I·SEOUL·U Storytelling Contest, Seoul Story by [ ] and [ ]

iseoulu Storytelling Contest, Seoul Story by [ ] and [ ]

Tell us about your experience in Seoul!

iseoulu logo Storytelling Contest, Seoul Story by [ ] and [ ]

In celebration of the 2nd anniversary (October 28) of the I Seoul U brand (iseoulu logo), created and led by citizens, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will host the Storytelling Contest of Seoul Story by [ ] and [ ].

I Seoul U (iseoulu logo) represents the philosophy that “Seoul exists between you and I and that it also embraces both the eastern and western worlds.” It is a brand created and developed by the citizens of Seoul in the hopes to seek a life of coexistence and comfort in a passionate city.

When the brand was developed in 2015, thanks to the participation of over 230,000 citizens, the brand was fostered into a leading citizens’ brand within two years of declaring the birth of the brand. The brand has raised its reliability and brand image by winning prestigious brand design awards including the Reddot Design and if Design in Germany and Good Design of the United States.

The subject of the contest is I Seoul U (iseoulu logo) Seoul for Us. Express the story of people living in Seoul in prose, video or poster format.

Anyone who wishes to coexist with others and loves Seoul can apply. The contest will be introduced through ‘Seoul in Your Palm’ and submissions will be received on the contest website of the ‘Idea Sharing Center (www.ideananumso.com/iseoulu).’ Submissions will be accepted between October 21 and November 20. Categories include prose, video and poster. The I Seoul U (iseoulu logo) manuscript paper will be offered on-line to inspire people to express their writings.

I Seoul U manuscript paper ‘Coexistence’I Seoul U manuscript paper ‘Passion’I Seoul U manuscript paper ‘Composure’
< I Seoul U manuscript paper ‘Coexistence’ >< I Seoul U manuscript paper ‘Passion’ >< I Seoul U manuscript paper ‘Composure’>

A total prize pool of 20 million KRW will be given to 40 works through judging by experts and on-line citizen voting.

The awards ceremony will be held at the indoor plaza of Seoul Station where many diverse people coexist and the air is relaxed and composed. This year’s storytelling contest for I Seoul U (iseoulu logo) Seoul for Us will be the first citizen-participated event ever. 100 members of cheering squads from universities located in Seoul will present the awards to citizens in flash mob form.

I Seoul U 너와나의서울Overview of the Storytelling Contest

  1. 1.Title: Storytelling Contest for iseoulu logo Seoul For Us
  2. 2. Subject: Seoul Story by [ ] and [ ]
  3. 3. Categories: Prose, video and poster
  4. 4. Eligibility: Anyone who loves Seoul
  5. 5. Schedule
    • ○ Submission period: 4pm on October 21 (Sat) ~ November 20 (Mon), 2017
    • ○ Result Announcement: Scheduled for December 4 (Mon), 2017 | * Award ceremony: Scheduled for December 8 (Fri)

    ※ Subject to change.

  6. 6. Requirements
    Prose ○ One manuscript paper or shorter (use the manuscript paper)
    ○ Download the manuscript paper and handwrite. Submit as photo or scanned file (JPG, PNG, PDF, etc.)
    Video ○ Video 20 sec ~ 2 min long
    ○ Any media content including video, motion graphic and animation
    ○ Submit the submission with the URL (on-line file address) to the video
    (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook)
    – Enter this required tag message when uploading your video: #ISEOULU#Seoul for Us
    Poster ○ A4 (297*210) or larger
    ○ Visual design including typographics, infographics and illustration
    ○ Submit after designing the poster (AI, JPG, PNG, etc.)
    Example ○ Desirable Seoul by [ ] and [ ]
    ○ Seoul Dream by [ ] and [ ], etc.
  7. 7. How to Submit
  8. 8. Inquiries
    • ○ Idea Sharing Center, the operation office for the storytelling contest of iseoulu logo Seoul for Us
    • ○ Tel: 02-407-9006, E-mail: iseoulu@goodcontest.co.kr

I Seoul U manuscript paper ‘Composure’

72nd Anniversary, “Dreaming of a Greater Independence”

A large banner containing the phrase ‘Dreaming of a Greater Independence’ on a backdrop of a sky blue water-color painting of the Korean Peninsula will be hung at the Dream Board at Seoul Square from August 13 until the end of the month in celebration of the 72nd anniversary of the Korean independence.

