Expanding “Global Real Estate Agency” for foreign residents to 250 offices

By establishing its 2018 plan to appoint global estate agencies, Seoul City is planning to expand the number of agencies from 223 to 250 in order to facilitate the everyday life of foreign residents.

Since it first designated 20 offices as global real estate agencies in 2008, Seoul City has been expanding the number of appointed offices every year to match the growth of the city as a global city and is now providing housing convenience to over 273,000 foreign residents in Seoul as of the Q1 of 2018.

The current 223 offices offer services in English (170), Japanese (35), English and Japanese (9), Chinese (4), Chinese and English (3), and other languages (2) and are operating per borough.

A real estate agency who wants to be designated as a global real estate agency office can receive an application form from the Real Estate division of a local government office, fill it in and submit it from May 25 to June 29 to the Real Estate division of its local government office. Offices will be designated after examination.

In addition, agencies designated as a Global Real Estate Agency will be advertised on Seoul City’s Global Center website (http://global.seoul.go.kr), Seoul Metropolitan Government’s English website (http://www.seoul.go.kr), Seoul Real Estate Information Square’s website (http://land.seoul.go.kr), and Korea Association of Realtors’ website so that more foreign residents can have access to their services.

The designation certificate and promotional logo are planned to be distributed to the offices additionally designated as Global Real Estate Agencies in July.

Global Real Estate Agency

※ Inquiry: Seoul Metropolitan Government 02-2133-4675 (Land Management Division), or the Real Estate division of each local government office.

The 22nd Seoul Global Internship Recruitment Notice

The 22st Seoul Global Internship Recruitment Notice

■ Internship Overview

  • ○ Period : 2018.7.2(Mon.) ~ 2018.8.20(Mon.) (7 weeks total, 35 days)
  • ○ Number of Recruits : 33 people
  • ○ Current Openings : Refer to the attached document (application form)
  • ○ Eligibility
  • – Foreign undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in universities located in Seoul(exchange students are also eligible to apply)
  • – Period of sojourn(visa) must be valid until August 20th, 2018
  • ○ Working Hours : Mon.~Fri. from 09:00 to 16:00 (1hr. lunch break)
  • ○ Wage (including a stipend for transportation, food, etc.) : 45,180 won per day
  • ○ Major Events : Orientation(7.2), Meeting(7.13), Meeting(7.20), Seoul Field Trip(7.27), Volunteer Activity(8.3), Meeting(8.10), Closing Ceremony(8.20), etc.
  • ※The above schedule is subject to change

■ Application and Selection Guide

  • ○ Document Screening
  • – Application Deadline : 2018.6.3(Sun.) 18:00
  • – Required Documents
  • ∙ Application 1(required), Application 2(required), Certificate of Enrollment(required), Academic Transcript from Current University(required), TOPIK score(optional)
  • – How to Submit : Email submission of electronic files(hwp, doc, xls)
  • – Where to Submit : global_intern@seoul.go.kr
  • – Screening Criteria : GPA, TOPIK score, etc.
  • – First Round Result Announcement : 2018.6.7(Thu.) 18:00 by email and mobile message
  • ○ Interview
  • – Period : 2018.6.11(Mon.) ~ 2018.6.15(Fri.)
  • – Process : Selected candidates will each visit the respective divisions(depts) on a scheduled day
  • ○ Final Result Announcement : 2018.6.21(Thu.) 18:00 (by email and mobile message)
  • ※ Applicants that have passed the final round will be informed individually by email and mobile message. Interns may not be selected if there are no applicants qualified for a specific division or dept. For further information, send all inquiries to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Multiculturalism Division at 02-2133-5077.

Application Form 1

Application Form 2

Recruiting Divisions List

Spend a Festive Night this Friday and Saturday at the Seoul Drum Festival

Spend a Festive Night this Friday and Saturday at the Seoul Drum Festival

The Seoul Drum Festival, marking the 20th anniversary since its opening in 1999, will be held from this Friday, May 25, to Saturday, May 26, at the Seoul Plaza under the slogan, “Feel your heartbeat with the sound of the drums! Passion in unity! Seoul Drum Festival!”

This year’s festival tears down the boundary between audience and stage to offer a variety of unique programs, in which the public may actively participate, and is scheduled to present a high-class performance that reaches out to the audience for everyone to enjoy the intense release of energy, uniting the crowd amidst the beat of the drums!

