Seoul to Go | Ep.2 | Gimjang Culture Festival, Yongsan Park Gallery and More!

Hello everyone~! I’m Angelina. This is the second episode of Seoul to Go. We have a lot of interesting news to share so stay tuned! Now let’s get started with our first piece of news!
In October, the Yongsan military base in Seoul, a place where people were not allowed to enter for 114 years, has opened its gates to the public.

‘Gimjang,’ a word for ‘Gimchi-making’ is something Koreans must do in the winter season. At Seoul square, a special event was held where a lot of people gathered to make gimchi and list their names in the Guinness Book of World Records.

This is all I have for today.
The year 2018 is already nearing it end. I hope you all nicely wrap up the year spending some great time with your family and loved ones. Before we go, let’s shout out altogether~

On Nov. 30, the Seoul Metropolitan government opened the Yongsan Park Gallery at the former USO building at Camp Kim, part of U.S Army Garrison Yongsan.

This marks the first time opening a building within the U.S. army base to the public, as the military base’s gates have been closed shut to ordinary people for 114 years.

The building has great historic value as it was used as a warehouse for Japanese military during the Japanese colonial period, and was the United Services Organization facility since the Korean War.

Seoul city is planning to run the new gallery along with a bus tour program where people could tour around the U.S. Army base.

At the exhibition hall, some 60 historic photos and maps of Yongsan Garrison were on display, and there was a new space for the community radio project Yongsan FM.

Seoul city hopes the gallery would become a place where people could learn the significance of Yongsan Garrison, and how it relates to Korean society and modern Korea.

Some 3,500 people came to take part in this year’s Kimchi-making, or Kimjang event which was held at the Seoul Square at the largest in scale.

The winter event was aimed at promoting the Korean traditional food Gimchi as well as the value it carries through experiencing the Kimjang culture.

The reason why more citizens took place in this year’s event is to break the previous Guiness world record for the largest gathering of people to make Kimchi.

The largest crowd in the event recorded 2,635 in 2013. And after 5 years, people gathered once more to break that record.

And almost 3,500 came, setting a new world record.

People of all ages and also a lot of foreigners came to learn the Kimjang culture through various hands-on experience.

Especially at times where more and more people live alone and the gimjang culture is naturally disappearing with the changing life style, the event was meaningful in a way to preserve our Kimjang culture.

Seoul city hopes the Kimjang culture festival would continuously play a role in preserving the Korean traditional food culture as well as its values.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has submitted to the city council a record 35.7 trillion won budget proposal for next year. It marks a 4 trillion won increase from this year’s spending. The city government is planning to allocate some 11 trillion won to fund Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon’s welfare initiatives such as providing free lunches at high schools. The plan also calls for spending 1.8 trillion won to create around 370-thousand jobs in the capital.


Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon says the city government will offer from next year a free childcare program for all preschoolers. Private preschools can cost up to 83-thousand won more than public facilities. Mayor Park said that starting next year, the city will provide the additional money parents need to pay for the private facilities and also expand childcare services to lessen the burden on first-time parents.


The Seoul Metropolitan Government will expand its free eco-friendly meal program to all elementary, middle and high schools by 2021.
Currently, they are served at public elementary and middle schools and will expand to state-run and private elementary schools, all high schools and international middle schools in the capital from next year. Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon said the city will spend about 700 billion won on school meals every year.


Early in November, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has cracked down on shop owners, big businesses, such as distribution centers, department stores, who provide free plastic shopping bags to customers as part of efforts to reduce environmental pollution. Violators will face fines of up to 3 million won.


Seoul city has brightened Yanghwa bridge with light displays in 8 years after replacing its old lighting system. The bridge light has been turned off since 2011 in line with the city’s energy conservation plan. Lights will be on from sunset till 11 p.m.

Seoul to Go | Ep.1 | I·Seoul·U Festival, Seoul Bike Ttaerungi, and more!

ST 1. Opening
Angelina / Hello My name is Angelina, your host for our new program “Seoul To Go.”