72nd Anniversary, Dreaming of a Greater Independence
<Dream Board at Seoul Square to Celebrate Independence Day – “Dreaming of a Greater Independence”>

‘Greater Independence’ refers to a greater independence enjoyed in a unified Korea rather than independence enjoyed separately in the South and North while the peninsula remains divided.

Each year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) holds an event that allows people to reflect upon the meaning of independence. This year’s event contained the desire to achieve unification in this generation along with many citizens who remember the ‘candlelight spirit,’ demonstrated through many street demonstrations.

This year’s Dream Board was designed out of the intention to dream and hope for a greater ‘independence’ of unifying the Korean Peninsula rather than becoming complacent of the current status.

KARD Appointed as Global Seoul Ambassadors

KARD Appointed as Global Seoul Ambassadors

KARD, a co-ed group that has taken international music charts by storm, was appointed as Seoul Global Ambassadors on July 24, 2017. KARD will be promoting the Seoul Brand ‘I·SEOUL·U’ and the city of Seoul to the world until June 2018.

KARD will participate in various global activities to enhance the image of Seoul including dispersion of the I SEOUL U brand hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), participation in promotional events for the Seoul Brand in various cities and filming of a promotional video.

The SMG and KARD first met at the pre-promotional video filming for Seoullo 2017, which opened on May 20, 2017. KARD released a dynamic choreography video of its third project ‘RUMOR’ in collaboration with the SMG at ‘Platform 61’ and ‘Seoullo 7017.’ The video was a great hit, recording 7.3 million views on YouTube.

KARD Appointed as Global Seoul Ambassadors

The SMG is preparing for the operation of the Seoul PR booth in São Paulo on Korean Culture Day, which it will host in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Seoul-São Paulo Sister City relationship. The SMG hopes to operate an Augmented Reality Zone in the booth. To that end, the SMG presented the group with letter of appointments and the members of KARD took a picture in front of the AR equipment along with Mayor Park Won-soon. When a São Paulo resident takes a picture at the AR zone, Seoul Mayor and KARD will also appear in the photo.

KARD released its first album ‘Hola Hola’ on July 19, 2017. Their title song ‘Hola Hola’ was ranked high on iTunes charts in 31 countries. Members of KARD said, “We are honored to be appointed as ambassadors to the Seoul brand ‘I·SEOUL·U’ to promote Seoul to other countries.” They added, “We will do our best to introduce I·SEOUL·U to the world.”

33 Seoul Policies to Change in the Second Half of 2017

33 Seoul Policies to Change in the Second Half of 2017

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced 33 policy changes that will start in the second half of 2017 in five areas and disclosed them on-line under the title of ‘Changes to life in Seoul in the second half of 2017.’ The five areas are ① Welfare/Women (9 policies), ② Safety/Transportation (9 policies), ③ Economy/Culture (8 policies), ④ Greenspace/Environment (3 policies) and ⑤ Administration (4 policies).

In the Welfare/Women area, various policies that consider the needs of seniors, children, the disable, families of the deceased and pets will be implemented. In the Safety/Transportation area, following the opening of ‘Seoullo 7017,’ various policies will be implemented to realize ‘Pedestrian City Seoul.’ In the Economy/Culture area, building facilities and organizing festivals for citizens to visit such as the completion of the Sewoon Shopping Center Regeneration Project Stage 1 (Jongmyo – Daerim Shopping Center) and the hosting of the 2017 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism will be implemented. In the Greenspace/Environment area, industrial assets, sewage facilities and military facilities will be transformed into culture spaces and will be prepared for opening. In the Administration area, various policies that will affect people’s daily lives will be launched.

