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Global Seoul - Mate Notice

  • Appointment of 2014 Global Seoul-Mates

  • Global Seoul - Mate Notice SMG 5373

    Greetings, Global Seoul-Mates!
    First of all, we would like to congratulate the 200 applicants who have been selected as 2014 Global Seoul-Mates. We’d also like to thank everyone who showed an interest in the program and sent in an application.

    The main duty of a Global Seoul-Mate is to seek out Seoul’s many hidden attractions and promote Seoul in colorful and interesting ways to the global community.

    As a Global Seoul-Mate, you will be asked to share the beauty of Seoul and its attractions to other users in the form of writing, photos, and videos through personal channels such as SNS and blogs. You can also post your own promotional contents on the page exclusive for Global Seoul-Mates on the Seoul Metropolitan Government homepage (http://english.seoul.go.kr/community/global-seoul-mate/). This space is intended to be a community platform where Global Seoul-Mates can share information with each other.

    After you share your content, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will review your materials and carefully select some of the best contents from your posts to publish a second time through its own blogs and SNS channels.



    1. Seoul-Mates will be awarded a “2014 Global Seoul-Mate Appointment Certificate,” which can be downloaded from the Seoul Metropolitan Government homepage. You will also be asked to download symbols from the homepage that designates you as an official Global Seoul-Mate. Please upload these symbols on your own channels so that viewers and other Seoul-mates can easily identify you. You will also be sent a small gift to congratulate you on your appointment as a 2014 Global Seoul-Mate.

    2. Throughout the year, you will be given three missions to produce contents to promote Seoul. Those who successfully finish each mission will be given a “GOOD” certification mark and presented with a gift.

    3. Global Seoul-Mates who actively promote Seoul, or who produce and share entertaining and meaningful contents will be invited to Seoul City conferences and trips to experience Korean culture in Seoul. In addition, they will be given priority tickets to promotional events held in Seoul.

    We hope that, through your active participation in this program, you can help us bring together the people of Seoul and the citizens of the entire global community.

    Thank you again for your participation.

    <List of 2014 Global Seoul Mates>


    Name Country or Region
    Bomba Magdalena Poland
    星 金 China
    PEII CHEN Taiwan
    masako saikawa Japan
    Ami Lee Taiwan
    MOT Stephane France
    晓璨 陈 China
    昕 李 China
    Ladner Mimsie The United States
    喆 郭 China
    Amy CHOW Hong Kong
    惠玲 姚 China
    jiaqi xing China
    舒伦 何 China
    知子 布施 Japan
    可莹 施 Hong Kong
    Putry Febryanty Indonesia
    怡萍 曹 China
    Delgado Alfonso Philippines
    21 kenpu Japan
    萱 杜 China
    Devi Faramitha Indonesia
    俊良 賴 Unknown


    Name Country or Region
    Abid Hassan Pakistan
    Verdin Gisela Mexico
    azusa eto Japan
    陈馨 China
    親子 辻 Guinea Bissau
    霏梦 王 China
    CANIKLI Sinem Betul Turkey
    葵 黑崎 China
    蓓蕾 曾 China
    有为 顾 China
    Takako Fujikawa(孝子 藤川) Japan
    ChiaHsuan Tsai Unknown
    Tokiko sugimoto Japan
    JUNYI LI China
    Wiam Chung Hong Kong
    秋红 朱 China
    Zhang Wen China
    richelyn chua Philippines
    梦夏 沈 China
    Jing Che China
    Foon Kerliza Unknown
    旭 王 China
    雪飞 郑 Unknown
    虹 姜 China
    PuiSzeDonna Fung Hong Kong
    Soon Desiree Singapore
    翔麟 莊 China
    凱希 張 Taiwan
    YUHUA LI China
    NurSentana Daniel Indonesia
    久美子 西野 Japan
    璧珺 顾 China
    Mariko 茉莉子 Unknown
    Ngo Brandon Philippines
    凯璇 李 China
    漪 连 China
    洁 谌 China
    Yahaya Nooryahanis Malaysia
    YENCHI SHIH Taiwan
    挺 雷 China
    Toh YanQinElizabeth Singapore
    琳 程 China
    jingwen zhuang China
    洱 苏 China
    梅燕 林 China
    Zhiwei Cheng Singapore
    怡 康 China
    Marce irena Czech Republic
    juan MA Unknown
    yunyu lan China
    Medimorec Nikola Germany
    Paik Alexander Unknown
    ROY PARTHA India