Now you guys and I will have a fun time peeking into what’s happening in Seoul. From the headline news to little life hacks for our expats living in Seoul, we’ve got a lot of stories to bring in today so be ready, I’m sure you will like it.

If you guys are ready open the gate to our first episode of “Seoul to go,” let’s get started!

VCR 1. Interview with mayor Park

Reporter: Angelina

Q. Seoul city has launched a new news program in English called Seoul To Go, we wanna ask you to say a little welcoming message for us.
A. I’m very happy to start English news show.
Q. Oct. 28 marks the 3rd anniversary of I SEOUL U. Do you have any message for foreigners living in Seoul?
A. Actually this is the badge of “I Seoul U.” And it has launched three years ago. And especially I would like to point out the very different process from other brand of the cities. Around 300,000 citizens, Seoul citizens, and foreign citizens together voted. They selected this one. I really want to be remembered as the mayor who go beyond national boundaries. So I would like to cooperate and bring about change and collaborate with other cities in the world.

Thank you so much.

ST 2. Bridge

Angelina / Next coming up, is our reporter out at the Seoul Square who has been waiting all day long to show you what’s happening there! Let’s take a look!!

VCR 2. I Seoul You

Reporter: Minyoung /Hello everyone! I’m here at the Seoul Square where the iseoulu festival is being held.
This event marks the 3rd anniversary of the founding of the ISEOULU city brand. There are a lot of visual treats prepared by Seoul city for local visitors and foreigners to enjoy, so come with me and let’s go check this place out.

/ Today’s ISEOULU festival is being held under the theme “health and energy” and provides a wide variety of hands on experience for citizens.

/ I think it’s good to live here. It’s easy, you have convenient stores everywhere you find restaurants, people are friendly and yes, I think I could live here.
/ I SEOUL U, I love Seoul!

ST 3. Bridge

Our last story will be about a little friend that will give you a lot of help moving around in Seoul. Our reporter had spent some great time with him. Let’s see who the little guy is!!

VCR 3. My friend “Ttareungi”

Reporter: Minyoung /DARARA~ Say hi to my friend ttareungi!
I’m going to show you how to use and how to rent ttareungi.
So to used the ttareungi service the first thing you have to do is download the ttareungi app on your mobile phone.
/ The first step is to download the ttareungi app in your mobile phone.
Then you have to create an id and password. but you can also use the app through non-member services.
Next, search for the rental station within the app by inserting the station’s given number or name.
complete payment through your credit card or mobile payment service.
It costs 2000 won for 2 hours use, and it charges 200 won per 5 minutes after that.
you will get an 8 digit number if it’s all done.
/Okay so it’s all done in my mobile phone. I made my payments I got the rental number so I’m gonna show you how to use the ttareungi service on the ttareungi program, so let’s give it a try.

/Select a bicycle and turn on the device attached to the bike. then insert the number you received.

/Okay so it’s all done so I’m going to pull off the lock from the bicycle. It’s all done. The bike is yours so enjoy your time.

/ So did you enjoy spending time with my friend ttareungi? He’s quite easy to get close to right? I hope you make the most of what Seoul city has to offer and I will get back to you in our later episode and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Bye!

ST 4. Closing

Angelina / This is all I have for you today guys. Was it fun? I hope you had a lot of fun with me.
If you did, please continue to stay with me during this “Seoul to go” trip all the way around the city.
So I will be back with more interesting contents next time and now we’ll have to say goodbye.
Shall we shout out together as we go? “Seoul to GO~ GO~ GO~~~ Bye guys~! (WAVE HANDS)

2018 Mickey in Seoul


미키야, 안녕?
생일 축하해!!



