Policy Exchange between Seoul and London

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon and London Mayor Sadiq Khan met up at the London City Hall on April 3, 2017 (Mon) to sign a “Seoul-London Friendship City Agreement” and promised cooperation in nine areas including democratization of the economy, response to climate change, and digital innovation.

The two mayors, who both served as human rights lawyers and members of civic organizations at one point, are known as mayors for people who fought hard to represent the common people and promoted social integration through administrative projects such as ‘Weconomics’ and ‘Administration for All.’ They are innovation global leaders who were included in the list of the ‘World’s Four Unconventional Mayors’ by the NHK Corporation in Japan last year.

Through the Seoul-London Friendship City Agreement, Seoul and London decided to cooperate in the nine areas of ▴Response to climate change, ▴Democratization of the economy, ▴Digital innovation, ▴Arts & Culture, ▴Tourism, ▴e-Government, ▴Smart city, ▴Social innovation, and ▴Urban regeneration.

The agreement is a follow-up to the ‘Friendship and Cooperation Agreement’ from December 2015. Its goal is to strengthen the cooperative relationship between Seoul and London and further subdivide the areas of cooperation.

Policy Exchange between Seoul and London

At the meeting with Mayor Khan, Mayor Park invited the City of London to the ‘First Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism (Sep. 1 – Nov. 5, 2017),’ which is scheduled to be held in the second half of the year, and suggested that London participate in the ‘World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments (WeGO),’ a global organization in which Seoul is serving as the chair city. The goal is to reinforce cooperation between Seoul and London in the areas of e-Government, urban planning and urban space.

Mayor Park said, “Seoul is cooperating with London Mayor Sadiq Khan in many areas. We expect that future exchanges will lead to discovery of new areas of cooperation that will enhance the lives of citizens across the world.”


Seoul Summer Sale 2017 Starts Early in May

Seoul Summer Sale 2017 Starts Early in May

Seoul Summer Sale 2017 will be held in Seoul from May 23 to July 31, ahead of schedule. During this period, foreign visitors will receive discounts of up to 80% in Seoul.

A total of 136 businesses including department stores, duty free shops, shopping malls, medical institutions, cultural businesses, and entertainment agencies will participate in Seoul Summer Sale 2017. Of particular note, lodging businesses will also participate in the event for the first time. 19 hotels will be offering special promotions including 50% discounts and a stay three nights and get one night free offer.

The 136 businesses include ① shopping malls (20), ② food and beverage (8), ③ fashion and beauty (22), ④ cultural businesses and entertainment agencies (31), ⑤ medical institutions (14), ⑥ accommodations (19), and ⑦ others (22).

Major participants include ▴department stores (Lotte, Shinsegae, etc.), ▴duty free shops (Shinsegae, Galleria Duty Free 63, etc.), ▴hypermarkets (emart, etc.), ▴shopping malls (Doota, Times Square, etc.), and ▴fashion and cosmetics shops (The Face Shop, Etude House, etc.).

Other participating companies include Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank (exchange), Seoul City Tour Bus, Discover Seoul Pass, AREX, Hyundai Cruise, and One More Trip (mobile open market for individual tourists).

Businesses participating in Seoul Summer Sale 2017 (136 businesses)