View changes made to Seoul for the second half of 2017 (Korean): http://ebook.seoul.go.kr

< Major Seoul City Policies that Will Change in the Second Half of 2017 >

33 Seoul Policies to Change in the Second Half of 2017
AreaChangesMonth of implementationHandling departmentPhone
Welfare/WomenExpanded operation of the 「Urban-rural integration public lunch」 9Eco-friendly lunch officer2133-4147
Daytime activity support project for people with severe development disorders 7Disable People Support Division2133-7479
Support of supplementary living allowance and veteran allowance to people of national merit 10Welfare Policy Division2133-7344
Safety/TransportationExpansion of Ttareungyi, Seoul Public Bike all across SeoulSecond half of the yearBicycle Policy Division2133-2752
Economy/CultureHosting of the 2017 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism9Urban Space Improvement Bureau2133-7622
Fostering of daily art mediator7Culture Policy Division2133-2541
Hosting of the Seoul International Community Orchestra Festival9Culture Policy Division2133-2541
AdministrationImplementation of the visiting community center (stage 3)7Autonomous Administration Division2133-5836
Water bill texting service7The Office of Waterworks2133-1185
Improvement of the Seoul information and communication plaza service10Disclosed Policy Division2133-5672
Issuance of mobile Seoul citizen card11Autonomous Administration Division2133-5848

2017 Notice of Recommendation for Honorary Citizenship

Notice of Recommendation for Honorary Citizenship of Seoul

The Seoul Metropolitan Government confers honorary citizenship upon international residents in Seoul in recognition of their contributions to the city and the local community, including being a role model to Seoul citizens as well as other foreign residents.

1. Qualification for Honorary Citizenship of Seoul

  1. 1) Current foreign residents who have resided in Seoul for more than three consecutive years and current or former foreign residents who have or had resided in Seoul for five cumulative years, having contributed to:
    • · Improving the status of the City of Seoul at home and abroad,
    • · Enhancing the quality of life and promoting cultural activities of citizens,
    • · The economic development of Seoul, or
    • · Introducing cutting-edge technologies in science and other industries.
    • * Note: Foreign residents refer to those who completed alien registration with the Immigration Bureau of the Republic of Korea. Those who are exempt from alien registration in accordance with applicable law/regulation, such as the holders of Official & Diplomatic passports, are also eligible.
  2. 2) Foreign residents who have resided in Seoul for three consecutive years or less (or current or former foreign residents who have resided in Seoul for five cumulative years or less) but have made significant contribution to the City of Seoul otherwise than aforementioned
    • * Note: The contribution made to the City of Seoul shall be independently
      assessed and determined by the deliberation committee.

2. Nominators

  1. 1) Heads of public organizations (Heads of national organizations and local governments, or those of corporations and public organizations whose purpose of existence was authorized by the heads of national organizations and local governments),
  2. 2) Heads of civic organizations with more than 10 registered members, or
  3. 3) More than 30 citizens of Seoul. (Joint signatures are required)

3. Required documents

  1. 1) A recommendation form: attached to this notice.
  2. 2) A photo of nominees (3.5cm*4.5cm) taken within a six-month period.

4. Submission

  1. 1) Period: June 19, 2017 ~ July 14, 2017
  2. 2) By postal mail or in person
    – Address: International Relations Division, 8F, Seoul City Hall, 110 Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-744, Korea
    – email : jrim@seoul.go.kr
    • · In case of submission by postal mail, the postmark date should be no later than July 14, 2017.
    • · Not only submission of a hard copy (original copy) of recommendation form via postal or in person, but also submission of soft copy (digital files) via e-mail is required to be made no later than July 14, 2017.