The Seoul Drum Festival began featuring professional arts performances centered around western-style drums since its 16th anniversary opening in 2014 and is progressively growing in popularity and influence. Since 2017, marking its 19th anniversary opening, a drum competition was featured as an accompanying program, offering the opportunity for competitors of all ages and levels, from elementary school to semi-professional, to put their passion on display. The festival continues to evolve alongside various programs for participants and festival-goers, regardless of age or background.

On Friday, May 25, from 7:00 pm to 7:50 pm, the drum competition will be held with as many as 15 scheduled performances from audience members, followed up by the judging and awarding of outstanding acts for the top three performances.

On both Friday and Saturday, from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm, special guest music and drum performances will light up the stage featuring an elite class of drummers comprised of five Koreans and three foreign guests.

No. Performance Date Performer Photo
1 May 25-26 Benny Greb, Germany:
With over one million hits on YouTube, he’s a unique drum master making a name for himself across the globe
Benny Greb, Germany
2 May 25-26 Michael Schack, Belgium:
The e-drum legend himself earned the honor of being this year’s third ‘E-drummer’ award recipient
Michael Schack, Belgium
3 May 25-26 Aaron Spears, U.S.A.:
A popular modern drummer that showcases powerful drumming amid a unique take on the instrument itself
Aaron Spears, U.S.A.
4 May 25 Han Woong-won Band:
A gifted drummer that twice earned the honor of Jazz People’s ‘Jazz Drummer of the Year’
Han Woong-won Band
5 May 25 DR (Idiotape drummer):
He passionately showcases his very own trendy drumming style
DR (Idiotape drummer)
6 May 25 Lim Chae-kwang Band:
Korea’s number one K-pop Session drummer
Lim Chae-kwang Band
7 May 26 Kim Seung-ho Band:
With over one million hits on YouTube, he’s a unique drum master making a name for himself across the globe
Kim Seung-ho Band
8 May 26 Hwang Jung-kwan Trio:
Korea’s elite technical drummer
Hwang Jung-kwan Trio
9 May 26 DJ Kindergarten:
The living legend DJ of the Club Octagon
DJ Kindergarten

This Seoul Drum Festival goes beyond that of a spectating event and offers a plethora of programs for everyone to learn all there is about drums and try a hand at the art of drumming for themselves! All festival-goers are also welcome to come and play the drums during the entire course of the festival at the 20th Anniversary Commemoration Zone!

On Saturday, May 26, from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm, global drumming sensation, Benny Greb, will provide a very special ‘master class’ to share the know-how for the art of drumming for everyone that is interested prior to his stage performance.

available alongside enhanced program content for audience participation thanks to the sponsorship and partaking of renowned music instrument brands.

  • <Yamaha Booth> presents a special performance from drummer Kim Miso, learning the drum in just five minutes
  • <Cosmos Instruments Booth> holds Remo Drum Circle event for a healing experience with the drums
  • <Dr. Drum Booth> offers the opportunity for everyone to come and try a hand at drumming

□ The Seoul Drum Festival is free and open to the public. For additional festival details, please visit the festival homepage at www.seouldrum.go.kr and contact the festival operations office at 02-542-5977 for further inquiries.

[Appendix 3: 2017 festival photos]

DJ Kindergarten DJ Kindergarten
△ Artist performance (Luke Holland) △ Artist performance (Milos Meier)
DJ Kindergarten DJ Kindergarten
△ Public amateur performance (Rapercussion) △ Master class
DJ Kindergarten DJ Kindergarten
△ Public drumming zone △ Open class

Seoullo 7017 Celebrates One Year Anniversary – Walkway Nearing Welcoming of its 10 Millionth Visitor!

Seoullo 7017 Celebrates One Year Anniversary -  Walkway Nearing Welcoming of its 10 Millionth Visitor!

Seoullo 7017 celebrated its one-year anniversary on the 20th of May, 2018, with a remarkable total of 10 million visitors nearly in sight. Over the past year, the city walkway saw an average of 30,000 visitors on the weekends and 20,000 visitors during the week, in addition to approximately two million foreign visitors. Age group-based percentages found those in their twenties and thirties to comprise the majority of visitors at 26.1% and 23.9% respectively, while 41.1% of visitors typically were discovered to enter through the Seoul Station Plaza, with the Namdaemun Market being the second most popular entrance area at 19.7%.

As many as 1,305 unique festivals and events were held, from the passing of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic torch to fashion shows, parades and more, amid guests from around 20 different countries coming to admire and benchmark the walkway and festivities, acquiring an outstanding 83.8% satisfactory rate among foreign visitors.