Businesses participating in Seoul Summer Sale 2017 (136 businesses)
Shopping malls (20) Shinsegae Duty Free, emart, Yihan Carino, Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center Souvenir Shop, Times Square, SM Duty Free, Doota Duty Free, Doota Mall, Lotte Fitin Dongdaemun Branch, Lotte Department Store, Galleria Duty Free 63, AJ Mall, Shinsegae Department Store, Hyundai Department Store, Galleria Luxury Hall,
Hotel Lotte Duty Free, Dongwha Duty Free, Shilla Duty Free, Shilla I’PARK Duty Free, and Enter-6
Food & Beverage (8) Thai Garden, Premium Travel Center & Travel Café Myeong-dong Branch, BIG GUY’S LOBSTER,VIKING’S WHARF, Junggukseong, Korea House, Namsangol Hanok Village, and Yehwawon
Fashion & Beauty(22) Primera, Olive Young, Nature Collection, VDL, With Beauty Salon, TONYMOLY, The Face Shop, Etude House, It’s Skin, ABC-MART, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani,Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander Wang, Brunello Cucinelli, Santa Maria Novella, Herno, JAJU, Fontana Milano 1915, Acne Studio, and JAYJUN
Culture/Entertainment(31) Explore Korean Culture, NANTA, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater,
Dragon Hill Spa, Seven Luck Casino, 3355 Hanbok, Oneday Hanbok, Seohwa Hanbok, Lotus. A Flower Comes Out Once More, Samcheonggak, COEX Aquarium, Grevin Seoul Museum, Fire Man, Production Geonpeu/Bukda , National Museum of Korea, The Painters Hero, Paradise Walkerhill Casino,
JUMP, N Seoul Tower, Poopoo Land, Dynamic Maze, Alive Museum, PANGSHOW, KUNG FESTIVAL, Lotte World Adventure, Pulmuone, National Hangeul Museum, Core Art, Musical Chef, Trickeye Museum, and Musical FANTA-STICK
Medical Institutions (14) HERSHE Plastic Surgery, Dream Plastic Surgery, Seoul Balgeun Sesang Eye Clinic, Yeson Voice Center, BK Plastic Surgery, Apgujeong Shine & Bright Eye Center, Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine, Catholic University of Korea Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital International Health Care Center, Arumdaun Nara Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Gangnam Branch, Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine, Cheil General Hospital & Women’s Healthcare Center, Renewme Skin Clinic, Banobagi Plastic Surgery, and JK Plastic Surgery Center
Accommodations (19) Best Western Premier Guro Hotel, Grand Ambassador Seoul, Hotel PJ Myeongdong, Grand Hilton Seoul, Lotte Hotels & Resorts, Mayfield Hotel, Golden Trip M Hotel, The Classic 500 Pentaz Hotel Executive Residence, Golden Seoul Hotel, Nana Residence, Ko-stay, Hotel Artnouveau Seocho, Grand Walkerhill Seoul, Vista Walkerhill Seoul, Hotel Samsung, Fraser Place Central Seoul, Fraser Place Namdaemun Seoul, Conrad Seoul, and Four Points by Sheraton Seoul, Namsan
Others (22) Shinhan Bank, NADOYO, KIM‘S TRAVEL, Seoul Pass, AREX, Seoul City Tour, Zimzom Air, Safex, On Trip Asia,
Red Tie Butler, Premium Lounge (Seoul Station), Premium Limousine, Culture & History (Korea Tour), Seoul City Tour Double Decker Bus, Mainline Tour,
Hyundai Cruise, K-POP Recording Service (Music King), Seoul City Tour Bus, Woori Bank, Joongang Express Tour, Discover Seoul Pass, and KEB Hana Bank

Mayor Park Lays Flowers at Korean War Memorial in London

On April 2 (Sunday), Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon, who is touring the three European countries of Paris, Vienna, and London, arrived at his last destination, London. Upon arrival, he first visited the Korean War Memorial in Victoria Embankment Gardens, between the River Thames and the Ministry of Defense headquarters, to lay flowers and pay his respects to the British soldiers who served in the Korean War.

The memorial was unveiled in December 2014. It is a symbol of friendship between Korea and the U.K. and a reminder of the self-sacrifice and commitment demonstrated by the 56,000 British soldiers who served in the Korean War.

Mayor Park Lays Flowers at the Korean War Memorial in London

The memorial consists of a 3.1-meter-high bronze statue of a British solder against the backdrop of a 5.8-meter-high stone obelisk. The east face of the obelisk contains the geography of Korea and its west face includes an image of the Korean Peninsula, surmounted by the flag of the Republic of Korea. On the north face, an inscription is surmounted by the flag of the United Nations.

