Seoul Opens as “Technology-verifying Testbed” for 1,000 Innovative Businesses

Technology-verifying Testbed

With a total of 59,000 innovative startups created in the first quarter of 2019 in Korea, the highest number in history according to statistics, Seoul declared itself, “Testbed Seoul.” The “Testbed” will test the performance and effects of new products and services born through innovative technologies, such as blockchain, fintech, and AI, in all Seoul government locations, verifying their feasibilities. The project will be applied throughout the municipal government, from public infrastructures to administrative systems on subways, roads, and Hangang River bridges and in city hospitals and underground shopping centers.

Objects of participation are products and services in Seoul just before commercialization by small, medium, or venture businesses. The products and services can be tested for up to one year in various facilities and sites of businesses with investment and contribution organizations, such as the Seoul government office, Seoul Metro, and Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation, as well as support of up to KRW 500 million for verifying business expenses.

Products with both performance and safety verified through these processes will be issued a “performance certificate” to be used as reference for domestic and overseas market expansion by each business. Furthermore, starting next year, Seoul will become a purchasing place for the introduction of “innovative product purchasing” for all organizations and departments, as well as for the application of the “positive administration immunity system” for active public purchases.

The “New Technology Portal” ( of the Seoul Institute of Technology will open in June 2019. This is an online platform on which businesses that want to be a part of Testbed Seoul can apply at any time throughout the year.

Seoul will begin constructing Testbed Seoul this year, 2019, and invest a total of KRW 150 billion by 2023 to support the growth of over 1,000 innovative startups.

“Test City Seoul” will promote the expansion of public purchases regarding safety and performance-verified products and services through ① regular 24-hour application through the online platform “New Technology Portal,” → ② speedy and fair evaluation by an expert evaluation committee, → ③ provision of a testbed for up to one year and issuance of a “performance certificate,” and → ④ verification.

First, Testbed Seoul will go forward with ▴the “R&D support type” for comprehensive support of business expenses and verification opportunity and ▴the “opportunity offer type” through which the city will provide only the site for verification. Existing large business and mid-sized businesses can be classified as an “opportunity offer type,” and it is anticipated that this will increase utilization of innovative technologies.

Second, applications submitted through the New Technology Portal will receive → comprehensive evaluation of a product’s innovativeness and safety through a two-step examination (document, interview) by an evaluation committee comprised of industrial and technological experts, → with the determination of final participating businesses and their products and services. For fair and expert evaluation, the city will form a pool of 200 expert judges in seven fields, including fintech, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology, for operation of an evaluation committee.

Third, the final selected businesses will establish plans with concerned departments (markets) in which the products and services will actually be used and begin an on-site verification process that can last up to one year. The department in charge will inspect and record product performance and matters in terms of malfunctions, which will be followed by an evaluation of the results at the end of the verification period and an issuance of a “performance certificate.”

Each business can utilize the “performance certificate” to supplement product insufficiencies or to make upgrades to use as a reference for local and overseas market expansion. During the test period, the city will allow interested local and foreign buyers to visit the verification sites to use them as part of the marketing process.

Fourth, Seoul will become the purchasing place of innovative products after the verification process comes to a close to support early market growth and outlet. For the development of an active purchasing culture, the city will reform the administrative process while holding events, such as the Testbed Expo (September) and Startup Pitching Day (monthly), to advertise innovative products.

Trial Run of “S-Taxi” App Opens for Citizens to Pick and Ride Available Taxis

On June 1, 2019, Seoul will begin a trial operation of the Seoul Taxi App, “S-Taxi.” This application will apply the concept of expanding from the basic, offline use of empty and available taxis to an online form.

The Seoul Taxi App was developed to stay true to the basics of citizens calling for taxis, but it differs in the process of passengers choosing their destinations while allowing drivers to choose passengers. This app will not induce competitiveness, but rather will play a role of supplementation. It is anticipated that the app will broaden the scope of choice for citizens who need taxis and made the use of taxis more convenient.