The Seoullo 7017 is gradually evolving into a part of the everyday lives of community residents and neighborhood merchants as it becomes a hub for revitalizing the area of downtown Seoul. According to the Namdaemun Merchants’ Association, since the opening of the walkway, the number of visitors has recently increased by as much as 20% as the summer season approaches.

The 288 different kinds of trees numbering 13,866 and the 95,391 flowers and vine plant life are also settling in, showing a survival rate of approximately 95% throughout the year. Malli-dong Plaza, in particular, has also been designated as an ‘air pollution-free zone’ with the 4,182 specially-selected trees showing a significant impact in air purification.

This last year has witnessed a total of 1,267,092 Seoul residents partaking in the various 1,305 festivals and events. In addition, the identity and symbolism of the vastly-popular ‘city walkway,’ stretching over a 1-km distance, has been accentuated through numerous walking events and parades and various daily programs geared toward neighborhood office workers and residents.

Seoullo 7017’s positive influence on community residents as it brought about the transformation from a pollution-inducing traffic road to a green-friendly city walkway has been the subject of much reporting both domestically and worldwide from known media outlets such as England’s ‘The Guardian’ and more.

Sales Design Project of Seoul-Style SMEs ‘I Market U Seoul’ to be Held in Olympic Park

Sales Design Project of Seoul-Style SMEs ‘I Market U Seoul’ to be Held in Olympic Park

Seoul City and SBA (Seoul Business Agency) will be hosting an offline market and sales design project ‘I Market U Seoul’ from May 25 until May 27, 2018 at Olympic Park, which realizes its social values by supporting the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Seoul (companies with socio-economic impact, startups, and small enterprises or small business owners).

Through cooperation with various region-based participation subjects, ‘I Market U Seoul’ is consolidating its status as a venue of The Sustainable festival. It is being actively held and scheduled to be held in areas such as Sinchon, Cheonggyecheon, Seokchon Lake, etc. in the first half of 2018, and the event at Olympic Park is set to be held in the largest scale of the first half of 2018.

This event to be held with 200 participating companies in the month of The Family (May) will provide a variety of attractions and spectacles. In particular, a variety of unit events prepared with Seoul City’s certified ‘Hi Seoul Good Products Award’ will be created for the enjoyment of all The Family members.

Meanwhile, as a special event for purchasing customers, this event has prepared various events with an abundance of giveaways, etc. Customers who purchase products at the event can obtain ‘coins’ which they can use to participate in gift-exchanging events according to the Number of coins they obtain.

Moreover, this large-scale event will also provide a variety of attractions such as the fashion market of Hi Seoul Showroom designer brands and an outdoor fashion show for people living in the neighborhood.

The fashion show will be held in harmony with dance performances, opera gala shows, etc., and with no admission fees, people can participate freely in the events.

  • □ Summary of Event
    • ○ Name of Event: I Market U Seoul – Olympic Park
    • ○ Time and Date: May 25, 2018 (Fri) – May 27, 2018 (Sun), 11:00-21:00
    • ○ Location: Meeting Plaza of Olympic Park
    • ○ Scale: Around 200 participating companies
    • ○ Schedule of Unit Events
      • May 25 (Fri) – 19:30 (Hi Seoul Fashion Show #1)
      • May 26 (Sat) – 17:00 (Hi Seoul Fashion Show #2)
        – 19:30 (Hi Seoul Fashion Show #3)
      • May 27 (Sun) – All Day (5-6 busking and other regular concerts)
        – 18:30 (Special performance of Hong Jin-young)
  • ※ Fashion show is combined with dance, opera gala show, and other performances
  • ※ Face painting, caricature, etc. will be available for three days in a row

Seoul City to hold ‘2018 Culture Seoul’ with a special promenade

In May 2018, <Culture Seoul> makes its return to a new stage. For the month of May, known as the month of family, the <2018 Culture Seoul> will raise the curtains to welcome a grand journey which will continue until October 2018, offering musical performances of various genres that can be enjoyed with families, including classical music, musicals, K-pop, fusion Korean traditional music, etc.

<Culture Seoul> is a Cultural event that started in 2015, offering performances of diverse genres ranging from classical music and Korean traditional music to circus performances on the specially installed stage of Seoul Plaza. Around 200,000 audiences have viewed the performances so far, in a total of 176 concerts as of 2017.