During the Korean War, the U.K. provided a total of 56,700 solders including marines, naval, army, and air forces, the second largest contributor after the United States among the 16 coalition partners. As members of the UN forces, the British soldiers supported the Korean soldiers in the Battles of Nakdonggang River, Jeongju/Bakcheon, Sindun-ri, Imjingang River, Gapyeong, and the Hook.

After laying flowers at the memorial, Mayor Park said, “I deeply appreciate the sacrifice made by the British soldiers in the Korean War. All of us should make efforts to create a peaceful and harmonious society, with no more tragedy of war.”

2017 Seoul Grand Park Cherry Blossom Festival

2017 Seoul Grand Park Cherry Blossom Festival

The Seoul Grand Park Cherry Blossom Festival will be held at the lake trail inside Seoul Grand Park between April 8 (Saturday) and 12 (Wednesday).

The theme of this year’s festival is Sonata along the Cherry Blossom Path. Seoul Grand Park, easily accessible from anywhere in the Seoul metropolitan area, is once again expected to present visitors with an unforgettable cherry blossom-viewing experience.

This year’s festival will be jointly promoted with other cherry blossom festivals and events occurring simultaneously in the Gwacheon area including Gwacheon City Hall, Let’s Run Park, Seoul Land, and Gwacheon National Science Museum. You can also participate in a stamp tour at several cherry blossom paths. We highly recommend that you take advantage of the different cherry blossom festivals in Gwacheon to take in the enjoyment of various sceneries, events, and attractions.

2017 Seoul Grand Park Cherry Blossom Festival

2017 Seoul Grand Park Cherry Blossom Festival

  • ○ Theme: Sonata along the Cherry Blossom Path ○ Period: April 8, 2017 (Saturday) – April 12, 2017 (Wednesday) / 5 days
  • ○ Location: Lake Trail
  • ○ Description: A variety of Sonata-themed programs involving musical terms
2017 Seoul Grand Park Cherry Blossom Festival
Program Description Location Date
Cherry Blossom Sonata
  • · 16 pianos installed in the cherry blossom path
  • · Anyone can play the pianos
  • · Beautiful blossoms and photo zone
Near the Management Office and Zoo entrance 10am-9pm during the festival
Cherry Tree Cantabile
  • · Stage for spring performances
  • · Citizen performers
Fountain Square Saturday and Sunday 2pm-5pm
Spring Fermata
  • · Romantic spring-themed photo zone
5 spots along the Lake Trail Permanent exhibition during the festival
Moonlight Nocturne
  • · Taking a walk along the cherry blossom path at night under the beautiful moonlight
Management Office – Fountain Square 7pm-11pm during the festival

Other Cherry Blossom Festivals Occurring Simultaneously in Gwacheon

  • ○ Festival: Gwacheon Cherry Blossom Ending Festival
  • ○ Host: Seoul Grand Park, Gwacheon City Hall, Let’s Run Park, Seoul Land, and Gwacheon National Science Museum
  • ○ Period: April 8, 2017 (Saturday) – April 12, 2017 (Wednesday) (※ Same period as the Seoul Grand Park Cherry Blossom Festival)
  • ○ Description: Opening ceremony, Gwacheon cherry blossom path
    – Opening ceremony: Gwacheon Jungang Park, 6:30pm, April 8 (Saturday)

    • · Seoul Grand Park PR song performance scheduled (5:30pm-6:00pm)
      • – Gwacheon Cherry Blossom Path, “Around Gwacheon in the Flower Rain”
    • · Cherry Blossom Path 1: Let’s Run Park – Seoul Grand Park Cherry Blossom Hill (Neighborhood Park)
    • · Cherry Blossom Path 2: Seoul Grand Park Cherry Blossom Hill – Seoul Land – Lake Trail
    • · Cherry Blossom Path 3: Daegongwonnadeul-gil – Gwacheon Jungang Park

2017 Seoul Grand Park Cherry Blossom Festival

2017 Seoul Grand Park Cherry Blossom Festival

Han River Space-out Competition

2016 Hangang Space-out Competition

On April 30, 2017 (Sunday) from 3pm to 8pm, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the 2017 Hangang Space-out Competition under Seongsandaegyo Bridge in Mangwon Hangang Park.