Seoul will form a citizen committee for participation by businesses and citizens, provide data from monitored trial operations to the citizen committee, and seek ways for more a convenient use of the app that produces win-win results for both citizens and drivers.

During the trial operation period (starting June 1, 2019), the app will only be available through Android-based smartphones with a download of the Seoul Taxi App, “S-Taxi.”

S-Taxi - 서울 택시승차앱 설치 페이지 및 사용 화면

Unlike the public call app available through smartphones to taxi drivers, the Seoul Taxi App will offer services through a taxi payment machine, and taxi drivers can easily use the services through a user agreement that does not require a separate download.

Seoul Creates “Solar Landmarks” at World Cup Park and Ttukseom Hangang Park

In October 2019, a circular, 19-meter “Solar Square” will open at the Seoul World Cup Park Constellation Square. Solar and LED “pavement” will replace real pavement, and electricity generated here will create various LED content and images on the ground after sundown. Solar and LED lights will be installed along the 250-meter bicycle lanes around the waterside stage at Ttukseom Hangang Park for bicycling with a subdued view that suits the Hangang River.

Both locations will install solar and LED pavement in place of regular pavement and the solar-generated electricity will create various LED lighting for the public to enjoy after sundown.

The solar landmarks are part of the comprehensive “2022 Solar City, Seoul” project that the city announced for expanded provision of 1GW of solar energy by 2022. These landmarks will be the first to be made as part of this project in Seoul.

First, 1,088 blocks of solar pavement will be installed along the outer frame of “Solar Square” at the World Cup Park Constellation Square while 2,453 blocks of LED pavement will be installed inside the circle.

Through the solar-generated electricity, the public will be able to appreciate LED images of various content, including nature, constellations, proposals, birthday messages, and more. This will be the first time in the nation that images will be produced through solar-generated electricity.

Seoul will also install photo zones near Solar Square that offer a full view of the landmark, as well as wi-fi zones to offer a resting area and accommodations to the public.

World Cup Park, where Solar Square will be installed, is located near World Cup Stadium, Haneul Park, and Oil Tank Culture Park, for easy public access. The landmark is expected to be a new and renewable energy landmark, together with Korea’s first energy-independent public structure, Seoul Energy Dream Center, that also is located in the park.

There will be a total of 348 solar pavement blocks through the middle of the Solar Road, which will be installed along the bicycle lanes around the waterside stage at Ttukseom Hangang River, while 584 LED pavement blocks will be installed along the bicycle lanes.

Citizens can safely ride their bicycles after sundown along the path lit with LED lights powered by solar-generated energy. There are solar canopies, solar-powered electric car charging stations, and symbolic solar sculptures in Ttukseom Hangang Park as a part of the “New and Renewable Energy Theme Park,” a place for general solar experiences.

World Cup Park Solar Square

Surrounding Environment and Location
Surrounding Environment and Location

Aerial View (proposal)
Aerial View (proposal)

Ttukseom Hangang Park Solar Road

Surrounding Environment and Location
Surrounding Environment and Location

Installment along Bicycle Lanes
Installment along Bicycle Lanes

Seoul Announces Dolbom and Welfare Brand “Seoul Care”

Starting with city hospitals, Seoul will develop the integrated brand, “Seoul Care,” that will combine care policies related to medical treatment, health, welfare, women, and families and apply them to various Dolbom facilities.

The need for an integrated brand was brought up due to the lack of identity and unity between the twelve city hospitals, all with different names and logos that lead to the distress and confusion among citizens who wished to visit city hospitals.

The integrated brand development was launched in late 2017 to unify the names and logos of the city hospitals in order to improve public awareness and to spotlight the strengths and uniqueness of public medical centers.

During the past year, public opinions were collected on several occasions through related departments and professional advisory councils to develop the integrated brand, “Seoul Care,” that encompasses the values of trust, honesty, and consideration. These values will be equally applied to twelve city hospitals in the future.