<2018 Culture Seoul> will start this year’s grand journey of performances to be held for six months on the permanent stage, with opening concerts on May 14 and May 15 (Mon-Tue).

Also, an array of colorful performances will follow after the opening performances, to last throughout the month of May. In the coming days, concerts of a variety of genres will grace the audience and make Seoul Plaza a truly special venue with music and performances spanning popera, Korean traditional music, magic, b-boying, and comedy performance. The concerts will be held during May 19-22 (Sat-Tue) and May 27-May 31 (Sun-Thu), at 7pm on weeknights and 2pm on Sundays.

  • From May 19 (Sat) to May 22 (Tue), performances of Opera music, fusion Korean traditional music, magic shows, mellow stage of acoustic bands, jazz bands, and brass bands will be showcased.
  • In the following concerts from May 27 (Sun) – May 31 (Thu), audiences will meet with electronic string instruments of fusion bands, acapella group ‘FREE.T,’ K-POP music of a girl group ‘My Darling,’ colorful performances of belly dancers and b-boys, as well as comedy performances and bubble shows.

In particular, this year’s <Culture Seoul> is showcasing an effective and new stage design. Container boxes were used to create the stage, and large LED screens will add to the excitement and show the scenes of live performances along with various footages. In addition, citizens’ preferences have been taken into account in preparing for performances, and through active publicity, Seoul City has tried to make the event as inviting as possible, keeping the doors wide open to citizens as well as domestic and overseas visitors.

For more detailed information on concert schedules and performers, please visit the websites of Seoul Culture Portal (http://culture.seoul.go.kr) and <Culture Seoul> (www.cultureseoul.co.kr).

Seoul City to hold ‘2018 Culture Seoul’ with a special promenade
Hanbit Brass Ensemble (Wind Ensemble) Percussion Band ‘Boom Boom’ (Percussion)
Hanbit Brass Ensemble (Wind Ensemble) Percussion Band ‘Boom Boom’ (Percussion)
Brass Man (Brass Wind Performance) Moon Joon-ho Magic (Magic)
Brass Man (Brass Wind Performance) Moon Joon-ho Magic (Magic)
Mood Salon (Disco/Funky Band) JSJ Belly (Belly Dance)
Mood Salon (Disco/Funky Band) JSJ Belly (Belly Dance)
My Darling (K-POP) Lacomma (Acoustic Band)
My Darling (K-POP) Lacomma (Acoustic Band)

World’s First Cooperative Automated Driving Testbed with 5G Convergence

Sangam DMC in Seoul will become a test platform for Cooperative Automated Driving: vehicles that can drive themselves. This will be the world’s first testbed that is able to assess all the vehicle communication networks used today, including 5G, and starting in mid-2019, a pilot “Automated Bus” will be circulating around the area.

Indeed, with its diverse roads, including tunnels and roundabouts, Sangam DMC was chosen by experts from the autonomous vehicle industry as the most preferred place for a testbed. Seoul City officially selected this area after taking into consideration its driving environment, its suitability for autonomous driving and its usability, as well as experts and business partners’ advice.

<Car-to-car and car-to-road exchanges of traffic information through sensors on the road and high-speed communication networks>
The “High-end Cooperative Automated Driving Pilot Site” is made of roads with built-in sensors and high-speed communication networks to allow real time car-to-infrastructure and car-to-car exchanges of traffic information. In case of sudden danger, such as a pedestrian in the car’s blind spot, a car driving on the wrong side of the road or a vehicle that suddenly stops, the sensors installed on the car and the road will detect the danger and exchange information with the cars around them in real time through the high speed communication network.

With the V2X (Vehicle to Everything) technology, these “Connected cars” will be able to mutually connect with their environment through the wireless network wherever they may be, just like smartphones. Indeed, these sensors will be the key to overcome the limits of autonomous driving and create a safer urban driving environment.

<The world’s first testbed to assess all vehicle communication networks used today, including 5G>
Cooperative Automated Driving, in particular, requires a fast and stable communication network as it needs precise real-time exchanges of information. To test all existing vehicle communication networks, Seoul City is establishing a vehicle network convergence infrastructure which includes 5G; C-V2X, a communication network that can connect with all cars; and Wave, a wireless communication network.

<Pilot test and commercialization test of the “Automated Bus” that will circulate in Sangam DMC by mid-2019>
With such Cooperative Automated Driving infrastructure, Seoul City will start operating an “Automated Bus” from the end of 2019 at the earliest. Starting with Digital Media City Station (Line 6), the bus will circulate around DMC’s major spots two to three times a day, free of charge.
If the tests on this pilot bus are successful, Seoul City plans on commercializing it through projects such as “One-touch Bus” to reach more isolated regions.

