The 1st Seoul City Brand Forum

▶ Theme: City, People, and Seoul
▶ Date and Time: Saturday, October 29th, 2016, 2:00PM – 6:00PM
▶ Location: Multi Purpose Hall, Seoul City Hall (8F, Seoul City Hall)
▶Number of participants: Around 400
▶ Qualification: Anyone who loves Seoul (Brand marketing experts, designers, citizens, and others)
▶ Major programs:
– Experts’ discussion: “Era of soft power, the future of cultural city Seoul, the globalization of Seoul culture”
– Presentation of cases abroad: Presentation of the global city brand trend and cases abroad, including Amsterdam
– Panel discussion: “How to create a livable and attractive city?” Panel discussion on Seoul city branding

Main contents
Opening speech
Declaration of opening of the Forum
Congratulations messages
Congratulations message from Mayor (video)
Congratulations message from the president of a city assembly
Part 1
The meaning of Seoul brand as a public brand and its role
Era of soft power, the future of cultural city Seoul: The globalization of Seoul culture
Part 2
What can we learn from cases abroad and what can be done for Seoul’s case?
(MONOCLE) The trend of city brand and cases of major cities
(Amsterdam) Cases of location branding and city marketing
One year of Seoul brand, the path of the past and the path for the future
Conversation with citizens (question and answer)
Part 3
(Round table)
“How to create a livable and attractive city?”
One word about “Seoul”
Conversation with citizens about “Seoul that I dream of”

To Celebrate the 1st Anniversary of I•SEOUL•U, Seoul City will hold “Seoul Brand Celebration Week”

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of I•SEOUL•U, Seoul designated the week from October 26th, 2016 to November 2nd, 2016 as “Seoul Brand Celebration Week” and will hold events where citizens can communicate and enjoy.

<Citizen participation events for Seoul Brand 1st Anniversary (October 28th, Seoul Plaza)>

On October 28th, the 1st anniversary of Seoul brand, I•SEOUL•U Citizen participation events will take place at Seoul Plaza. Citizens can learn about the meaning of I•SEOUL•U and take a look at the process of citizen oriented development while experiencing and enjoying I•SEOUL•U, an expandable brand available in various ways.

“I•SEOUL•U Secret box” will be run to promote Seoul and the Seoul brand to tourists from abroad, where they can participate in quiz events and receive gifts. In addition, there will be two flash mob performances for citizens to enjoy (12 p.m. at Seoul Plaza, October 28th and 3 p.m. at Yeouido Hangang Park).

<The 1st Seoul City Brand Forum (October 29th, Multi Purpose Hall, Seoul City Hall>

On October 29th, “Seoul Brand 1st Anniversary Forum” will be held under the theme of “City, People, and Seoul.” At the forum, discussions will be held on “Why city brands are important,” “How to promote the brand of Seoul,” and others with experts and citizens through three different programs.

<K-pop Concert for Seoul Brand 1st Anniversary (November 1st (Tue), Jamsil Gymnasium)>

On November 1st, the ‘I․POWER20․U’ K-pop concert to celebrate the Seoul Brand 1st Anniversary and SBS Power FM Radio’s 20th Anniversary, will take place at Jamsil Gymnasium. The concert features many K-pop stars who have fans here in Korea and all over the world, including EXO, Twice, and VIXX. Seoul citizens and tourists from abroad can enjoy their spectacular performances.

<Seoul Brand Art Collaboration Exhibition and I LOVE SEOUL× I•SEOUL•U Exhibition (November 2nd – 13th, Seoul Citizens Hall)>

From November 2nd – 13th, “Seoul Brand Art Collaboration Exhibition,” “I LOVE SEOUL× I•SEOUL•U Exhibition,” and other exhibitions of design work utilizing I•SEOUL•U will be held.

Seoul Kimchi Festival Set to Take Place from Nov. 4th to 6th

At 1 p.m. on Nov. 4th, 2016, Seoul Plaza’s 6,000 ㎡ will become “a mega kimchi-making place,” filled with 4,000 people from various countries making about 50 tons of kimchi. The 3rd Seoul Kimchi Festival takes place from November 4th (Fri) to 6th (Sun), a festival where people can experience, taste, and share “Kimjang culture,” Korea’s kimchi-making culture designated by UNESCO as cultural heritage.

At the same, the Tokyo Kimchi Festival will be held in Shinjuku, with the expected participation of over 1,000 people, to remember the descendants of Goguryeo who went to Japan and settled there in 1300, inheriting the excellent culinary culture of their homeland.

This is the first time that Seoul will hold Kimchi Festivals in both Korea and Japan. The opening ceremony will take place at the same time in Korea and Japan, following the cabbage transplanting events held in both countries in August, to deliver messages of harmony and sharing.