“Seoul Care” is meant to signify, “Seoul’s dolbom service for proper and trustworthy medical treatment, health, and welfare with kind consideration.”
The image is a heart logo that embodies the sincerity of Seoul’s welfare that encompasses and protects the citizens.

In the process of promoting the development of the integrated brand, “Seoul Care,” in the areas of medical treatment and health, the brand was extended to also reach the areas of social welfare, children, and family. This is expected to increase the quality of Seoul’s welfare services, offer care to the public, and further expand to various welfare and dolbom facilities such as the Our Neighborhood Kium Center and other welfare centers.

Seoul plans to use “Seoul Care” to communicate with citizens and responsibly fulfill its role in public care so that children and seniors are not excluded from fair care, for the safe nurturing of children, and for healthy later years for seniors.

Before and After Application at Seonam Hospital
Before and After Application at Seonam Hospital
Building Exterior
Building Entrance
(B1, 1F)

The 24th Seoul Global Internship Recruitment Notice

The 24th Seoul Global Internship Recruitment Notice

■ Internship Overview

  • Period : 2019.7.1(Mon.) ~ 2019.8.16(Fri.) (7 weeks total, 34 days)
  • Number of Recruits : 31 people
  • Current Openings : Refer to the attached document (application form)
  • Eligibility
    • – Foreign undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in universities located in Seoul(exchange students are also eligible to apply)
    • – Period of sojourn(visa) must be valid until August 17th 2019
  • Working Hours : Mon.~Fri. from 09:00 to 16:00 (1hr. lunch break)
  • Wage (including stipend for transportation, food, etc.) : 50,100 won per day
  • Major Events : Orientation(19.07.01), Seoul Field Trip(7.12),Cultural experience Activity(7.26), Volunteer Activity(08.09), Closing Ceremony(2.22), etc.

※The above schedule is subject to change

■ Application and Selection Guide

  • Document Screening
    • – Application Deadline : 2019.05.27.(Mon)~06.3(Mon) 18:00
    • – Required Documents
      • · Required : Application 1, Application 2, Certificate of Enrollment, Academic Transcript from Current University, TOPIK score
      • · Optional : Computer certificate (hangul, excel, photoshop etc), certificate of internship activity, another foreign language ability certificate
    • – How to Submit : Email submission of electronic files(hwp, doc, xls)
    • – Where to Submit :
    • – Screening Criteria : GPA, TOPIK score, etc.
    • – First Round Result Announcement : 2019.06..10(Mon.) 18:00 by email and mobile message
    • ○ Interview
    • – Period : 2019.06.12(Wed.) ~ 06.19(Wed.)
    • – Process : Selected candidates will each visit the respective divisions(depts) on a scheduled day
  • Interview
    • – Period : 2019.06.12(Wed.) ~ 06.19(Wed.)
    • – Process : Selected candidates will each visit the respective divisions(depts) on a scheduled day
  • Final Result Announcement : 2019.06.25.(Tue 18:00 (by email and mobile message)
  • ※ Applicants that have passed the final round will be informed individually by email and mobile message. Interns may not be selected if there are no applicants qualified for a specific division or dept. For further information, send all inquiries to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Multiculturalism Division at 02-2133-5077.

Application Form 1

Application Form 2

Recruiting Divisions List

Seoul International Forum on Air Quality Improvement 2019

The Seoul International Forum in Air Quality Improvement 2019 was held this year at Seoul City Hall. The Forum sought measures for cooperation and sharing policies and expertise in order to find a solution to the particulate matter problem in Asia between major Asian cities, Korean and foreign air quality experts, and officials from the international environment field.

The 2019 Forum was the ninth to be held, with participation by 35 cities (21 cities from 5 foreign countries) from a total of 6 countries, including China, Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Singapore, the largest in scale in the Forum’s history. With emphasized cooperation by Korea and China for the reduction of particulate matter, a grand total of 16 cities from China took part in the Forum.

At a point in time with an emphasis on a Korea-China channel regarding the recent levels of particulate matter and on multilateral cooperation between the two countries, Seoul plans to expand its range of cooperation with other participating cities, not only with Beijing, the existing cooperative channel and the Chinese city with the largest scale of participation.