World’s First Cooperative Automated Driving Testbed with 5G Convergence

Unleashing the Upgraded Version of “Discover Seoul Pass”

Enjoying the benefits of “Discover Seoul Pass” with one single card – a special pass for foreign tourists. As this pass grew in popularity and 25,000 cards were sold barely two years after the card was first released, Seoul City has partnered up with Seoul Tourism Organization to unleash a new card on May 5th (Wed) with upgraded services and functions. The goal is to firmly establish this pass as a must-have tourism product in Seoul.

Discover Seoul Pass is a tourist pass that Seoul City introduced in July 2016 specially for foreign tourists. This card does not only allow free admission to Seoul’s popular tourist attractions, but tourists may also enjoy Seoul’s major tourist attractions in a convenient and effective manner according to their various preferences thanks to the card’s public transportation function, its shopping discounts, its pass to Korean culture experiences, and more.

The newly released Discover Seoul Pass has five main upgrades: ① Access to more tourist attractions, ② Mobile versions of the pass, ③ Strengthened transportation function, ④ Diversified pass, ⑤ More sellers and distributors.

First, the number of tourist facilities to which card holders can be admitted free of charge or with a discounted price has been increased from 32 to 66.

Second, a brand-new mobile pass has been unleashed. Tourists can now download the Discover Seoul Pass mobile application and buy a pass through it whenever they wish and wherever they may be. This is to answer the problem of the previous inconvenient system in which tourists had to firstly buy the pass, then register it on the mobile application, or buy the pass online and receive it at a pick-up location once they arrive in Korea.

Third, the transportation function has been greatly enhanced. While keeping the previous T-money function, a one-way Incheon International Airport – Seoul Railway Station (AREX) boarding pass, a one-day City Tour Bus boarding pass, and a 24-hour voucher for Seoul Bikes “Ttareungyi” have also been added.

Fourth, the pass has been diversified with a new 72-hour version added on top of the previous 24-hour and 48-hour passes. Keeping their prices, the 24-hour pass is sold at KRW 39,900 and the 48-hour pass at KRW 55,000, while the 72-hour pass can be bought at KRW 70,000. The prices are the same for the mobile version of the pass.

Fifth, there are now 50 online and offline distributors, compared to the previous 37.

Meanwhile, after analyzing the routes of pass users through big data, it was revealed that most foreign tourists using the 24-hour Seoul Pass start by visiting Gyeongbokgung Palace and visit Namsan Seoul Tower in the evening to end their day while enjoying the city’s night view.

For more information on where to use, how to use, and how to buy the pass, please visit https://www.discoverseoulpass.com.

Unleashing the Upgraded Version of “Discover Seoul Pass”
Discover Seoul Pass
Discover Seoul Pass Discover Seoul Pass

– Seoul Tour Free Pass –Discover Seoul Pass

Seoul City and Seoul Tourism Organization are distributing a Discover Seoul Pass which offers free admission or discounts to Seoul’s most popular historical, cultural, and entertainment sites for the convenience of Free Independent Travelers.


  • ○ Name: Discover Seoul Pass
  • ○ Types: 24-hour pass (KRW 39,900), 48-hour pass (KRW 55,000), 72-hour pass (KRW 70,000)
  • ○ Content
    • – More tourist attractions, a new 72-hour Discover Seoul Pass and three mobile passes (24h, 48h, 72h)
      • · No need to visit a pick-up point. With the mobile pass, buy your pass whenever you wish and wherever you may be.
      • · More tourist attractions (Free Admission to 21 places → 36 places, Discounts in 13 places → 30 places)
    • – Free admission to the 36 attractions foreign tourists prefer in Seoul
      • · You may use your pass during 24/48/72 hours after your first visit to a tourist attraction
      • · You may check remaining time in real-time through the application
    • – Discounts on 30 facilities including concert halls, tourist attractions, duty free shops (*No time limit)
      • · Immediate discount by simply presenting the DSP at a ticket office or at the counter.
    • – Transportation function
      • · You may use this card as a transportation card thanks to its T-money function after topping it up
      • · Gwanghwamun, Dongdaemun City Tour Bus one-day free boarding pass (Use within the time limit)
      • · One-time, one-way Airport Railroad (AREX) direct train boarding pass (One pass regardless of the time limit)
      • · Seoul Bikes “Ttaereungyi” 24-hour voucher (One voucher regardless of the time limit)
    • – You may check You may check remaining time and a list of the tourist attractions through the mobile application.
      • · Application available in Korean, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese and English
      • · You may check the location of the attractions and other related information through the mobile application. Other tourist attractions are also suggested depending on your location.

