Implementation of Restrictions on Tents to Reduce Waste at Hangang Park

In order to manage the cleanliness of the Hangang Park, a popular resting place for global citizens, Seoul will officially implement the “Hangang Park Cleanliness Improvement Measures.” First, the city will enforce the “Standard Bag Name System” for waste produced by businesses in Hangang Park. The Standard Bag Name System will be introduced to separate trash produced by Hangang Park’s kiosks, camping grounds, and other businesses for the efficient management of recyclables. The “Clean-Up Guidelines” will also be presented at various events held throughout Hangang Park.

With such implementations, Hangang Park will designate and operate the “Permitted Shade Canopy/Tent Sections” throughout the park. Shade canopies and tents are one of the methods for hanging out enjoyed by citizens, but it is becoming a hotbed of damaged greens and waste production.

Due to the rising concerns about inappropriate behavior in public locations, “Permitted Shade Canopy/Tent Installment Sections” will be selected in which two sides of the canopy or tent must be open at all times and must be taken down after 7 p.m. Failure to comply with such regulations will result in a fine of KRW 1 million in accordance with the River Act.

There will be thirteen permitted shade canopy/tent installment sections in the eleven parks of the Hangang River (two at Yeouido, two at Banpo). Each shade canopy or tent must be under 2 m x 2 m with at least two sides open at all times. Hours of permitted operation are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Starting on April 22, 2019, Seoul will implement a guide and offer instructions for canopy/tent installments and will take regulatory measures in unavoidable cases.

Flyers will be posted on “Delivery Zone Bulletin Boards.” The two delivery zones at Hangang Park and the five in other parks (two in Ttukseom, three in Yeouido) will operate as places where citizens can receive their food orders in order to prevent motorcycle accidents in the park. The “Designated Bulletin Boards” will be installed to prevent the increase of reckless and unpermitted distribution of flyers by competing businesses.

Along with these measures, trash will be removed more promptly as the cleaning time gaps of cleaning businesses will be minimized. During the park’s peak season, more clean-up personnel will be added to increase the number of waste removal times from three to four times a day. The clean-up personnel will also see a switch to flexible working hours in order to minimize the amount of waste that is generated at nighttime and left until the next morning. Seoul plans to utilize SNS, and online and offline media to encourage participation and to find a consensus between citizens.

Permitted Locations for Shade Canopy/Tent Installment

Permitted Locations for Shade Canopy/Tent Installment
Park Name Permitted Zone Area (㎡) Map
Gwangnaru Grass field in front of the bicycle park 11,500
Jamsil Green area near convenience stores 1 and 2 8,100
Ttukseom Near the waterside stage 18,000
Jamwon Grass field in front of Jamwon Underpass 6,800
Banpo(2 locations) Picnic areas upstream and downstream of Banpodaegyo Bridge 26,800
Ichon Dongjakdaegyo Bridge – Nature Exploration Area 15,000
Yeouido(2 locations) Summer Campground, Seasons Plaza 45,000
Yanghwa Between Seonyugyo Bridge & Dangsandaegyo Bridge 9,000
Mangwon Lower part of northernmost Seongsandaegyo Bridge 11,500
Nanji Grass field in front of Nanji Information Center 19,000
Gangseo Southernmost Family Picnic Area of Banghwadaegyo Bridge 7,500

Seoul Hosts Welcome Week for Foreign Tourists

Seoul will designate the eleven days from April 26 to May 6 as the spring “2019 Tourist Welcome Week.” During this week, the city will hold a major event to welcome foreign guests and tourists.

On April 26, the 2019 Tourist Welcome Week will take off with an opening ceremony at the Myeong-dong Welcome Center. The opening ceremony will be full of events, such as an opening band performance, the unveiling ceremony of the Myeong-dong Welcome Center, street campaigns, and other events that will greet foreign tourists.