※ Participating cities in the Seoul International Forum on Air Quality Improvement 2019
Beijing, Hong Kong, Jilin, Guizhou, Heilongjiang, Sichuan, Shandong, Yunnan, Hunan, Tianjin, Jinan, Changchun, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Shenyang, Chengdu (China), Fukuoka, Kitakyushu (Japan), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Hanoi (Vietnam), (Singapore)

On May 22, 2019, the first day of the Forum, Isabelle Louis, Regional Director and Representative for the UN Environment Asia and the Pacific Office, opened the event with a keynote address.

At the first session on “Vehicle Emissions Reduction Policies,” Seoul presented and shared its “Network Measures for Living Rights” that was recently announced regarding restricted vehicle operation in green transportation areas (to be implemented on July 1, 2019), the vehicle low-pollution project, and the electric bus supply.

The last session on “Urban Forest for Clean Air” was planned for the first time at the 2019 Forum upon reflection of a proposal for the “necessity of an ‘urban forest session’ at the Air Quality Improvement Forum, as city forests play a huge role in the reduction of particulate matter,” offered by a citizen during the Q&A session at last year’s forum.

On May 23, the second day, there was a center for discussion between international air quality organizations, members of citizen groups, and officials from major Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cities. The discussion addressed in-depth cooperation between cities and citizen-participatory plans.

This forum was an “eco-friendly” forum that minimized use of plastics and disposable goods. In place of paper program books and leaflets, online speaker information, programs, and presentation materials were available through QR codes posted throughout the venue. Participants were provided with nametags made from reusable bands and recycled paper, and beverages were offered in multi-purpose cups.

More information on programs and speakers can be found on the Seoul International Forum on Air Quality Improvement 2019 website (, and inquiries can be made to the Secretariat (, ☎82-2-6952-0653).

Seoul is Awarded UN Public Service Awards for Public Sanitary Pad Support Policy

Seoul received the great honor of being awarded the UN Public Service Awards (UNPSA) for the Public Sanitary Pad Support Policy that took effect in 2016 for the amelioration of women’s health rights. On May 22, 2019, Seoul was awarded the 2019 UNPSA by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) for its policy on Public Sanitary Pad Support.

Seoul was awarded the UNPSA in 2010 for the Women’s Happiness Project, in 2011 for the Self-Empowerment Program for Runaway Teenage Women, in 2013 for the Initiative for Single Women Household, and in 2015 for the Women’s Safety Metropolitan City. With this fifth UNPSA award, the city has reaffirmed its excellence surrounding women’s policy in the international society, in addition to continuing its reputation as a women-friendly city.

Of the five UNPSA categories, the Public Sanitary Pad Support Policy was awarded within the category of “Promoting gender-responsive delivery of public services,” and it is a project for the promotion of women’s health rights that Seoul has actively pushed for since 2016.

In order to tightly secure “basic” sex and health rights for teenagers of the low-income bracket who struggle with health issues during this period of crucial growth, Seoul began support of sanitary pads starting in 2016.

In October 2018, the city first introduced the Public Facility Emergency Sanitary Pad Dispenser Project to support the health rights of women who suddenly begin menstruation or unprepared women who do not have sanitary pads while out in public.

Starting in June 2019, the 11 emergency sanitary pad locations will be increased to 160 locations. The 160 facilities, including ▴54 youth centers, youth health education centers, youth cultural centers, and other youth facilities, ▴18 libraries, ▴42 welfare centers, ▴9 museums, and ▴ 37 healthy family and multicultural family support centers. Locations with the emergency sanitary pad dispensers can be found on the Smart Seoul Map (

The 2019 UN Public Service Forum and Awards Ceremony will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan from June 24-26, 2019. Seoul will take part in the UNPSA ceremony and forum to share cases of the city’s excellent policies and also produce a manual with policies that have been verified by the UN to offer to undeveloped cities. Seoul plans to contribute to the development of cities worldwide through the introduction of the Seoul-type policy models.