※ For more information, please visit https://www.discoverseoulpass.com

Seoul Museum of History Holding ‘The 8th Bukchon Music Concert’ at Baek In-je House

The Seoul Museum of History will host a music concert with the subtitle of <Touched> at the modern hanok ‘Baek In-je House’ with 100 years of history, located in Bukchon, Gahoe-dong, Jongno-gu, from 5pm on May 12, 2018. The stage will be prepared at a sophisticated traditional hanok, and some of the best musicians actively performing around the world will play at a touching concert.

Professor Seo Hye-yeon, who has worked as a world opera singer of Korea, took position as the producer and music director of the program and plans to present the audience with sophisticated music from Korean traditional music to western classical music. It is anticipated to be a special and touching music festival where the audience could interact with some of the best musicians from Korea at a close distance in the midst of a beautiful atmosphere of a traditional house.

‘Bukchon Music Concert,’ which started its first concert in May 2016, will stage a total of four concerts in spring and fall of 2018. The concerts will be held on Saturdays at 5pm, on May 12 (8th), June 9 (9th), September 8 (10th), and October 13 (11th).

For the first concert of this year on May 12 (Sat), Hornist Kim Hong-park, Clarinetist Cho Sung-ho, pianist Kim Jae-won, Pansori diva Kim Tae-hee, and drum player Jo Yong-bok will play music at the concert subtitled <Touched>. Following this concert, pianist Ilya Rashkovskiy, soprano Son Ji-hye, violinist Baek Ju-young, and pianist Kang Ji-hyeon will give a passionate performance at the June concert, <Subtitle: Passion>.

Details of Bukchon Music Concerts in May and June can be found on the website of Seoul Museum of History (www.museum.seoul.kr) and Seoul Metropolitan Government (www.seoul.go.kr). Admission tickets can be reserved online or bought on site after 4pm on a First come, first serve basis on the day of the concert.

‘Baek In-je House,’ the location of Bukchon Music Concerts, was owned by Han Sang-ryong who was a banker during the Japanese colonial period. The owner of the house has changed numerous times since its first construction. Seoul City bought the house in 2009 from a descendent of Baek In-je, founder of Inje University Paik Hospital, refurnished the house as a historical house museum and has opened the site to the public since November 2015. A modern hanok representing Bukchon, ‘Baek In-je House’ offers a glimpse into the hanok culture of Bukchon, phases of the Japanese Colonial Period, and the lives of the high-class citizens of Seoul.

Admission to ‘Baek In-je House’ is free of charge. Operation hours is from 9am to 6pm, closing every Monday (16, Bukchon-ro 7-gil).

The 8th Bukchon Music Concert at Baek In-je House

(May 12, 2018 (Sat), 5pm, Main Building Garden)

□ Program

  • ○ Concert Subtitle: Touched
    – To present a touching sentiment filled with flowery scent of spring, along with elegant melodies
  • ○ Content: Horn, piano, clarinet, pansori
  • ○ Duration: 90 minutes (17:00-18:30)
  • ○ Host: Professor Seo Hye-yeon (Vocal Music Department, Seoul National University)
    The 8th Bukchon Music Concert at Baek In-je House
    Order Composer / Name of piece Performers
    1 F. Schubert
    Moment Musical No.3 /  Impromptu D.935 No.3
    Kim Jae-won, piano
    2 E. Grieg
    -Lyric Pieces op.12 no.1, Arietta/ no.6 Norwegian
    -Lyric Pieces op.54 no.3, March of Trolls
    -Lyric Pieces op.65 no.6, Wedding day at Troldhaugen
    Kim Jae-won, piano
    3 Gliere / Four pieces for horn and piano, Op.35
    Romance / Valse triste/ Nocturne/ Intermezzo
    Kim Hong-park, horn
    Kim Jae-won, piano
    4 R. Schumann – Drei romanzen, Op.94
    Schumann, Three Romances, Op.94
    Nicht schnell/ Einfach, innig/  Nicht schnell
    Kim Hong-park, horn
    Kim Jae-won, piano