5. Selection process

  1. 1) The nomination is brought to the Selection Committee for the Honorary Citizenship of Seoul and Seoul Metropolitan Council for deliberation. Approximately 10 nominees will be approved as Honorary Citizens of Seoul.
    • · The Selection Committee will be convened in August of 2017.
    • · If more information about nominees is needed, the Committee will contact
      nominators to request additional information or confirm facts.

6. Benefits for Honorary Citizens

  1. 1) Conferred the medal, stole, certificate and card of Honorary Citizenship of Seoul
  2. 2) Appointed as member of various committees of the city government or invited to official events.
  3. 3) Free-of-charge admission to Seoul Grand Park, Seoul Museum of History, Seoul Museum of Art, Dongdaemun Design Plaza(only DDP’s own exhibition)

7. Others

  1. 1) Recommendation form can be downloaded at “Seoul city hall (English)” website.
  2. 2) Those selected as Honorary Citizens of Seoul will be notified within seven days after Seoul Metropolitan Council confirms the result of the Selection.
    • · The conferment ceremony for Honorary Citizenship of Seoul will take place on October 27, 2017 at Sejong Center (Sejong Hall).
  3. 3) Submitted documents will not be returned. For more information, please find the contact information.
    • · Ms. Kim, Jeong-rim Tel : 02-2133-5267

2017 Notice of Recommendation for Honorary Citizenship

Citizen Discussion on Particulate Matter at Gwanghwamun Square

The day to find tofether our right to breathe

– Seoul citizens talk to resolve particulate matter issues –

Citizen Discussion on Particulate Matter at Gwanghwamun Square

  • □ Overview
    • ○ Date & time: 2017. 5. 27. (Sat), 17:00~19:00
    • ○ Venue: Gwanghwamun Square
    • ○ Participants: Around 3,000 people (experts, environmental groups, media, students, housewives, children, etc.)
    • ○ Co-hosts: Seoul Metropolitan Government; Seoul Metropolitan Council; Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education; Seoul Association of Mayors of Gu (Districts); Headquarter of Citizens’ Campaign to Make Clear Sky; Citizens Commission for Green Seoul; Air quality and health related associations and organizations, etc.
    • ○ About: Discussion on developing Seoul’s air quality policies for citizens
  • □ Draft Agenda

    Citizen Discussion on Particulate Matter
    at Gwanghwamun Square Draft Agenda table
    16:00~17:00(60′)· Registration· Pre-event performances, show video clips, provide information about discussion
    17:00~17:15(15‘)· Introduction· Introduce VIPs, explain what causes particulate matter and efforts taken to improve air quality
    17:15~18:40(85′)· Discussions· Roundtable discussions on diagnosis and resolutions (per table, 30 mins)
    · Interview and discussion with main opinion providers (all, 25 mins)
    · Vote on major agenda items, wrap up discussions (per table, 30 mins)
    18:40~19:00(20′)· Review, group photo· Review from Mayor of Seoul, announce future roadmap, performances
  • □ Layout ※ Max. 244 roundtables, 3,000 participants

    The day to find tofether our right to breathe

※ Draft Program

– Mayor of Seoul will visit roundtable discussions to have conversation with citizens