Seoul’s Representative Performing Arts Festival, 2019 Seoul Drum Festival

The 21st Seoul DRUM Festival 열정을 하나로! 가자 서.드.페! 2019 서울드럼페스티벌 2019.05.24.(금)-25.(토) | 서울광장 Seoul Plaza 시민참여 프로그램 REMO 드럼 서클 | 드럼 쉐드 | 내가 스피드왕 도전! 드럼워크숍 | 마스터 클래스 | 드럼 전시 & 체험 | 네트워크 파티, 라인업 Chris Coleman, KJ Sawka, Baard Kolstad, 박영진&김바다, 이도헌&라틴밴드, SL74(aka 이상훈), 최기웅밴드, 이상민, Drum&Beates

Seoul Drum Festival, Seoul’s representative performing arts festival that was held for the first time in 1999, will be held for the 21st time this year from May 24 to 25 in Seoul Plaza with the slogan, “One passion! Let’s go, Seoul Drum Festival!”

The Seoul Drum Festival first began as a percussion festival, offering the familiar sounds of drums and percussion instruments seasoned with different rhythms and performances that transcend language, race, and national boundaries, for people of all ages to enjoy.

The 2019 Seoul Drum Festival will move away from exhibitions and experience booths that are catered only to drum fans. This year there will be many more participatory programs in which all citizens can participate and enjoy, allowing people of all ages to enjoy drums and percussion instruments in Seoul Plaza.

On the first day of the festival, May 24, from 19:00 to 19:50, there will be special performances by seventeen teams that were selected through a fierce judging process at the Seoul Drum Festival’s exclusive program, the National Drum Contest.

On both May 24 and 25 from 20:00-22:00 at the stage in Seoul Plaza, there will be sensational music and performances by highly talented local and foreign drummers (three foreign teams, six local teams). Seoul invites the public to enjoy an exciting Friday and Saturday night with energetic performances by top artists whose performances are hard to find in Korea.

2019 Seoul Drum Festival
No. Photo Performer Performance Date(s) Introduction
1 Chris Coleman May 24-25 World-class drummer with over 2.5 million views on YouTube
2 KJ Sawka May 24-25 World-class electronic drummer and producer
3 Baard Kolstad May 24-25 Roland V-Drum world champion and rising rock drummer
4 Drum & Beats
May 24 Drum performance with reinterpretations of traditional Korean percussion instruments
5 Choi Ki-woong Band May 24 Lee Seung-hwan Project drummer, jazz drummer, and K-pop drummer
6 SL74
(aka. Lee Sang-hoon)
May 24 Drummer Lee Sang-hoon who has transformed into an electronic drummer of retro beats
7 Lee Do-heon & Latin Band May 25 Collaboration between Lee Do-heon, a modern jazz drummer, and Latin Band
8 Lee Sang-min May 25 Korea’s legendary drummer and the dreamer of drummers
9 Park Yeong-jin & Kim Ba-da May 25 Collaboration between the “Boogie Drum” drummer, Park Young-jin, and guitarist Kim Ba-da

Furthermore, this year’s festival will feature the “Network Party” for famous local and foreign drummers to directly communicate with citizens and the “Drum Workshop” for the public to speak with instrument experts.

The 2019 Seoul Drum Festival is free and open to the public. More information on the festival can be found on the festival website ( Other inquiries can be made to the office of operations (070-7462-1109).

[2018 Festival Photos]

2018 Seoul Drum Festival
Exhibition/Experience Program Master Class

23 Airport Buses Lower Fees by KRW 1,000 for Transportation Cards

Starting May 22, 2019, 23 of Seoul’s premium airport limousine bus lines will lower their fees by KRW 1,000 with the use of transportation cards.

With the use of a transportation card, discounted rates will be applied to ticketing for the RF terminals at Incheon International Airport, as well as when tapping transportation cards upon boarding the airport buses. However, discounts will not be applied for bus fees paid in cash and the existing fee will be applied.

