Seoul Metropolitan Archives officially opens on Wednesday

After two months of test operations, the Seoul Metropolitan Archives officially opened its doors on Wednesday.
Located at Seoul Innovation Park in the northwest of the city, the archives can hold up to 1.3 million public records including the city’s records from the past century and the ones expected to be made over the next 30 years.
The archives include administrative documents, photos, and videos as well as social records like memorial ribbons and writings left at Seoul Plaza’s memorial alter after the Sewol-ho ferry disaster.
Later this year, over a hundred-thousand records stored at a site in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province since 1968 will be transferred to the Seoul Metropolitan Archives.
The archives will also hold regular exhibitions, classes and student field trips.
The basement up to the 3rd floor of the archives is open to the public, and the fourth floor will be used for the experts to restore damaged records.
Seoul Metropolitan Archives will be open from Tuesdays to Sundays except on New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s Day and Chuseok.
Lee Min-sun Arirang News.

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A Seoul’s Viewpoint: Seoullo 7017

Seoullo 7017, which has been 2 years since its opening, is a road for people (walking tourism network connected to 17 pedestrian roads) and a cultural space. If you walk along the 17 pedestrian roads of Seoullo 7017, you can easily find other places in Seoul such as Namdaemun Market and Malli-dong. Also, it is possible to experience a variety of events throughout the Seoullo 7017!

Official Hompage:

A Seoul’s Viewpoint: N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower, the symbol of Seoul, has been loved by citizens and tourists because of its height and unique structure and formation. It becomes No.1 tourist attraction in Seoul for lots of people as it is been more popular as a filming site of many TV shows and dramas!

Address: 126, Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Direction: No.02, 03, 05 Namsan Sunhwan Shuttle Bus
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A Seoul’s Viewpoint: Seodaemun Prison History Hall

Korean independence movement followers in the Japanese colonial period and democracy movement followers after liberation were executed here, so it is a symbolic place of modern Korean history.

Especially this year is 100th anniversary of March first independence movement, so many people can feel the pain from the past and the history of overcome indirectly through this video.

*Direction: Exit 5, Dongnimmun Station, Line3
*Operating hour: Everyday 09:30~18:00 (*Off on Mon)

A Seoul’s Viewpoint: Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

Yeouido Spring Flower Festival held in April is an international culture festival that has been loved by people every year. Visitors can enjoy the spring atmosphere with many flowers and Hangang view even if the festival this year is already over. Check out the beautiful scenery of day and night of festival in this video!

A Seoul’s Viewpoint: Deoksugung Palace

Deoksugung Palace is one of five royal palaces remaining in Seoul, and its old name was ‘Gyeongungung Palace.’ Visitors can see Korean and Western style buildings such as Seokjoseon at the same time. Let’s see the peaceful scenery of Deoksugung palace located at the corner of Seoul’s busiest downtown intersection.

A Seoul’s Viewpoint: Teheran-ro

Have you known that the name of this road in the video was named for celebrating sisterhood relationship of Seoul and Teheran in 1977? As a place setting close with international finance and IT buildings, Teheran-ro represents 10 Lanes crossing from east to west of Gangnam, the center of Seoul. Let’s check it out in the video!

A Seoul’s Viewpoint: Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung, the main palace in Joseon Dynasty and the center of the Joseon! It has been loved by many visitors as another historical landmark in Seoul. Check out its amazing scenery!

A Seoul’s Viewpoint: Hangang Bridges

Hangang bridges has been loved by many visitors as a night view attraction in Seoul, and also a perfect place for walk and bike riding. Let’s see how unique and attractive these are!

A Seoul’s Viewpoint: Sunset scene in Seoul

On the last day of February; this fantastic sunset view let the month finished perfectly. Let’s see how Seoul sky makes landmark in Seoul such as Namsan tower, Cheonggyecheon stream and Hangang more beautiful!

A Seoul’s Viewpoint: Snowy Scene in Geum cheon-gu

You are watching the video of snow landscape in Geum cheon-gu.