#11월, 서울[SEOUL]에서 만나요
자세한 사항은 아이서울유와 디즈니 공식 SNS에서 확인하세요

I・SEOUL・U와 미키가 꿈과 희망을 전합니다

본 캠페인은 서울특별시와 월트디즈니코리아가 함께 합니다


Hello, Mickey!
Happy birthday!!
Thank you

2018 Mickey in Seoul


#November, See you in SEOUL
For details, please check the official I・SEOUL・U and Disney Social Networking Services (SNS)

I・SEOUL・U and Mickey brings you hopes and dreams

I・2018 Mickey in Seoul・U
This campaign is brought to you by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Walt Disney Company Korea.

Seoul International Fireworks Festival

Come celebrate the Hanwha Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2018

Held only once a year, this truly exclusive event

Draws over a million visitors

and remains the representative festival of Korea

Lighting up the skies along the Han River

With endless streams of colour

It’s spectacle that dazzles us and unites us

where we all become one

See you there on ontober 6th at Yeouido’s Han River Park

Don’t miss out on thhe excitement

Handmade Shoemaster & U-Know Yunho

Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you as well. My name is U-Know Yunho.
Wow, I’ve seen this place a lot on blogs.
Seongsu-dong is known for the Handmade Shoes Street.
I was excited to hear
this place will become the main street
Shoes have special meaning for men, right?
Yes, they do.
What was your first impression of me?
Your face is much smaller than I thought.
I was trying to come up with
the type of the boots for you.
Never thought I’d meet U-Know Yunho
working in my profession.
Can this be done?
Studs for decoration.
[Discussing design ideas with shoemaster]
I was thinking
perhaps black suede for the boots.
Since they’re boots, you know around the ankle
they have 6 inches
like space around the ankle

[U-Know Yunho prepared design in detail]
The inner diameter,
could be about 24 to 24.5 centimeters
How about adding zippers
making it unique
You are the expert.
[Taking measurements]
I will make a great pair of shoes for you.
We’re also from the same part of the country.
It’s really great meeting you.

Hello, Seongsu-dong handmade shoe lovers.
It’s U-Know Yunho of TVXQ.
It’s a great honor to meet with the
handmade shoemaster in Seongsu-dong
and take part in making a pair of handmade shoes.
I’m grateful to be a part of the
design process and excited for
U-Know Yunho handmade shoes.
Most of all, these shoes mean a lot to me,
knowing that these will be auctioned off
and the proceeds will help making special shoes for
people with developmental disabilities.
Pride of handmade shoes in Korea.
Please continuously show your love and interest
for Seongsu-dong handmade shoes.
This was U-Know Yunho of TVXQ.
Thank you.

Good luck to Seongsu-dong handmade shoes!

Seoul International Fireworks Festival

Only one day of the year!

Magnificent spectacle happens in the Hangan park again


Fill the Hangang park with entertainment and enjoyment by day

Embroider the sky with a hundred thousand fireworks by night

Very special moment with dear family, lovers, and friends

Oct. 6th 2018 At Hangang park in Yeouido, Seoul


Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism

Experience the future of the city in Seoul

서울 도시건축 비엔날레


Total 457,736 visitors














We then ask
What is the future of the city
An extraordinaty experiment in architecture
and urbanism seeks a way to the future

서울 도시건축 비엔날레

Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism returns
September, 2019 – November, 2019

Time-lapse video of spring in Seoul

Seoul through the omniscient view of a drone

This video has been filmed with permission from the Ministry of National Defense and other relevant institutions.

Seoul City X Fly Dream

Seoul City Hopes for Successful Hosting of 2018 Inter-Korean Summit

2018 Inter-Korean Summit:
An encounter in 11 years with no interpretation necessary

We wish for both sides to convey their sincerity

Seoul City hopes for the successful hosting of
2018 Inter-Korean Summit

Flower map in the shape of the Korean peninsula in Seoul Plaza

Wishing for a successful Inter-Korean Summit to be held on April 27, 2018, the Seoul City has formed a flower map in the shape of the Korean peninsula.
Watch how the flowerbed map was created in a time-lapse video footage.

Period: Until April 27th
Location: Seoul Plaza
Public transportation: Exit 5 of City Hall Station on Subway Lines 1 and 2

Seoul – Financial Hub in Northeast Asia