffic spots of Seoul – such as Gwanghwamun, Namsan and the Hangang River – instantly on smartphones. The city government has announced its provision of live webcam videos of these and other places on its Mobile Seoul site (http://m.seoul.go.kr/lang/topmenu.do?lang=eng) starting from May 12, 2012.

    The service is available for seven places including Gwanghwamun, Namsan, the Hangang River, Haneul Park and Seoul Forest. Now anyone with a smartphone can check the situation in these places instantly including traffic conditions at Gwanghwamun and Cheonggye Plaza. The live webcam service will be expanded to thirteen more locations in the second half of this year.

    The Mobile LIVE Cam service also provides live still images, which can of course be accessed right away without having to wait for the loading of video information. To access the service, enter ‘http://m.seoul.go.kr/lang/topmenu.do?lang=eng’ in the smartphone Internet browser (or Safari) address bar or, in the case of ordinary mobile phones, press 02 and the Internet connection button (Nate, Show, Oz), and then click the ‘LIVE Cam’ menu icon in Mobile Seoul.