Airport Limousine: 82-2-2664-9898
Seoul Airport Limousine: 82-2-577-1343
City Airport, Logis & Travel, Korea: 82-2-551-0077

【Airport Bus Fee Changes (Effective May 22, 2019)】

Airport Bus Fee Changes table
Company Route Type Route No. First & Last Stops Payment Method Fee Adjustment
Before Change After Change
Airport Limousine
(8 routes)
Premium 6001 Incheon Airport · Dongdaemun Transportation card
KRW 14,000
(KRW 15,000)
KRW 13,000
(KRW 15,000)
6005 Incheon Airport · Insa-dong
6010 Incheon Airport · Wangsimni
6015 Incheon Airport · Myeong-dong Station
6017 Incheon Airport · Hoam Faculty House of Seoul National Univ.
6018 Incheon Airport · Sindorim D-Cube City
6019 Incheon Airport · Naebang Station
6030 Incheon Airport · Capital Hotel
Seoul Airport Limousine
(11 routes)
6006 Mongchontoseong Station · Incheon Airport
6009 Ilwon-dong · Incheon Airport
6020 Yeoksam Station · Incheon Airport
6200 Hwangsan · Incheon Airport
6300 Godeok Station · Incheon Airport
6500 The-K Hotel Seoul · Incheon Airport
6600 Godeok Station · Incheon Airport
6006-1 Mongchontoseong Station · Incheon Airport T1
6009-1 Ilwon-dong · Incheon Airport T1
6020-1 Yeoksam Station · Incheon Airport T1
6300-1 Godeok Station · Incheon Airport T1
City Airport
(4 routes)
6101 Surak Terminal · Incheon Airport
6100 Mangu Station · Incheon Airport Transportation card
KRW 15,000
(KRW 16,000)
KRW 14,000
(KRW 16,000)
6102 Sungrye Elementary School · Incheon Airport
6103 City Airport · Incheon Airport

Seoul Science Centers Holds Fun Science Festival

Seoul Science Center, a place to encounter scientific principles in everyday life and enjoy science, hosted the “3rd Science Festival” in celebration of the Center’s two-year anniversary since its establishment. As Seoul’s first youth science center, Seoul Science Center has been visited by a total of 435,424 visitors, as of now.

The 2019 “3rd Science Festival” was held from May 18-19, 2019 with the theme, “Enjoying a science festival at the Science Center.” The Center hosted various programs, from the science experience booth, to the smart technology experience, lectures, special exhibitions, and performances.

The event was organized of events and programs such as, ① the Experience Street at the Science Plaza, ② a lecture on science stories and environmental issues, ③ a smart technology experience booth with Apple Korea, ④ a science experiment class and special commentary, ⑤ the Science Center Stamp Tour for the whole family, ⑥ a viewing of an environmental documentary and exhibition of students’ works, and ⑦ the Science Magic Show and Golden Bell.

Seoul Science Center

Hours of operation: Tuesday – Sunday, 09:30 – 17:30 (closed January 1, Lunar New Year, Chuseok)
Admission: Children, teens: KRW 1,000; adults: KRW 2,000
Address: 160, Hangeulbiseok-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul
Transportation: Hagye Station (Line 7), Exit 3

Global Investors Discuss ‘Global Testbed City, Seoul’

On May 17, 2019 (Fri.), Seoul hosted the Foreign Investment Advisory Council (FIAC) Meeting, a meeting comprised of overseas investment business CEO’s, consultants, lawyers, and professionals from various circles, at the Westin Chosun Seoul.

The FIAC is an advisory group that was formed by Seoul in 1999 for the revitalization and attraction of foreign investors that contributes to the growth of Seoul through the attraction of investments, construction of startup ecosystems, and consultation on municipal matters.

After its establishment in 1999, the FIAC held 49 meetings (as of May 2019) and has addressed matters such as, ▵a global financial hub take-off, ▵plans for attracting global, local headquarters, ▵plans for attracting investments and revitalization of Magok, ▵plans for DMC revitalization, and ▵implementation plans for the global, top 5 startup cities.