Citizen Discussion on Particulate Matter at Gwanghwamun Square Draft Program
16:00~17:00(60′)· Registration, pre-event performances· Pre-event cultural performance, show video clips, introduce the event
17:00~17:15(15‘)· Opening
· Presentation from air quality expert
· Host opens the event with greeting remarks
· Air quality expert introduces what causes particulate matter, why it is harmful, and what efforts are taken to improve air quality
17:05~17:25(10′)· Introduction of discussion and agenda items· Plenary facilitators explain about the discussion rules and procedures
17:25~17:55(30′)· First Roundtable Discussion· Roundtable facilitators: Introduce roundtable discussion participants/ explain in details about the discussion/ take note of opinions from participants and send the opinions to the analysis team on the stage
· Discussion participants: Diagnose the discussion topic. All roundtable discussion participants will take turn to share their opinions about how to resolve the problem, which will be followed by discussions.
※ Note: Discussion participants will refer to the reference material handed out to them when they entered the venue.
17:55~18:20(25′)· Plenary Discussion· Plenary facilitators: Explain analysis of the opinions from participants
· Interview with citizens: Select up to 5 citizens who shared meaningful opinions for an interview
18:20~18:40(20′)· Second Roundtable Discussion· Roundtable facilitators: Facilitate second round of discussions
· Plenary facilitators: Interview with citizens and environment experts
18:40~19:00(20′)· Announcement of discussion results, closing remarks· Plenary facilitators: Explain major issues and results from the discussion
· Mayor of Seoul: Closing remarks
· Group photo

Seoullo 7017 Scheduled to Open on May 20

Seoullo 7017 Scheduled to Open on May 20

Seoullo 7017, a walkway featuring plants and cultural components built on top of the old Seoul Station overpass (built in 1970), is scheduled to open on May 20, 2017. The walkway is a 1.7km-long special pedestrian roadway that connects 17 passageways from Hoehyeon Station to Namsan Footbridge, Seoul Station Square, Cheongpa-dong, and Jungnim-dong.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) planted 24,085 plants of 228 species on Seoullo. There will be eight cultural facilities including a doll theater and a street stage as well as five restaurant complexes selling bibimbap, Korean desserts, and other snacks.

The SMG disclosed photos of the upper area of Seoullo 7017, which is now busy wrapping up construction before the opening in May, and introduced various programs on safety & security, natural disasters, disaster response, plant management, tourism & convenience facilities, and culture & festival.

Safety: Designed to withstand earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.3 – 6.5 and a load of 50,000 adults (each 70kg), which is ten times more than the maximum capacity of 5,000 people

Security: Station 16 security staff 24/7 to provide regular safety management and station 10 additional staff at major entryways on weekends and holidays to block street vendors from entering

Response to Natural & Man-made Disasters: Systematic response to disaster situations including fine dust, yellow dust, strong wind, typhoon, heavy rain, and heavy snow from their forecast

Hygiene Management: Maintain a pleasant atmosphere thorough hygiene management Minimize the number of trash cans to those inside convenience facilities such as cafes (8 total) and install and collect five additional sets of trash cans as necessary when there are many visitors.

Plant Management: Designed by Winy Maas as a mid-air arboretum featuring all the plants that can grow in Seoul including 24,085 plants of 228 species and 50 families

“Seoullo 7017” will open at 10 p.m. on May 20. The opening ceremony will begin at 7 p.m. with a lighting performance. This will be followed by various festivals and cultural programs throughout the year.

[Seoullo 7017 Cultural Facilities]

Seoullo 7017 Cultural Facilities table
Seoullo Exhibition HallSmall exhibition hall in the upper area near Seoul Station with a size of 16㎡where the railway passes by
Rose Stage(near Malli-dong)Performances and interactive programs for families
Magnolia Stage(near Toegye-ro)Cultural performances and game programs for professionals and local residents on weekday lunchtime and weekends
Midair ShelterOperation of seasonal programs including foot baths during spring and summer and walking on fallen leaves during the fall
Curiosity Treepot(3 locations)3m-tall pot that has holes on the wall that broadcast videos and audio on Seoul’s tourist destinations

[Seoullo 7017 Major Festivals and Events]