    Béla Kovács

    • Hommage a Manuel de Falla
    Cho Sung-ho, clarinet

    R. Schumann

    • Fantasiestucke for Clarinet and Piano, Op.73
    Cho Sung-ho, clarinet
    Kim Jae-won, piano
    7 J. Brahms
    – Scherzo in c minor from F. A. E Sonata (Clarinet version)
    Cho Sung-ho, clarinet
    Kim Jae-won, piano

    ‘Ssukdaemeori (disheveled hair),’ from Pansori Chunhyangga
    ‘When The Blind Shim opens his eyes,’ from Pansori Simcheongga

    Kim Tae-hee, Pansori
    Jo Yong-bok, drum

※ Performers, pieces and orders of performance may change depending on circumstances.
※ The event may be canceled in case of rain.

The 9th Bukchon Music Concert at Baek In-je House

(June 9, 2018 (Sat), 5pm, Main Building Garden)

□ Program

  • ○ Concert Subtitle: Passion
    – Presenting melodies of powerful healing and passion, like that of the burning sun
  • ○ Content: Fantasie for Violin and Piano, Korean songs, Lieds
  • ○ Duration: 90 minutes (17:00-19:30, hosting and performance)
  • ○ Host: Professor Seo Hye-yeon (Vocal Music Department, Seoul National University)
    The 8th Bukchon Music Concert at Baek In-je House
    Order Composer / Name of piece Performers
    1 C. Debussy / Estampes for Piano llya Rashkovskiy,
    solo piano
    2 Paganini-Liszt / La Campanella for Piano  llya Rashkovskiy,
    solo piano
    3 F.Schubert-Fantasie for Violin and Piano in C Major, D934 Baek Ju-young, violin
    llya Rashkovskiy, piano
    4 C. Saint-Saens / Introduction and Rondo
    Capriccioso for Violin and Piano
    Baek Ju-young, violin
    llya Rashkovskiy, piano
    5 P. de Sarasate /Zigeunerweisen for Violin and Piano Baek Ju-young, violin
    llya Rashkovskiy, piano

    V. Bellini / Sei Ariette

    Son Ji-hye, soprano
    Kang Ji-hyeon, piano
    7 Kim Seong-tae / Dongsimcho Son Ji-hye, soprano
    Kang Ji-hyeon, piano

    Lee Young-jo / Arirang

    Son Ji-hye, soprano
    Kang Ji-hyeon, piano

※ Performers, pieces and orders of performance may change depending on circumstances.
※ The event may be canceled in case of rain.

Photo Records from Concerts in 2017

□ The 4th Bukchon Music Concert at Baek In-je House <Eoullim> (May 27)

Solo Gayageum Solo Voice
Solo Gayageum Solo Voice
□ The 5th Bukchon Music Concert at Baek In-je House <Yearning> (June 24)

Solo Daegeum String Quartet
Solo Daegeum String Quartet

Baek In-je House Photo Records

Baek In-je House Photo Records
Main Building Garden (performance location) View of Main Building Garden
Main Building Garden (performance location) View of Main Building Garden

Free “e-sports Tour” for Foreign Fans

With e-sports creating a new Korean wave, Seoul City launches a brand-new tourism product: The e-Sports Tour Program.

Participants will have the opportunity to visit Korea’s largest e-sports standing stadium at the S-Plex Center in Sangam-dong (31, Maebongsan-ro, Mapo-gu) with its Hall of Fame featuring the history of Korean e-sports and its most popular professional gamers, and also attend an actual game within its walls.

This program will give a free opportunity to 15 foreign tourists per month from May to December, with an English interpreter on the tour to help with communication.

Applications are accepted on Seoul City’s Hallyu Tourism official website (http://hallyu.visitseoul.net). The final invitees will be selected by taking in account the period of their visit to Seoul, the purpose of their visit, and their motivations to participate in this program.

Main Content:
○ Excursion to Korea’s largest e-sports standing stadium (20 minutes)
○ Visit of the e-sports Hall of Fame (Expected to officially open in June 2018) (20 minutes)
○ Attend a popular e-sports game – “Battlegrounds” game (120 minutes, ※Until the end of the game)
Transportation: (Neighboring Subway Station) Exit 2, Digital Media City Station, Line 6.

e-sports arena (SURVIVAL ARENA where a popular game ‘Battlegrounds’ is played)
e-sports arena (SURVIVAL ARENA where a popular game ‘Battlegrounds’ is played)

e-sports Hall of Fame (Expected to officially open in June 2018)
e-sports Hall of Fame (Expected to officially open in June 2018)

Seoul City Offering Incubation Office for Foreign Residents Looking to Start a Business

Seoul City Offering Incubation Office for Foreign Residents Looking to Start a Business

Seoul Global Center is looking for foreign businessmen and women (or startups) who are looking to start a business or who have been managing one for a year at most to join their incubation office for the second part of the year.