The event will be performed with the concept, “Give your brain a break at the Hangang River.”

All you have to do during the competition is to fight boredom and sleep by remaining awake. To win the competition, participants should maintain a stable heartbeat while wearing a heart rate monitor. The winner will be awarded a trophy and a certificate.

To participate in the competition, submit an application on-line (https://www.spaceoutcompetition.com/) from 9am on April 3rd, to 6pm on April 6th. The evaluation committee will review all applications, especially focusing on motives, and select 70 participants.

※ The 2017 Hangang Space-out Competition received over 3,500 applicants during the first day. The application has been closed early on April 4th.

The programs of Hangang Space-out Competition will be carried out in the order of △ Opening ceremony, △ Space-out exercise, △ Cardiography (all participants), △ Citizens’ vote, and △ Award ceremony.

Inquiries: Hangang Project Headquarters (82-2-3780-0799)

Mayor of Seoul Visits Vienna, Austria

< Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon visits Vienna, Austria to benchmark its public rental housing policy >

On March 30, 2017 (Thursday) at 11am (local time), Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon, who is on a tour to three European countries under the theme of Sustainable City, visited Vienna, Austria. He visited Karl Marx Hof, known as one of the best public rental housing projects, and sought ways to both qualitatively and quantitatively improve the rental housing policy of Seoul. Austria has the second highest percentage of public rental housing (26%) among OECD member nations after the Netherlands. (S. Korea: 6.4%, based on data of 2015)

Mayor of Seoul Visits Vienna, Austria

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has provided over 100,000 public rental houses in the past five years. As a result, the SMG has successfully improved the inventory rate of public rental housing (the percentage of public rental houses among all residences), which is an indicator of residential stability of vulnerable groups, to 7.04% reaching close to the OECD average of 8%.

Since Park’s inauguration, the SMG has changed its quantitative housing supply policy to a customized housing policy considering different types of residents including young entrepreneurs, women, single-person households, senior citizens who live alone, and stage actors. At the same time, the SMG also seeks to improve the quality of public housing by installing more amenities.

Karl Marx Hof, known as the largest single residential building in the world, is a large-scale tenement complex constructed in 1930 by the Vienna city government. The premises hold 1,382 apartments with a population of around 5,500 and include electric/gas/water supply facilities, green areas, and playgrounds. In particular, amenities such as laundromats, kindergartens, hospitals, and post offices account for about 20% of the total area. It is evident that Vienna tried to improve the quality of life for residents by installing these various amenities.

Mayor Park said, “Karl Marx Hof shows what SMG wishes to accomplish through its rental housing policy, in the sense that the municipal premises greatly improved public rental housing. Benchmarking the premises, we are going to seek ways to both quantitatively and qualitatively improve the public rental housing of Seoul and build more rental housing complexes that people would want to live in.”

< Mayors of Seoul and Vienna decided to sign a friendship agreement and Park invited Häupl to Seoul Biennale 2017 >

At 12pm (local time) on the same day, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon met with Vienna Mayor Michael Häupl at Vienna City Hall and had lunch together. They discussed ways to cooperate in areas of mutual interest such as public buildings, urban regeneration, culture, art, and economic democratization. In addition, they decided to sign a friendship agreement to accelerate their cooperation.

Park invited Häupl to the 1st Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2017 to be held between September and November 2017 to share Vienna’s abundant experience in innovative housing and urban planning.