It was concluded that Seoul must essentially and preliminarily maintain its status as a “global testbed city” where innovative businesses and talented individuals gather and where bold challenges are made in a time of endless global competitions.

At this meeting, Seoul received advice from members, including fifteen global investors, on projects such as the “Seoul Global Challenge” and “Testbed Seoul” that the city is promoting to heighten its status as an innovative city and to foster the growth of innovative businesses.

4th Recruitment for Seoul Brand, “I·SEOUL·U Friends”

Seoul will be recruiting members for the 4th “I·SEOUL·U Friends” citizen-oriented publicity group from May 17-30. “I·SEOUL·U Friends” began operation in 2016 and selects members annually. The group is made and managed by citizens to construct a city brand image, and last year, a total of 15 teams and 149 members were selected for the group’s activities.

The “I·SEOUL·U Friends” program conducts activities both online and offline to spread and promote the value, philosophy, and charms of the Seoul brand through the members’ autonomous planning. “I·SEOUL·U Friends” plans and makes content that combine Seoul’s main policies with tourist attractions in order to induce awareness and response surrounding the identity and value of the Seoul brand, which are “coexistence,” “passion,” and “leisure.” In order to increase citizens’ awareness of the Seoul brand, the members will plan and lead large-scale, citizen-participatory campaigns (events).

Anyone with interest in the Seoul brand can apply to “I·SEOUL·U Friends,” and this year, the city will recruit members for the “I·SEOUL·U Friends Family” group to increase participation by family units, including students and regular citizens. “I·SEOUL·U Friends Family” will perform simple, everyday missions to promote the Seoul brand and members will support “I·SEOUL·U Friends” through voluntary participation and activities. Both teams and individuals can apply for “I·SEOUL·U Friends” and individuals will be grouped into teams or conduct independent activities, according to each individual’s qualities and areas of interest, with the support of Seoul city.

A fixed activity cost will be provided for members, as well as publicity items necessary for activities. Those who produce excellent activity results will receive commendation from the Mayor of Seoul, as well as an activity certificate.

The application for “I·SEOUL·U Friends/Family” can be downloaded on the Seoul website (Korean version) under “News” and submissions can be emailed to the administrative office (

Activity Overview of the 4th “I·SEOUL·U Friends/Family”

□ Activity motto: “Seoul brand made by us, I·SEOUL·U”

□ Activity period: June – October, 2019 (5 months)

□ Activity details

“I·SEOUL·U’ Friends”: general citizens

  • Number of recruited members: 80 – 100 people
  • How to apply: team (maximum 5 people) or individual application
  • Activity details: production of one monthly image-type content or leaflet/pamphlet
    • – Planning and production of monthly content with the Seoul brand identity (coexistence, passion, leisure), and distribution and publicity through SNS
    • – Planning and execution of citizen-participatory campaigns (events) with participation by all members
  • Activity incentives
    • – Provision of monthly activity fee (production costs for contents, transportation expenses, etc.)
    • – Presentation of Seoul Mayor Award (excellent members) and activity certificate by the Mayor of Seoul (for all participants)

‘I·SEOUL·U’ Friends/Family’: family unit

  • Number of recruited members: 100 people
  • How to apply: family units (no limit for number of members)
  • Activity details: minimum two-time participation in monthly activities
    • – Completion of simple missions to introduce the Seoul brand to citizens’ everyday lives
    • – Voluntary participation in campaigns (events) as a family unit
  • Activity incentives
    • – Presentation of activity certificate by the Mayor of Seoul (for all participants)
    • – Complimentary Seoul brand goods for campaign (event) participants
Seoullo 7017
Activity photos of the 3rd 2018 “I·SEOUL·U Friends”
Opening Ceremony (OT) group photo Relay volunteer activity
Team image-type content – exploration of Seoul’s attractions Team image-type content – value of the Seoul brand