    Name Country or Region
    PhuiYee Yong Malaysia
    李 程 China
    LIN CHUN PING Taiwan
    Yulia Oris Russia
    Jiri Gajdusek Czech Republic
    Christie (Ly) Le Australia
    Chelli Plummer The United States
    Lin WanRu Taiwan
    Alcina Knabben Brazil
    Cory May Unknown
    Natcha Poompradit Thailand
    LIN WANLING Taiwan
    Ethel Ang Singapore
    仁田脇 眞理子 Japan
    Shen Ruth The United States
    Nico Vermeulen South Africa
    Virendra Rathod India
    Jennifer Garcia The United States
    rei chen Singapore
    Emil lavsen Denmark
    王 梦萦 Unknown
    Pilar Gómez Spain
    Jessica Osborne The United States
    Daria Dudko Russia
    Diana Voina Romania
    Megan Fox The United States
    賴 湘雯 Taiwan
    Au Fiona Hong Kong
    马 欣雨 China
    Okuyama Chikako Japan
    Soh Zhau Wan Malaysia
    李 淑君 China
    彭 卓文 China
    Goh Vanessa Singapore
    佐田 美香 Japan
    NiNyoman Yudhiarti Indonesia
    田中 佳苗 Japan
    EunJi Kang Thailand
    CHUNG YEE NEE Malaysia
    Rossella Meloni Italy
    姜 玥 China
    ho wing yin Hong Kong
    Teresa Garcia Rabadan Spain
    January Francisco Philippines
    Laurens van Zelst Netherlands
    Anna Isabella Indonesia
    郭 琪 China
    龚 绘心 China
    Pan Vera Taiwan
    Mayra Ramírez Republic of Venezuela
    Elley Chan Malaysia
    wakabayashi naoko Japan
    Marilyn Morales Mexico
    Alejandro Callirgos The United States
    Xiao Cai China
    王 宇同 China
    LI JingYi China
    马 春萌 China
    曹 颖 China
    Maria Flores The United States
    Chen Qingqing China
    Florencia Bragado Philippines
    Mélissa Casas Aragon France
    Tsai Fang-Yu Taiwan
    bezazel ferhat Algeria
    清水 千佳 Japan
    张 光雪 China
    Dmitriy Ogay Uzbekistan
    汤 淑贤 China
    Irina Pavlovskaya Russia
    Renata Gazieva Russia
    ZHU ZIYING China
    朱 貝妮 Taiwan
    Armand Beaupain Netherlands
    Yinsoo Tan Singapore
    Danielle Skinner United Kingdom
    Lin Lydia China
    王 春丽 China
    蓝 兔子 China
    yang congtou China
    niu xiaoniu China
    fei tiancheng China
    安 媛 China
    天天 兄弟 China
    Fanny Brard France
    Maraida Claudel Philippines
    小島 洋(Hiroshi KOJIMA) Japan
    Wang ZiQi China
    Annami van der Merwe South Africa
    Mohsin Ali Badshah Pakistan
    Rebekah McNamara The United States
    Natalia Cas Brazil
    siying tan Singapore
    Jasmine Chua Singapore
    Ana Park South Korea resident
    Alex Nems Poland
    Siewyee Chong Singapore
    WU YAJIE China
    黄 文婕 China
    Chang LiYing China
    陈 超燕 China
    kou yu China
    陆 玉欣 China
    王 忆文 China
    袁 晓雪 China
    王 昊 China
    冯 慧妍 China