Mayor of Seoul Visits Vienna, Austria

The first meeting between the mayors of Seoul and Vienna is expected to promote the cooperative relations between the two cities. At 8am (local time), Mayor Park had breakfast with Lamberto Zannier, Secretary General of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), and discussed mutual cooperation.

Seoullo 7017 Connects to Two Large Buildings

Seoullo 7017 Connects to Two Large Buildings

On May 20, 2017, Seoullo 7017 will open as the first overpass walkway in Korea. The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has completed the construction of a midair connecting passageway that connects two buildings to Seoullo 7017.

※ Size of the midair connecting passageway

  • – Daewoo Foundation building: width 6m, length 19.2m (height 5.5m)
  • – Hotel Manu Seoul: width 3m, length 12.2m (height 5.0m)

The two connecting passageways are the first to be completed among the 17 planned walkways of Seoullo 7017. The construction costs were covered by the SMG and the owners of the buildings based on the property line. The SMG took charge of the overall design and construction of the connecting passageways while the owners of the buildings remodeled the interiors of the buildings and added additional amenities. The work was carried out in close cooperation between the parties.

Some 30 amenities including restaurants, cafes, bakeries, convenience stores, and pubs selling various kinds of food will be added to the buildings through the remodeling of the interiors. Stop by a café for some coffee or grab a bite at a restaurant during your visit to Seoullo 7017.

Six restrooms will be made available to the public on each floor of the two buildings (four in Daewoo Foundation building and two in Hotel Manu Seoul). The SMG plans to complete construction of the other 15 walkways and six crosswalks in April.

Seoul to Train 750 Foreigners to Become Trade Experts

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will operate the ‘Seoul Trade Academy for Foreigners’ with the goal of raising 750 trade experts among foreigners who wish to begin a trade startup in Seoul.

The ‘Seoul Trade Academy for Foreigners’ began operating in 2015 at the Seoul Global Center as an organization to support the financial independence of bilingual foreigners by nurturing them into trade experts and also to utilize them as a resource when developing overseas markets for small- and medium-sized Korean businesses.

The trade academy offers a one-stop solution for trade startups which includes basic training, mentoring, networking with domestic manufacturers and distributors, distribution exchanges, business matching, and other programs.

The 2017 Seoul Trade Academy for Foreigners will be operated in 30 sessions at three centers in Jongno, Gangnam, and Dongdaemun from March to November. Each session will be carried out for eight days for a total of 30 hours. Each center will provide weekday classes (19:00~22:00) and weekend classes (10:00~17:00) to provide more opportunities to foreign residents.

All foreign residents interested in beginning a trade startup, exchange students, and marriage immigrants (including naturalized citizens) with Korean language skills equivalent to Level 4 on the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) are welcome to apply.

Inquiries: Seoul Global Center website: http://global.seoul.go.kr

Seoul to Train 750 Foreigners to Become Trade Experts
Trade Academy (startup work training) Trade Academy (e-commerce) Points System for Trade Visa
Trade Academy (startup work training) Trade Academy (e-commerce) Points System for Trade Visa
1:1 Consulting Site Tour Distribution Exchange
1:1 Consulting Site Tour Distribution Exchange

Seoul to Jointly Promote the Global Car Sharing Program

Joint Promotion of the Global Car Scoring System1

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon is currently visiting three European cities in the order of Paris, Vienna, and London. He left on March 28 (Tues) and is expected to return on April 4 (Tues).

Earlier on March 20, 2017, Mayor Park announced that the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will lead the Airvolution movement at a joint press conference with Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo and London Mayor Sadiq Khan held at Hotel de Ville, the City Hall building in Paris.

At the press conference, the three cities announced their joint promotion of the Global Car Scoring System, the first vehicle emissions standards in the world. The Global Car Scoring System calculates the amount of air pollution-inducing substances such as fine dust and nitrogenous compounds each market-released car model emits while driving on the road. Results are then transparently disclosed on the official website of each city with a score and grade.