Seoul Hosts Welcome Week for Foreign Tourists
2017 Welcome Week Street Campaign 2018 Tourist Welcome Week event participation

In addition to the opening ceremony, visitors can feel the welcoming atmosphere at the Incheon and Gimpo International Airports, as well as at popular tourist attractions throughout Seoul. During the welcoming period, Incheon Airport, Gimpo Airport, Seoul Station, Yongsan Station, and other major areas throughout Seoul will be delivering welcome messages with tourist information signs. At the Welcome Centers in Hongdae and Gangnam, interpretation services will be offered mainly for Chinese and Japanese tourists.

※ Welcome Center Venues and Operation Schedule

Welcome Center Venues and Operation Schedule
No. Place of Operation Venue Operation Dates and Hours
1 Myeong-dong Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center April 26-May 6, 11:00-20:00
2 Hongdae Hongdae Pedestrian-Friendly Street
(near Hongik University Station, Exit 8)
3 Gangnam COEX COEX East Gate entrance
4 Cheonggye Plaza Cheonggye Plaza
(Near Gwanghwamun Station, Exit 5)
May 2-May 4, 11:00-20:00

Each Welcome Center will offer △traditional Korean culture experiences, △the opportunity to find Seoul tourist attractions, △VR experiences of Seoul’s tourist attractions, △K-Beauty (nail art) experiences, △K-Star photoshoots, △Seoul Wish Trees, △the opportunity to send postcards, △certification for the exploration of Seoul’s tourist attractions, △One More Trip product experience events, △lucky draws, and more ONOFFMIX events to promote a viral effect among foreign tourists.

The Myeong-dong and Hongdae Welcome Centers will provide photo zones displaying the globally sensational artist group BTS, as well as photo printing services.

For three days, from May 2-4, Welcome Booths will be operated for five local tourist organizations at Cheonggye Plaza near Gwanghwamun Station. At the welcome booths, there will be various offers and benefits available for foreign tourists for shopping, experiences, performances, exhibitions, and more.

※ 2019 Tourist Welcome Week Souvenirs and Discounts (offered at the Cheonggye Plaza Welcome Booths)

2019 Tourist Welcome Week Souvenirs and Discounts
No. Category Details
1 Lotte Department Store 10% discount coupon, free beverage coupon
2 Lotte Duty Free Discount coupon, mask pack
3 L’atelier 30% discount coupon, souvenir
4 Trickeye Museum 20% discount coupon, souvenir
5 The Painters HERO Souvenir
6 Nanta Merchandiser goods (nametag, pen, magnet, etc.)
7 Fireman Sock set
8 COEX Aquarium Curling postcard set
9 Seven Luck Casino Lee Min-ho postcard set
10 Dr. Phamor Mask pack
11 InterContinental Seoul Hotel Discount coupon
12 LugStay 50% discount coupon
13 I’m Doctor 15% discount coupon
14 Musical “Only You” 20% discount coupon

Seoul to Host 2019 Northeast Asia Forum on Air Quality Improvement in May

Seoul will host the 2019 Northeast Asia Forum on Air Quality Improvement, a conference that seeks a solution for the improvement of air quality. The two-day forum will start on May 22, 2019 in the Conference Hall on the eighth floor of Seoul City Hall and will open pre-registration online from April 22 to May 17, 2019. Admission is free and anyone can participate by registering on the official Northeast Asia Forum on Air Quality Improvement website at

The 2019 Northeast Asia Forum on Air Quality Improvement aims to share the policies of various cities (with the participation of twenty cities in six countries including Beijing, Tokyo, and Ulaanbaatar) on the intensifying particulate matter. 300 experts in air quality and environment, officials of international organizations, and citizens will discuss possible solutions to such urban problems.

