Seoul through the omniscient view of a drone

This video has been filmed with permission from the Ministry of National Defense and other relevant institutions.

Seoul City X Fly Dream

Seoul City Hopes for Successful Hosting of 2018 Inter-Korean Summit

2018 Inter-Korean Summit:
An encounter in 11 years with no interpretation necessary

We wish for both sides to convey their sincerity

Seoul City hopes for the successful hosting of
2018 Inter-Korean Summit

Flower map in the shape of the Korean peninsula in Seoul Plaza

Wishing for a successful Inter-Korean Summit to be held on April 27, 2018, the Seoul City has formed a flower map in the shape of the Korean peninsula.
Watch how the flowerbed map was created in a time-lapse video footage.

Period: Until April 27th
Location: Seoul Plaza
Public transportation: Exit 5 of City Hall Station on Subway Lines 1 and 2

Seoul – Financial Hub in Northeast Asia

Seoul City Awarded Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize

Our New Journey

I can’t take this anymore
Our 7-year-long relationship is now over
For the past 7 years,
We’ve been through many good times and hard times
We were so young and in love
But now,
we are standing at the crossroads
I told you it was too small
I can wear it!
Please tighten it more!
I can’t take this anymore

Will you marry me?
We are getting married

< 50+ Campus>
< Culture Depot Base>
There will be ups and downs in our future,
but we will be next to each other, right?
< Seoullo 7017>
You and me together,
there is nothing we can’t do!
Oops, wrong place!
In the city of Seoul, where we first met,
our new journey of life is about to begin!
New places open in 2018 @ Seoul
Check out at
Seoullo 7017, Culture Depot Base, Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway, Seoul Battleship Park, Seoul’s Antitank Position, Sewing History Museum, Seoul Start-up Hub, Seoul Bio Hub, Yangjae R&D Innovation Hub, Seoul Innovation Park.

Sewoon Again, 50+ Southern Campus, Seoul University of Free Citizens, Gyeongchun Line Forest, Seoul Science Center, Seoul Upcycling Plaza, Seoul Sewerage Science Museum, Seoul Botanical Garden, Ichon Hangang Ecological Park, Modu School

PR video of sports facilities in Seoul

This is the Seoul Olympic Boxing Stadium,
where Kim from South Korea is determined to win the gold medal.
And just while I say this, the referee has raised Kim’s hand, granting him the gold medal!

Do you remember the emotivity of the Olympics?

“Mom, where are my soccer shoes?”
“So, are you going to the World DJ Festival or not?”
“Gosh, where did I put my swimwear bag?”
“Hurry hurry, we’ll be late!”
“We won’t be late, don’t worry.”

And that’s how the story of our family begins.
Seoul Sports Facilities Management Center

Every Saturday morning,
my family is divided into two teams.

My grandfather, who still vividly remembers the emotivity of the Olympics,
sometimes goes to the Seoul Olympic Exhibition Hall in Jamsil to remember old memories.

Then, he plays golf with friends at Park Golf Course.

My grandmother, who is a versatile sportswoman,
has been going to the sports complex for over 10 years.

She exercises, plays golf, table-tennis,
and now she is into swimming.

I, well, thanks to such grandparents,
have played baseball and basketball since I was a child, learned survival swimming,
and nowadays I enjoy playing futsal with my friends.

You are asking what happened to family members who went to Mokdong, aren’t you?
My father probably dropped off my mom and sister at Mokdong Indoor Ice Rink and went to the Sinwol Baseball Park.

My mother, under the purpose of raising my sister as another Kim Yuna,
has been practicing figure skating with my sister since she was a child.
However, from my point of view, my mother seems to be more talented at it.

My sister though, has a different talent.

Cheering up handsome athletes
Watching her favorite celebrity performances
And going to festivals with friends

My father says that, thanks to my athletic grandfather,
he went to the ballpark since the first season of the Korean baseball league.
He says that he even met my mother at the baseball park.

Nowadays, he is actively engaged in…
… a community baseball team.

Today the team my family supports is playing at home,
so we met again at the Sports Complex.

This place is not only good for taking a walk with the family,
but also has beautiful flowers in spring, and picturesque tints in autumn.

Also, due to its affordable parking space, we sometimes park the car here and then walk to the Hangang Park.

As you can see, my family’s weekends are so healthy.

We support the healthy life of citizens.
Seoul Sports Facilities Management Center

City Promotional Film: “Seoul Has It All” Starring Steve McCurry

Music Video of Jannine Weigel Filmed in Seoul

00:07 Mr. Kim: So, how do you like this place in Seoul?

00:10 Jannine Weigel: I think Seoul has many different amazing places that I did not know of before, and it has variety of cool places, for example,

00:22 the Yeouido Underground Bunker that we went to yesterday and also the Seoul Battleship Park is really really cool.

00:27 I have never seen like the battleship this near before. So yeah, I am really glad to be here.

00:33 Mr. Kim: Sounds great great. Recommend your friend also to be here when they visit Seoul, right?

00:38 Jannine Weigel: I would definitely recommend either for my friends to go to the bunker or the Battleship Park

00:48 because I think other than the beauty of that, they are also great places to take pictures and stuff. So Yeah.

00:55 Thank you very much for welcoming me. And I really enjoyed my trip here. And I hope that I can come back to Seoul very soon. I•SEOUL•U~!

Getting Ready for a Party! Wanna Join?

Hello, I am Ulrike and I am from Germany.
And today, I will challenge wedding dresses and
I will also challenge dresses for the award ceremony.