The 3rd Seoul Kimchi Festival

Period November 4th (Fri) – 6th (Sun), 2016
Location Seoul Plaza, Sejong-daero, and Mugyo-ro
Programs Kimchi sharing (opening ceremony), Seoul Kimjang-gan, market place (kimchi, ingredients, and food), performance program, experience program
Inquiry 82-2-2133-0900
Admission fee Free (fees charged for certain programs)

「2016 Seoul Photo Festival」 Set to Take Place

Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the「2016 Seoul Photo Festival」 for the entire month of November in 2016. The 2016 Seoul Photo Festival will reflect on the meaning of Seoul as a city of the future. Seoul has achieved rapid economic growth in last half century, and has become a “metropolis” where various cultures and lives co-exist. The photo festival focuses on issues that today’s city-dwellers face, such as “immigration”, “boundaries”, “community”, and “urban society.”

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the “dispatching of Korean nurses to Germany”, a special exhibition will be held at Seoul Metropolitan Library. Visitors can see records of the dramatic lives of three women who were dispatched to Germany as nurses in the 1970s and lived there for 50 years as Berlin citizens, showing how the women moved between borders and cultures.

In particular, this year’s festival will expand the number of exhibition places across Seoul, so that citizens have more opportunities to see the festival. The exhibitions will be held at Mullae Arts Village and Seoul Innovation Park, as well as in places where previous exhibitions took place, such as Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul Citizens Hall, and Seoul Metropolitan Library.

‣ Admission fee: free
‣ Location: Buk Seoul Museum of Art
‣ Period: Nov. 1st (Tue) to 30th (Wed)
‣ Operating hour: 10:00 to 20:00 (10:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) ※ Closed on Mondays
‣ Inquiry: 82-2-706-6751
‣ Website:

Major work

〈City stroller〉

〈Memory and Traces〉

〈The Song of Wind〉

“Seoul Station Overpass Walking Path” has a New Name and a New Face BI (Brand Identity) Revealed

Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the new name of Seoul Station Overpass Walking Path, “Seoullo 7017” and BI (Brand Identity) of its logo. The Seoul Station Overpass Walking Path will be reformed as “Walking Path” for people by April 2017.

The name of “Seoullo 7017” has dual meanings. It means “walking path for people representing Seoul,” and “a path towards Seoul” at the same time. “7017” refers to the year 1970, when Seoul Station Overpass was built, and the year 2017, when it will be reformed as a walking path.

The logo is designed using a curved shape and resembles a smiling face with good grace, showing friendliness. In particular, the logo replaced “r” with “l” in English spelling of “ro”, a word that stands for “road” in Korean. The two lower cases of “l” symbolize the shape of walking human feet. The logo is designed to be pleasant, energetic, and dynamic. It also shows how a car road is intuitively changed to become a road for people.


English (Basic) English (Variation) Korean (Basic) Chinese


Since the Seoul Station Overpass Walking Path is located on the route with Seoul’s major tourist attractions, Seoul tried to create a BI which is easily read by all foreigners and has the same meaning and pronunciation for both Koreans and foreigners.

105 Best Fall Foliage Roads in Seoul

The Korea Meteorological Administration forcasted the peak foliage will reach Bukhansan mountain around October 30 and central Seoul wil see them in early November. The Seoul Metropolitan Government introduced the “105 best fall foliage roads in Seoul,” a total of 182.37 ㎞, so that people can enjoy fall foliage in nearby areas without having to go far.

The 105 best fall foliage roads are divided into four themes: ① fall foliage roads along the water ② fall foliage roads for daytrips ③ fall foliage roads in parks ④ fall foliage roads with walkways. People can find the places they want to visit according to the themes.

The “105 best fall foliage roads in Seoul” can be seen on Seoul’s websites (

Seoul will not sweep the fallen leaves of 105 roads until mid-November, allowing people to enjoy the ambiance of autumn with the crisp sound of the fallen leaves, an experience possible only in the autumn.


Pictures of fall foliage roads in Seoul

Anyangcheon Stream
Banghwa Neighborhood Park
Sinwol Neighborhood Park
Seoul Forest
Yangjae Citizens’ Forest
World Cup Park
Seosomun Park

2016 Seoul International Conference on Public Conflict

Date: 3rd(Wednesday) November, 2016

Venue: Multipurpose Hall, 8th floor, Seoul City Hall

Host: Seoul Metropolitan Government, The Korean Association for Conflict Studies, Seoul YMCA, Citizens’ Coalition for Better Government

If you want to attend our conference, please register via follow link;
Please join us in Seoul, the capital city of Korea. We are sure that you will discover the beauty of Seoul, the hidden treasure of Asia.