The first Northeast Asia Forum on Air Quality Improvement was held in Seoul in 2010 and the Forum will be held for the ninth time this year. With interest in the forum rising each year, this year’s Forum will be host to twenty northeastern cities, various officials from international organizations (*CCAC, GUAPO, ICCT, C40 Air Quality Network), and domestic organizations (Ministry of Environment, Korea Forest Research Institute) that are concerned with air quality. Participating cities include fourteen cities from China (Beijing, Jilin, Shenzhen, Jinan, Heilongjiang, Sichuan, Hong Kong, Guizhou, Chongqing, Tianjin, Changchun, Yunnan, Shandong, and Chengdu), three cities from Japan (Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Kitakyushu), one city from Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar), one city from Vietnam (Hanoi), and Singapore.

On the first day of the Forum on May 22, measures for improvement of air quality in the transportation sector, measures for improvement of air quality in the life sector (heating, power generation, dust scattering, volatile organic compounds produced indoors, etc.), and measures for the improvement of city forests and air quality will all be addressed. On the second day of the Forum on May 23, there will be discussions on the best cases of city cooperation among cities for air quality improvement, as well as citizen-participatory measures.

Details on the program and related information can be found on the registration page of the Northeast Asia Forum on Air Quality Improvement website (, and other inquiries can be made to the Forum administration office (☎ 82-2-6952-0653,

Women’s Craft Market to be Held Every Weekend in Anguk-dong

Seoul’s representative women’s craft market, “Gamgodang-gil Craft Market,” will open its doors this year on April 20, 2019. The Gamgodang-gil Craft Market is a weekend craft market that opened in 2015 to support the market for craftswomen in Seoul. Starting this year, the market will change its name to the “Gamgodang-gil Craft Market” and be held in a new and refreshed way.

Gamgodang-gil is a 440-meter alleyway that stretches from Anguk-dong Rotary to the Jeongdok Public Library. It is a beautiful, historical path on which Gamgodang, the family home of Queen Inhyeon, once stood.

The Gamgodang-gil Craft Market will be held regularly, every Saturday and Sunday (excluding July and August, during the severely hot season), starting on April 20, 2019 until October. The market will be ready to welcome citizens who come to visit Anguk-dong and Samcheong-dong.

A hundred teams of craftswomen, who have been selected as participants for the first half of the Gamgodang-gil Craft Market, will showcase special craftworks, each with a unique story.

Photos of the 2018 Women’s Craft Market
Photos of the 2018 Women’s Craft Market

A Unique Spring Experience at Seoul Battleship Park

Seoul will be hosting fun, experiential programs that can be enjoyed by the whole family at the Navy Invitational Performance on April 21 and at the Children’s Day Event on May 4 at Seoul Battleship Park.

Seoul Battleship Park is a new cultural space that opened in Mangwon Hangang Park in November 2017. This space offers visitors the chance to contemplate the historical significance of the Hangang River and the meanings of peace and security through the three retired battleships: Seoul Battleship, the escort that completed its 30-year mission that started in 1984 and retired from operation, the high-speed Chamsuri Patrol, and the Dolgorae submarine.

① <Navy Invitational Performance>
The 90-minute Navy Invitational Performance will be held starting at 2 p.m. on April 21 in the Seoul Battleship Park Multipurpose Plaza. The performance will consist of samulnori (a traditional Korean percussion quartet) performance, a magic show, and other entertainment.
On May 4th from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., the Children’s Day Event will commence at the Multipurpose Plaza and take place throughout the park. The event offers a performance by twenty members of the naval honor guard followed by family-oriented programs such as a magic show, a bubble show, busking performances, and more.

② Regular operation of popular programs such as the Navy Captain’s Docent Program, busking performances, Field Ration Experience, and more
The 80-minute Docent Program, which is open year-round due to the continuous love it receives from citizens, explores the history of the three battleships. A Navy Captain who served for thirty years on the three ships displayed in Seoul Battleship Park takes visitors around the park providing detailed descriptions of each warship’s features. The Docent Program runs regularly on both weekdays (11:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m.) and weekends (11:00 a.m.).

Starting in April, busking performances in the form of guerilla gigs will take place every Saturday at 3 p.m. at the Information Center, Multipurpose Plaza, and in Seoul Battleship Park.