Seoullo 7017 Major Festivals and Events table
Festival/EventDuration/No. of EventsPlace
SeasonalFlower FestivalMay 20 – 27Seoullo 7017 area
(Seoul Station Square, Malli-dong Square)
Summer Seoullo (water festival)Aug 25 – 27
Working Day (street art)Oct 7 – 8
Light in the World (light festival)Dec 1, 2017 – Feb 10, 2018
Year RoundFarmers’ Market2nd and 4th SaturdaysMalli-dong Square
Seoul Street Arts FestivalDuring OctoberSeoullo 7017, Malli-dong Square
Seasonal Street ArtJune & September (14 sessions)Malli-dong Square
Youth MicJun – Nov (6 sessions)Seoullo 7017, Malli-dong Square

Seoullo 7017 Walkway with Narration

Seoullo 7017 Walkway with Narration

The remodeled Seoul Station overpass will open to the public as Seoullo 7017 on May 20, 2017. Seoulites and foreign tourists alike are welcome to participate in the opening program, which will introduce the various landmarks of Seoul in three tour courses.

Cultural tour guides will narrate fun stories on the history, culture, and prominent figures of the Seoullo area in an animated manner.

Local attractions within a one kilometer radius of Seoullo will be incorporated into the stories and included in the three tour courses.

Tour 1 ‘From Hanyang to Seoullo’ looks into the history of Seoul through a discussion of the changes in urban space and historical figures. Tour 2 ‘Seoullo Architecture Tour’ explores the architecture of Seoul by looking into the history of architecture, culture, and lifestyle in Seoul with the introduction of western culture in the early 1900s. Finally, in Tour 3 ‘Seoullo Night Tour’ you can enjoy the nightscape and romantic atmosphere of Seoul at night.

Seoullo 7017 Walkway with Narration
TourTheme and Key Points
“From Hanyang to Seoullo”(history) How did the walled city of Hanyang develop into Seoul City? Culture Station Seoul 284-Seoullo-Severance Hospital-Hanyangdoseong, the Seoul City Wall-Baekbeom Square-Hoehyeon Station
“‘Seoullo Architecture Tour”(architecture) Tour of enlightenment and modern era sites inside the city Culture Station Seoul 284-Seoullo-Son Kee Chung Memorial Hall-Yakhyeon Catholic Church-St. Joseph Apartment-Chungjeonggak House
“Seoullo Night Tour”(nightscape) Night life in Seoul along with narration Seoullo-Namdaemun Presbyterian Church-Hanyangdoseong, the Seoul City Wall-Baekbeom Square-Sungnyemun Gate

Reservations: visitseoul.net (available from May 15, 2017)
Languages: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese

Seoullo 7017 Walkway with Narration
Culture Station Seoul 284Seoullo 701
Culture Station Seoul 284Seoullo 7017
Yakhyeon Catholic ChurchSungnyemun Gate
Yakhyeon Catholic ChurchSungnyemun Gate
Hanyangdoseong, the Seoul City WallBaekbeom Square / Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Museum
Hanyangdoseong, the Seoul City WallBaekbeom Square / Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Museum
Samsoon StairsChungjeonggak House
Samsoon StairsChungjeonggak House

Publication of Seoul Brand Guide Ver. 2.0

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) published the ‘Seoul Brand Guide Ver. 2.0’ to enhance people’s understanding of the Seoul Brand and allow them to utilize the brand.

The SMG improved ‘Seoul Brand Guide Ver. 1.0,’ which it published along with the introduction of the ‘I·SEOUL·U’ brand on November 2015 and published ‘Seoul Brand Guide Ver. 2.0’ with added descriptions on the brand identity and images for citizens and corporations to utilize.

‘Seoul Brand Guide Ver. 2.0’ has four chapters.

Chapter 1 ‘What a City Brand Should Pursue ’ summarizes the definition of city brand as well as Seoul Brand’s process of development. Chapter 2 ‘Basic Framework of the Seoul Brand’ contains the identity of the Seoul Brand as well as its linguistic and visual significance.

Chapter 3 ‘Basic Design System of Seoul Brand’ illustrates how to use I·SEOUL·U and also contains diverse brand graphic sources. Chapter 4 ‘Application Design System of Seoul Brand’ offers designs that have been applied to various media and products.