The holding of the press conference was made possible through the three mayors’ strong will to improve the air quality in their respective cities. They have been focusing on implementing policies to build a sustainable city as the Chair and Vice-chairs of the C40 Cities-Climate Leadership Group. The press conference was hosted by the ‘C40 Cities-Climate Leadership Group,’ with representatives from three out of the 62 large member cities in attendance. The Mayor of Paris is the Chair and the mayors of Seoul and London are vice-chairs of C40. The C40 Cities-Climate Leadership Group, launched in 2005 to actively respond to climate change, is a council composed of large cities that are responsible for more than 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Based on the results of the press conference, the C40 will begin development of a standardized grade criteria for the Global Car Scoring System. London will upload data for the second half of 2017 on its website and Seoul will follow suit by disclosing the emissions information in an easy-to-understand graph format upon completion of development and review.

Joint Promotion of the Global Car Scoring System1

Opening of the 2017 Seoul Night Market

2017 Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will expand the operation of the ‘Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market’ to six locations and hold the opening ceremony at all six locations on March 24, 2017. The Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market will be held in the five locations including the two existing locations at ① Yeouido Hangang Park and ② Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), which were highly popular in 2016, as well as the three new locations at ③ Banpo Hangang Park, ④ Cheonggyecheon Stream, ⑤ Cheonggye Plaza Seasonal Market and ⑥ Oil Tank Culture Park (September opening).

The 2017 Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market will be held under the theme of ‘Five Colors, Five Sentiments’ and each location will host unique magic shows and acoustic performances throughout the events to entertain residents and tourists.

2017 Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market
Location Theme Description Hours of Operation Size
Overall Food
Yeouido Hangang Park
(near Mulbit Stage)
World Night Market Around the world in one night along the Hangang River Fri & Sat 18:00 ~ 23:00 50 42
(Palgeori Plaza)
Youth Runway Market Trendy market that reflects the passion of the young generation Fri & Sat 19:00~24:00 50 30
Banpo Hangang Park
(Dalbit Plaza)
Romantic Moonlight Market Romantic market featuring nightscape, water fountains, lighting and music Fri & Sat 18:00~23:00 50 30
Cheonggyecheon Stream
(Mojeongyo Bridge-Gwanggyo Bridge)
Time Slip Market Korean style market along the Cheonggyecheon Stream Sat & Sun 16:30~21:30 50 30
Cheonggye Plaza Seasonal Market Seasonal market held in May, August, September and October 18:00~23:00 TBA 10
Oil Tank Culture Park
(Culture Plaza)
Seasonal Market Night market that utilizes the various cultural programs of the Oil Tank Culture Park Fri & Sat
60 20

Food trucks are set to offer a variety of menus. There will be trucks that were highly popular in the 2016 Bamdokkaebi Night Market and new ones eager to present their creative menus in 2017. Handmade products include necklaces, brooches, and other accessories and props for interior decoration that contain the artists’ philosophy and hard work.

The SMG plans to create a Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market brochure that provides the location of every food truck and handmade booth, which will become available for use by the end of April 2017.

2017 Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market2017 Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market2017 Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market2017 Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market

Seoul GSC Supports Foreign Startups in Korea


The Seoul Global Startup Center (hereinafter referred to as “Seoul GSC”) was founded in August 2016 as the first foreign startup support center in Korea. As of today, 35 multinational startups entered the Center and are building up market competitiveness.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will recruit 30 foreign startups to move into the Seoul GSC (Yongsan-gu, Seoul, a total area of 2,828㎡), an organization that has been assisting self-sustaining foreign startups, by April 14, 2017 (Friday). Selected startups are allowed to stay in the center for one year and may extend the period by another one year if they pass the evaluation process.

The SMG funds up to 20 million won to an in-house startup company and also stations an in-house mentor who provides consultation on areas of difficulty regarding technology, marketing, incorporation, patents, and others. The Seoul GSC supports foreign startups so that they can grow into enterprises equipped with a competitive edge. Starting this year, the Center will offer various business incubating services in Chinese in order to encourage the participation of Chinese entrepreneurs accounting for 70% of foreigners living in Seoul.