Hello. Hello.
Please tell me if you find something you want to try.
This one? Do you like voluminous dress?
I see.
Try this one and
Would you like to try this slim one as well??
Because it could be different if you actually wear it.
This one has sleeves,
and this one is shining.
This is really pretty.
Do you want to try this one?
Wow, like a real bride. So pretty.
You look more like princess with voluminous dress.
These shining beads look great on you as well.
I really like this. Like Cinderella?
Oh, this is so elegant.
Actually I think I like this better than the other one.
Even though I wanted to have a Cinderella dress,
this is kind of more elegant.
This is more comfortable. It’s free.

And what are these dresses?
Oh, those dresses are what celebrities wear.
Please come here.
So cool.
IU wore this dress before.
Yes. Do you like pink?
Yeah, I really like pink.
KARA wore this dress as well.
KARA, too?
Oh my God, I can’t believe both of them wore this.

I think I prefer the pink one that IU wore.
Because it was so pretty and short.
You can dance in it, and it’s just blow in the wind.
It was perfect. I really liked it.
You became IU today because you are wearing that dress.
It’s so different.
More like grown up I think than the pink one.
Because the pink one was younger feeling,
and this is more like grown up.

We challenged on dresses through Seoul Challengers,
and how do you feel?
I really liked it. It’s such a special experience
because I’ve never been in this kind of store.
So it’s really amazing to try all these beautiful dresses
because you only wear those dresses in special events, right?
And now I had opportunity to wear them.
Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Q. What was the most memorable challenge out of the 5 challenges?
I think you can really call them challenges
because for example, the photo shoot, that wasn’t easy at all.
But overall, I really liked it. It was a great experience
and really something completely new.
I am so happy that I could wear these high-end fashion clothes.
It was so cool.

Q. How do you feel about completing the 5 challenges?
I would really want to visit Korea again.
Because I really like it here.
Especially Seoul, Seoul is one of my favorite big cities.
I really love it here, just like everything,
the atmosphere, culture, foods…
and especially or actually, I also want to live here
because I like here so much.

The next Seoul Challengers is you!

Come to Hongdae at 10:30PM!

Hello. I’m Collin from the United States.
Today, I came to look at street culture in Hongdae,
as well as go to a noraebang.
So I hope you guys can enjoy my singing.
Seoul Challenge is go!

Wow! How did I get that score??
So I just really enjoy myself doing that, and with noraebang,
But it’s 10:30pm in Seoul right now
and people are outside.
There are a lot of people actually.
And people are enjoying themselves and
it’s really nice because you don’t have to worry about anything.
It’s so safe here.
And I love that so much,
so that’s why I stay up a lot longer than I would back at home.

Q. What was the most memorable challenge out of the 5 challenges?
So my favorite one out of the 5 Seoul challenges that I did
was the dancing challenge.
I love dancing so much,
so just being able to learn some choreography from the person who actually made it
was really enjoyable for me and it was such a great honor for me to partake in that challenge.
So it was really nice.
I didn’t know how to make makgeolli,
so I’m really excited because I personally like makgeolli so I was really happy to make it.
With sports, I learned that I can’t really play sports at all.
I’m really bad.
So I’m going to challenge myself more to work hard and learn sports.

Q. How do you feel about completing the 5 challenges?
So I really enjoyed doing these challenges,
as it made me learn something new.
This was such a great experience, and like myself,
you can also participate in these Seoul Challenges.

The next Seoul Challengers is you!

I’d Like to Have Food Delivered to the Hangang River!

Hello, everyone. I’m Deng jing from China.
I’m at Hangang River, one of the most scenic places in Seoul.
Today, I’m going to order delivery food at Hangang.
It’s going to be awesome to eat delivery food
while admiring the beautiful view of Hangang River.
Today I have a friend with me to enjoy delivery food.

This is my friend Jeongwon Lee.
Say hello to the viewers.
Hello. Hello.
We are going to order chicken and pizza.
Jeongwon, can you order the food?
Hello. We’re at Ttukseom Island now. Do you deliver here? Great!
One pizza and one chicken, please.
Thank you.

Did you order?
When is the food coming? How long do we have to wait?
They’re going to deliver to Exit 3 of Ttukseom Resort Station.
It’ll take around 30 minutes.
30 minutes?
Awesome. Let’s wait.

My face is bigger.

I’m so hungry. When’s the food coming?
Me too. I haven’t eaten anything.
Me too. We’re waiting.
Isn’t that the delivery man?
Hello? Great. Thank you!

Thank you.
Bon appetit!
Thank you.
Thank you.

At last! I’m so excited.
I think we ordered too much.
This is a lot!
My favorite!

So refreshing!
Let’s eat!
Bon appetit!
Let’s do this!
Sis, do you like the leg?
I love the leg.
I prefer the breast meat.
You do?
We’re perfect for each other!
Look how quiet we’ve become since the food arrived.
I know.

Want some pizza?
Yes, please!
Wow, that looks spicy.
It’s not that spicy.
You’re right.
Wow, this is quite good.
I know.
Let’s toast with the pizza.
Don’t forget the beer.
The beer is so refreshing and tasty.
I agree.
This is the best.

Let’s come again next time!
Sure thing.

Back at home, there are no rivers.
So eating chicken and drinking beer by a beautiful riverside was quite a treat for me.
I love the fact that in Seoul, you can enjoy the great view of the river while eating delicious chicken and beer.
I feel great.

Q. What was the most memorable challenge out of the 5 challenges?
Out of the five challenges,
I enjoyed eating chicken and beer while chatting with my friend the most.
It was so much fun.
If you ever visit Seoul,
experience as many things as possible.
Seoul has so many delicious restaurants and fun activities available.
You won’t regret visiting.

Q. How do you feel about completing the 5 challenges?
The five challenges experience was awesome.
I encourage you all to visit Seoul and
try out for the Seoul Challengers event.

The next Seoul Challengers is you!