The ‘Seoul Brand Guide Ver. 2.0’ suggests diverse and appealing designs that have been produced through collaboration between designers, painters, and professors.

The SMG plans to find partner companies who will manufacture products using the Seoul Brand and support them to take full advantage of Seoul Brand products.

The SMG plans to distribute ‘Seoul Brand Guide Ver. 2.0’ to relevant organizations and the 25 autonomous districts through both on-line and off-line media. It will also be uploaded on the SMG website (http://english.seoul.go.kr) and the Seoul Brand website (seoulbrand.go.kr) in e-book and image file format.

Seoul Brand Designs

Seoul Brand DesignsSeoul Brand DesignsSeoul Brand DesignsSeoul Brand Designs
Seoul Brand DesignsSeoul Brand DesignsSeoul Brand DesignsSeoul Brand Designs
Seoul Brand DesignsSeoul Brand DesignsSeoul Brand DesignsSeoul Brand Designs
Seoul Brand DesignsSeoul Brand DesignsSeoul Brand DesignsSeoul Brand Designs

Seoullo 7017 Connects to Two Large Buildings

Seoullo 7017 Connects to Two Large Buildings

On May 20, 2017, Seoullo 7017 will open as the first overpass walkway in Korea. The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has completed the construction of a midair connecting passageway that connects two buildings to Seoullo 7017.

※ Size of the midair connecting passageway

  • – Daewoo Foundation building: width 6m, length 19.2m (height 5.5m)
  • – Hotel Manu Seoul: width 3m, length 12.2m (height 5.0m)

The two connecting passageways are the first to be completed among the 17 planned walkways of Seoullo 7017. The construction costs were covered by the SMG and the owners of the buildings based on the property line. The SMG took charge of the overall design and construction of the connecting passageways while the owners of the buildings remodeled the interiors of the buildings and added additional amenities. The work was carried out in close cooperation between the parties.

Some 30 amenities including restaurants, cafes, bakeries, convenience stores, and pubs selling various kinds of food will be added to the buildings through the remodeling of the interiors. Stop by a café for some coffee or grab a bite at a restaurant during your visit to Seoullo 7017.

Six restrooms will be made available to the public on each floor of the two buildings (four in Daewoo Foundation building and two in Hotel Manu Seoul). The SMG plans to complete construction of the other 15 walkways and six crosswalks in April.

New Pedestrian Zones in 2017

New Pedestrian Zones in 2017

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has been operating four pedestrian zones and providing an extensive range of events so that citizens could enjoy walking in car-free zones. In 2017, the SMG will hold more varied and specialized events and extend the scope and hours of pedestrian zones so that more citizens can enjoy walking.

The Sejong-daero Pedestrian Zone (550m) which used to be created between Gwanghwamun three-way intersection to Sejong-daero intersection) on the first and third Saturdays of each month will be reborn as the Street of Urban-Rural Cooperation.

Citizens can enjoy a variety of local events on the first Saturday of each month. In April, the signature madang nori (traditional Korean outdoor performance) of the Chunhyang Festival will be held. In addition, citizens can enjoy the bamboo archery program of the Damyang Bamboo Festival and wine tasting of the Yeongdong Wine Festival. Citizens will be able to enjoy the Gangneung Danoje Festival and the Gangjin Celadon Festival in May, and the Andong Maskdance Festival and the Imsil N Cheese Festival in June. In celebration of the fifth anniversary of Sejong Special Self-Governing City, the Sejong Festival and the Gangneung Coffee Festival will be held in September. The Market of Urban-Rural Cooperation will be held on the third Saturday of each month.

For the Sejong-daero Pedestrian Zone, vehicle traffic is limited to one way (Gwanghwamun three-way intersection to Sejong-daero intersection, down only) centered on Gwanghwamun Square. In the first week of June and September, 2017, both sides of the road will be blocked (Gwanghwamun three-way intersection to Sejong-daero intersection, both up and down) to create a Sejong-daero Pedestrian Zone.