※ Since 2010, the Incubation Office is a project that supports foreign startup founders based in Seoul who are either planning on starting a business or who have been managing one for less than a year to build entrepreneurship and the basis for stable business activities.

While currently a total of 16 teams (13 teams in the Seoul Global Center, 3 teams in the Gangnam Global Business Center) have entered the office, by the end of the first half of 2018, a total of 160 teams will have had the opportunity to use the Incubation Office.

Seoul Global Center Incubation Office selects occupants twice a year (once for each half of year) for a period of six months. The selected occupants (startups) are provided with various support programs such as business coaching, 1:1 mentoring per field, and other special lectures, and may be offered one-time extension of six months in the office after a five month-long evaluation.

The Seoul Global Center will receive applications until June 4th, 2018. After a first document screening process, the occupants (startups) for the second part of the year will be selected through an interview. The selected teams will be able to use the Incubation Office for a period of six months starting July 1st, 2018, and may be offered a one-time extension of 6 months after an extension evaluation.

Apart from offering support with its Incubation Office, the Seoul Global Center also provides basic business consultations and expert consultations on taxation, legal affairs, FDI, laws, customs and intellectual property rights related to startup procedures and preparations. Additionally, it runs networking events such as entrepreneurship training and Biz Fairs to enhance the percentage of foreign entrepreneurs in Korea and improve their business competitiveness.

Seoul Global Center Website: global.seoul.go.kr
E-mail: clare33@sba.kr
Contact: +82-2-2075-4112

Seoul City Offering Incubation Office for Foreign Residents Looking to Start a Business

Enjoy a Variety of Traditional Korean Cultural Programs at Seoul Global Cultural Center

In May, also known as Family Month in Korea, the Seoul Global Cultural Center (operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government) provides a variety of cultural programs so that multicultural families can have a good time together.

The Seoul Global Cultural Center, located in Myeong-dong (a popular tourist destination especially with foreigners), provides a wide range of Korean cultural programs and living information for foreigners living in Korea.

Participants can make carnations using traditional Korean paper, called hanji, and express their thanks to their parents and teachers by giving hand-made paper flowers on Parents’ Day and Teachers’ Day.

In addition, the Seoul Global Cultural Center provides a variety of programs such as Mother-of-pearl Craft for Kids, Hangeul Calligraphy, Tuho Game (arrow-throwing), Sending Post Card to Your Country, and other crafts, so that multicultural families and foreigners living Korea can have a great time together.

Seoul Global Cultural Center’s Family Month (May) Events & Registration

Seoul City Opens ‘Deoksugung Fair Shop’ Weekly from Thursday to Saturday
Program Date Description
Hanji craft – Carnation making May 4 (Friday)
11am ~ 12:30pm
Making carnations using traditional Korean paper hanji
Mother-of-pearl Craft May 5 (Saturday)
11am ~ 1pm
Traditional mother-of-pearl craft class for kids
Hanbok paper bag May 8 (Tuesday)
2pm ~ 3pm
Hangeul calligraphy – Making hanbok paper bag
Triangular box making May 9 (Wednesday)
2pm ~ 3:30pm
Traditional hanji craft – Making triangular box
Fan painting May 10 (Thursday)
2pm ~ 3:30pm
Korean folk painting on fan

※ How to register for a program: Visit the Seoul Global Cultural Center or its website to register for a program.

  • ○ Business hours: 10am – 7pm every day (Closed for Lunar New Year’s Day and Chuseok)
  • ○ Contact: +82-02-3789-7961
  • ○ Address: 5F, M-Plaza, Myeong-dong 8-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • ○ Website: www.seoulculturalcenter.com

Programs of Seoul Global Cultural Center

Programs of Seoul Global Cultural Center
Hanji craft - Carnation making Hanji craft - Carnation making
Hanji craft – Carnation making
Mother-of-pearl craft for kids Mother-of-pearl craft for kids
Mother-of-pearl craft for kids
Hangeul calligraphy - Hanbok paper bag Trying hanbok
Hangeul calligraphy – Hanbok paper bag Trying hanbok