Geum cheon-gu, which is located in southwest of Seoul, is a passionate and beautiful district with 250,000 residents, and there are so many things to enjoy with events such as the cherry blossom festival in spring and the culture festival in autumn!

Seoul to Go | Ep.2 | Gimjang Culture Festival, Yongsan Park Gallery and More!

Hello everyone~! I’m Angelina. This is the second episode of Seoul to Go. We have a lot of interesting news to share so stay tuned! Now let’s get started with our first piece of news!
In October, the Yongsan military base in Seoul, a place where people were not allowed to enter for 114 years, has opened its gates to the public.

‘Gimjang,’ a word for ‘Gimchi-making’ is something Koreans must do in the winter season. At Seoul square, a special event was held where a lot of people gathered to make gimchi and list their names in the Guinness Book of World Records.

This is all I have for today.
The year 2018 is already nearing it end. I hope you all nicely wrap up the year spending some great time with your family and loved ones. Before we go, let’s shout out altogether~

On Nov. 30, the Seoul Metropolitan government opened the Yongsan Park Gallery at the former USO building at Camp Kim, part of U.S Army Garrison Yongsan.

This marks the first time opening a building within the U.S. army base to the public, as the military base’s gates have been closed shut to ordinary people for 114 years.

The building has great historic value as it was used as a warehouse for Japanese military during the Japanese colonial period, and was the United Services Organization facility since the Korean War.

Seoul city is planning to run the new gallery along with a bus tour program where people could tour around the U.S. Army base.

At the exhibition hall, some 60 historic photos and maps of Yongsan Garrison were on display, and there was a new space for the community radio project Yongsan FM.

Seoul city hopes the gallery would become a place where people could learn the significance of Yongsan Garrison, and how it relates to Korean society and modern Korea.

Some 3,500 people came to take part in this year’s Kimchi-making, or Kimjang event which was held at the Seoul Square at the largest in scale.

The winter event was aimed at promoting the Korean traditional food Gimchi as well as the value it carries through experiencing the Kimjang culture.

The reason why more citizens took place in this year’s event is to break the previous Guiness world record for the largest gathering of people to make Kimchi.

The largest crowd in the event recorded 2,635 in 2013. And after 5 years, people gathered once more to break that record.

And almost 3,500 came, setting a new world record.

People of all ages and also a lot of foreigners came to learn the Kimjang culture through various hands-on experience.

Especially at times where more and more people live alone and the gimjang culture is naturally disappearing with the changing life style, the event was meaningful in a way to preserve our Kimjang culture.

Seoul city hopes the Kimjang culture festival would continuously play a role in preserving the Korean traditional food culture as well as its values.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has submitted to the city council a record 35.7 trillion won budget proposal for next year. It marks a 4 trillion won increase from this year’s spending. The city government is planning to allocate some 11 trillion won to fund Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon’s welfare initiatives such as providing free lunches at high schools. The plan also calls for spending 1.8 trillion won to create around 370-thousand jobs in the capital.


Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon says the city government will offer from next year a free childcare program for all preschoolers. Private preschools can cost up to 83-thousand won more than public facilities. Mayor Park said that starting next year, the city will provide the additional money parents need to pay for the private facilities and also expand childcare services to lessen the burden on first-time parents.


The Seoul Metropolitan Government will expand its free eco-friendly meal program to all elementary, middle and high schools by 2021.
Currently, they are served at public elementary and middle schools and will expand to state-run and private elementary schools, all high schools and international middle schools in the capital from next year. Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon said the city will spend about 700 billion won on school meals every year.


Early in November, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has cracked down on shop owners, big businesses, such as distribution centers, department stores, who provide free plastic shopping bags to customers as part of efforts to reduce environmental pollution. Violators will face fines of up to 3 million won.


Seoul city has brightened Yanghwa bridge with light displays in 8 years after replacing its old lighting system. The bridge light has been turned off since 2011 in line with the city’s energy conservation plan. Lights will be on from sunset till 11 p.m.