New Pedestrian Zones in 2017

A new pedestrian zone will open this year. For office workers, a 200-meter-long pedestrian zone (from Mugyo-ro behind City Hall to Cheonggyecheon-ro) will be test-operated for five days during April, from 11:30am to 1:30pm.

Although the Pedestrian Zone of Deoksugung Stone Wall Path currently opens only for lunch time on weekdays, the operation hours will be extended to 11am-2pm on weekdays and 10am-5pm on weekends starting in April.

New Pedestrian Zones in 2017

The DDP Pedestrian Zone, which opened two years ago, will transform into a place for a variety of culture and traditions of the world. Considering its high density of night population, the operation hours of the DDP Pedestrian Zone will be extended by two hours in summer (May, June, and September).

The Cheonggyecheon-ro Pedestrian Zone will be filled with a variety of food stands and market stalls. Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market will be held on every Saturday and Sunday. Gwanghwamun Hope Sharing Flea Market which currently opens in Gwanghwamun Square will be held on the first and third Sundays of each month after May, in the Cheonggyecheon-ro Pedestrian Zone.

Inquiries: Walk & Bicycle Division +82-2-2133-2429

WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards

The WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards was established in 2011 to recognize and promote the outstanding ICT and e-Government practices of cities around the world. Through this regular international competition, the WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards aims to encourage the incorporation of innovative ICT technology for the enhancement of administrative efficiency;
increase citizen access to public services; and to actively share knowledge on innovative Smart Sustainable City strategies.

The WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards is given to the most successful smart city projects, selected by the WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards Judging Panel in six categories.



  • ● Winners are honored in front of a high-level international audience and international media at the WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards Ceremony to be held June 27 – 30, 2017 at the 4th WeGO General Assembly
  • ● Winners are widely promoted through WeGO’s communication channels
  • ● Winners can publicize their achievements at the WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards and on their official documents and websites
  • ● Winners will be featured in WeGO’s upcoming Smart Sustainable City Best Practices Journal in 2017


All applications must be submitted online. Each city can submit up to two different project applications.


  • – Online application will be available until April 14, 2017
  • – The announcement of final winners is expected to be in May 2017
  • – The Award Ceremony for winners will be held in June 2017 at the 4th WeGO General Assembly


    1. ○ Best – Seoul, Korea. Seoul City Transportation Card System
    2. ○ Outstanding – Gimpo, Korea. Smartopia Gimpo
    3. ○ Most Promising – Ankara,Turkey. Smart Mobility
    1. ○ Best – New Taipei, Chinese Taipei. Happy Healthy Elders @ New Taipei
    2. ○ Outstanding – Da Nang, Vietnam. Development of E-Government Project of Da Nang City
    3. ○ Most Promising – Singapore. Silver Infocomm Initiative
    1. ○ Best – Bangalore, India. GIS-based Transformation of BBMP’s Operation of Road Infrastructure
    2. ○ Outstanding – Barcelona, Spain. Online Administrative Procedures
    3. ○ Most Promising – San Fernando, La Union, Philippines. Document Tracking System
    1. ○ Best – Helsinki, Finland. Open Ahjo
    2. ○ Outstanding – Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR China. Opening Up of Public Sector Information
    3. ○ Most Promising – Chengdu, China. Chengdu Municipal Government Microblog – Online Public Service
    1. ○ Best -Taipei, Chinese Taipei. Smart & Easy Travelling in Taipei
    2. ○ Outstanding – Songpa, Korea. Songpa Administrative Communication System through Social Media
    3. ○ Most Promising- Beyoglu, Turkey. Beyoglu Social Card-Food Banking

I invite you to apply for the WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards!


Won-soon Park
Mayor of Seoul, President of WeGO

WeGO Awards