Seoul Hosts International Symposium for Public Space Innovation

Delegates from Seoul and New York will be gathered to discuss public innovation.

Seoul City will hold the International Symposium for Public Space Innovation in Seoul & New York 2016, under the theme “Seoul and New York Talk about Public Innovation” from October 27th (Thu) to 28th (Fri).

As the importance of public squares, parks, and green spaces increases, urban public space is in a continual state of evolution. The processes of creating and managing public space are becoming more diverse than ever, and various sectors including public and private are cooperating. The time has come to discuss the future of public space and innovate new ways of establishing and developing public spaces in our communities.

New York-based experts, representatives of NGO groups such as High Line, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and Governors Island, and a leader of New York City will attend the symposium.

Experts, students, and citizens can also join the main session on Oct. 28th (Fri) beginning at 13:30 on the 10th floor conference room in Post Tower, Myeong-dong. For participation, preregistration on the website ( is required by Oct. 21st (Fri).

On the first day, local and international speakers, the symposium organizing committee, local activists, and city officials will tour selected public spaces and hold in-depth discussions regarding the future challenges of each site as well as the current condition of public spaces in Seoul. The second day will open with a congratulatory address from the Mayor of Seoul, Keynote sessions, Matching Sessions of Public Spaces in Seoul and New York (main), Comprehensive Presentation (commentary), and a Floor Discussion.

In the four sessions, joint presentations and discussions will follow highlighting similarities and differences in the representative public spaces of New York, including The High Line, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Central Park, and Governors Island with those of Seoul, including Seoul Station Overpass, Mapo Cultural Storage Site, Seoul Children’s Grand Park, and Nodeulseom.

The website ( provides an introduction to programs and events as well as information on the public spaces of both cities and the speakers for the event. (Inquiry: operation office 070-4610-3724)

The 4th Seoul International Energy Conference

The 4th Seoul International Energy Conference will take place at Seoul City Hall on November 1st, 2016. The world’s greatest scholars in the energy field from Korea and around the world will gather in one place. Under the theme of “New Age of Energy Prosumers – Energy Democracy and Citizenship,” Seoul will discuss methods to expand the roles of citizens, who are emerging as active main agents of energy production.

Prosumers is a compound word of producer and consumer, referring to a new concept of consumers who not only consume energy but also produce and sell energy. They are emerging as new main agents in decision making involving energy policies.

First, the conference will start with a keynote speech by Dr.John Byrne, Distinguished Professor of Delaware University, who will address the spread of renewables and the active roles of citizens in the new climate regime. Following the keynote, there will be a special session with Gregory H. Kats, President of Capital E and national clean energy advisory, to discuss actual solutions for energy efficiency and conservation to achieve urban sustainability.
Session I will address the challenges of creating the energy prosumer cities and approaching methods for the expansion of the energy prosumer market in Korea and China. After Session I, the morning session will be concluded.

The afternoon session will commence with the second keynote speech by Christine Lins, Executive Secretary of Renewable Energy Policy Network of the 21st Century (REN21), titled “Global Renewable Energy Development and Outlook.” In Session II, a discussion will be held on technologies and business models in a new energy system, and in Session III, on methods to expand renewables at the community level.
Lastly, in panel discussion, the panel will go over the achievements of “One Less Nuclear Power Plant,” Seoul’s major energy initiative, and have in-depth discussions about the expanded roles of citizens in the energy policy making and implementation processes.

In particular, this year witnessed various energy related issues, from global issues such as the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement, to domestic issues calling for changes in national energy policies such as climate change, heat wave, disputes over progressive electricity rates, and nuclear and thermal power generation. Therefore, this year’s conference is expected to suggest various ideas to address energy related issues here in Korea and around the world.

This year’s Seoul International Energy Conference is free and open to the general public. To participate in the conference, visit the website ( and enroll in advance.

2016 Seoul International Fireworks Festival

□ The 14th festival will present an amazing autumn night to a million people.
□ A total of 100,000 fireworks will light up the sky over Yeouido.

2016 Seoul International Fireworks Festival featuring with Hanwha, celebrating its 14th event this year, will be held from 7:20 to 8:30 PM on Oct. 8th, 2016 at Yeouido Hangang Park, with over 100,000 fireworks. Fireworks teams from Japan, Spain and Korea will participate in this year’s festival and a variety of 100,000 amazing fireworks will cover the sky on an autumn night. This year’s fireworks festival, which will light up the largest canvas of the sky for 80 minutes, will present “magical” memories and a pleasuring experience to citizens.