The Seoul GSC operates the Enternship (a combination of Entrepreneur and Intern) Program twice a year so that foreign students can experience business startups during their vacations. In 2017, the Center will also support business startups of entrepreneurial clubs operated by foreign students.

Any foreigner who wants to start a business or promising foreign enterprises that have been founded within the last three years can submit an application to join the center. Successful applicants will be selected through a document screening and interview (presentation) process that focuses on the founder’s competency, adequacy of business plans, technology, and marketability.

The Seoul GSC will receive applications until April 14 (Friday) and all required documents can be downloaded at the Seoul Global Startup Center website (http://seoulgsc.com). Contact the Seoul GSC (02-718-1170) for further information. If you would like more details, a presentation will be held at the Co-working Café on the third floor of the Seoul GSC Building at 2pm on Monday April 3rd.

Startup Competition

Startup Competitio

Startup Competitio

Opening of Seoul GSC and regular networking

Opening of Seoul GSC and regular networking

Opening of Seoul GSC and regular networking

Creating a Universal Design City for All

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) completed the development of the Universal Design Guidelines so that all citizens can safely and conveniently enjoy pedestrian roads and public spaces such as parks, plazas, health centers, and welfare facilities.

A Universal Design creates a convenient environment for all citizens including children, seniors, the disabled, and foreigners, regardless of their physical condition or language ability, sense and cognition. Also known as ‘Design for All,’ the Universal Design is applicable to products, structures, spaces, and services.
Since Seoul is becoming more diverse, the program focuses on providing a comprehensive service that caters to the specific needs of different groups in Seoul including the disabled, seniors, children, and foreigners.

Side walks
< Sidewalks > Restroom equipped with facilities for the handicapped and children

Refer to cases in which information on staircases and slopes enabled the planning of the flow (England)

< Parks > Refer to a playground that utilizes the sound of bells and drums for blind children (Singapore)

Public Buildings
< Public Buildings > (Left) Enhanced user convenience in non-handicapped restrooms
(Right) Foothold for exchanging diapers (Japan)

< Practical Design Guide for the 3 Core Areas (Roads, Parks & Plazas, Public buildings) of Urban Environment >

“The SMG Universal Design Guidelines” operates under the four principles of ‘Convenience,’ ‘Safety,’ ‘Comfort,’ and ‘Selectability.’ Based on these principles, the SMG offers practical guidelines for the 29 sub-categories in the three core areas of roads, parks and plazas, and public buildings, which form the foundation of an urban environment.

  • Roads: Recommendations are made on pedestrian safety zones, vehicle entry zones, bicycle roads, local roads (install pedestrian priority roads), crosswalks, and speed reduction measures. For example, zigzag roads should be installed on local roads in residential areas and school zones to reduce vehicle speeds. Bicycle roads should be safely distinguished from pedestrian zones and be equipped with a bicycle parking lot and other facilities.
  • ○ Parks and Plazas : Recommendations are made on entry spaces, moving spaces (trails), sanitary spaces (restrooms), amenities, and rest areas (playgrounds). For example, there must be at least one multipurpose restroom inside a park that can be used by all citizens.
  • ○ Public buildings: Guidelines are suggested for various facilities inside public buildings such as pedestrian access roads, parking lots, lobbies, hallways, slopes, staircases, elevators, disaster prevention and evacuation facilities, restrooms, and nursing rooms.

For example, the main door should be automatic so that visitors with strollers or those with full arms can enter without difficulty. A diaper-changing station should be installed inside men’s restrooms as well.
The SMG will distribute a checklist along with the guidelines to the headquarters, business sites, affiliated organizations and each autonomous district in Seoul to make sure that managers can confirm the application of the guidelines. The checklist can also be downloaded at the SMG website (www.seoul.go.kr) and Design Seoul website (design.seoul.go.kr).