The festival will be opened by Japan’s Tamaya Kitahara Fireworks, under the theme of “Turn Your Magic On,” displaying Japan’s uniqueness with variations and gradations of color. The second team, Spain’s Pirotecnia Igual, which was invited for the first time this year, will present rhythmic fireworks along with music under the theme of “Magic Light Dreams.” Hanwha, representing Korea, will present the grand finale to deliver the message of “Magical Fireworks.” They will present fireworks featuring various stories with images, fireworks, and special effect sounds using storytelling.

Watch 2016 Seoul International Fireworks Festival online at


Recommended places to watch Seoul International Fireworks Festival

1. Romantic places for lovers
– Walking on the Cloud at 63 Building
– N Seoul Tower
– Observatory at Hangang Bridge

2. Places for single people
– Noryangjin Hagwon Street
– University campuses: Chung-Ang University, hillside road at Sookmyung Women’s University
– Rooftop of the Parking Tower in Noryangjin Fish Market

3. Places for families to watch in nature
– Sayuksin Park
– Seonyudo Park

2016 Seoul International Social Conference

□ Introduction

– The Seoul Metropolitan Government is developing and implementing a number of city policies for communication with citizens and spreading social culture through social media, a medium that has been established as a new communication trend. As a part of such efforts, Seoul is hosting the 2016 Seoul International Social Conference, in which experts of Social Networking Service (SNS) will participate, exploring and identifying global social trends.

□ Outline

– Title: 2016 Seoul International Social Conference
– Date: Oct. 25, 2016 (Tue) 09:00 ~ 18:00
– Location: 8F Multi-purpose Auditorium, Seoul City Hall
– Theme: Social, connects citizens
– Participants: Experts of social media, government employees in charge of SNS at each local government

□ Pre-registration

– Period: Oct. 5, 2016 (Wed) ∼ Oct. 19, 2016 (Wed)
– How to register: Visit and register at the website (

□ Program

Division Program schedule and presentation subjects
09:00~10:00 【Registration】
10:00~10:10 【Opening Ceremony】
▸ Opening speech: Vice-Mayor for Political Affairs
10:20~10:50 【Keynote speech】 Global social trend
▸Elizabeth Hernandez (Head of Government Relations, Asia-Pacific and Japan on Facebook): Next Social Media, the Future of Facebook
10:50~12:20 【Session 1】 Cities and future connected with social media
▸Jeong Ju-hwan (Head of O2O business at Kakao): The future of O2O and future cities for Kakao
▸Raheel Khursheed (Head of news, politics and government in India on Twitter): Global cities, access on Twitter
12:20~13:50 Networking luncheon
13:50~15:20 【Session 2】 Communication through social media
▸Laurel Papworth (Australian professional social media consultant): Social media, a communication tool
▸Jeong Cheol (Copywriter): SNS communication strategist with social media
▸Sol Bi (Singer, painter): Social art healing minds
15:20~15:40 Coffee Break
15:40~16:40 【Session 3】 Social Media Driven Digital Administrative Innovation
▸Jo Corfield (British Policy Research Institute communication manager): London’s social administration
▸Shin Byeonggyu (Director of New Media at Seoul Metropolitan Government): Digital era, Seoul, made with citizens

16:40~17:40 【Session 4】 Fun culture, which can enjoy through social media
▸Go Gyeonggon (Vice President for Asia Pacific marketing at Blizzard): Games made through cooperation, the success story of Overwatch
▸Choi Jeongyeol (Web drama producer)+ Chanmi of AOA, Jeong Da-bin (Actor): Beyond TV! Mobile content challenges.
17:40~18:00 【Closing ceremony】

Mayor Park “Leads Minority Shareholders’ Movement” – Forbes

Forbes, one of the three most famous American business magazines, introduced Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon in its article, titled “Korean Mayor Crusades Against Samsung, Hyundai In Bid To Boost Country’s SME”, on Sep. 26th, 2016. It also introduced Park as the Mayor of “economic democratization city” leading the movement against domination of the South Korean economy by enormous conglomerates known as the ‘chaebol’.

Forbes mentioned Park’s days as a founder of the “People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy.” It also said Park is working to deal with difficulties of the Korean economy, such as an unemployment rate of nearly 10% among young people between 15 and 29 years old. Park declared Seoul an “economic democratization city” to revitalize Korea’s stagnating economy.

In addition, the magazine introduced Park’s campaign to promote Seoul at a “demo day” featuring Korean start-ups ripe for investment in order to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups. It also introduced Park’s plan to make full use of Seoul’s characteristics with large numbers of universities concentrated in the city and the identity of Seoul with a dynamic economy.

Park was quoted as saying “eliminating the gaps in our society is essential in providing hope to those who are hard-working.” He also said “he would support SMEs to enhance their actual competitive edge in the market and design Seoul’s policies for economic democratization that will help reduce the gap in our society.”

Read the Article at Forbes