The Field Ration Experience, that fosters curiosity in children and offers memories to adults, operates once on weekdays (12:00-1:00 p.m.) and twice on weekends (12:00-1:00 p.m., 4:30-5:30 p.m.) on the second floor of the Seoul Battleship Park Information Center. Participants can try thirteen different food items including hardtacks (rice/wheat), heat-type bulgogi over rice, kimchi bibimbap, and more. The spring programs at Seoul Battleship Park are free and all performances will be available on-site during the event periods with no separate reservations required.

Directions: Take bus Mapo 16 from Hapjeong Station (subway lines 2, 6) or bus Mapo 9 from Mangwon Station (subway line 6), get off at “Mangwon Hangang Park, Seoul Battleship Park” bus stop, and walk towards the Hangang Park.

Seoul Battleship Park website (
Phone (☏ 82-2-332-7500)

< Navy Invitational Performance>

Navy Honor Guard Wind Orchestra Performance Navy Vocal Singer Performance
Navy Honor Guard Nanta Samulnori

Recruitment of Citizen Participants for Seoullo 7017’s 2nd Anniversary Festival

The two-year anniversary celebration of the Seoullo 7017 pedestrian path that was once a roadway will begin on May 19 (Sun.) under the name of, “Seoullo 7017 2nd Anniversary Citizens Festival – the Story of Seoullo” (hereinafter “Seoullo 7017 2nd Anniversary Festival”).

Seventy teams of citizen merchandisers will take part in the “Story Market” at the Seoullo’s 2nd Anniversary Citizens Festival. The teams will be recruited through two rounds, with the first round being held April 17 – 23 and the second round being held from April 25 to May 1. After the merchandisers are chosen in the first round, the second round of recruitment will be open for participation by vendors within necessary genres and selling necessary objects.

Applications will be accepted from general citizens, local residents, and foreigners who are vendors selling goods within the genres of living, accessories, fashion accessories, clothing, infants, food and beverage, pets, and art. Those wanting to participate can apply online (, and recruitment announcements will be made on the Seoullo website on April 24 for the first round and May 2 for the second round.

All information on recruitment and procedures can be found on the Seoullo 7017 website (

Seoullo 7017 2nd Anniversary Citizens Festival
Recruitment of Citizen Merchandisers for Story Market

□ Recruitment Overview

  • Market date and time: May 19 (Sun.), 2019, 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • Market venue: Seoullo 7017 (Magnolia Square – Rose Square, approx. 400 m.)
  • Recruitment period
    • – 1st round recruitment period: April 17 (Wed.) – April 23 (Tues.)
    • – 1st round recruitment announcement: April 24 (Wed.)
    • – 2nd round recruitment period: April 25 (Thurs.) – May 1 (Wed.)
    • – 2nd round recruitment announcement: May 2 (Thurs.)
      • ※ In the case that all vendor spots are filled in the first round, there will be no second round of recruitment.
  • Participants
    • 1) General merchandisers (50 teams)
    • 2) Local resident merchandisers (15 teams)
    • 3) Foreigners merchandisers (5 teams): individuals or business persons who sell accessories, postcards, props, and etc. while incorporating travelers’ spirit
  • Items provided
    • – 1 parasol (space width: 180cm±@), 1 table (1,800 x 600), 1 table cover, 2 plastic chairs,
      • ※ Items provided may be subject to change.
  • Application method
    • 1) Submit shop application
    • 2) Send compressed file with photos of goods that will be sold
      • – General merchandisers and foreigner merchandisers must compress their photos with the file name “[Story Market] Participant” and send to email address below.
        • ※ Not applicable to local resident merchandisers
      • – Subject line of the email should be the same as that of the file
      • – Email should be sent to
        • ※ Due to prioritized selection of seller types and categories of items, participation may be difficult for items with high application rates.
        • ※ Sales booths will be arbitrarily decided by the administrator according to operational factors.
        • ※ Detailed matters may be subject to change according to internal situations.
        • ※ Email address for inquiries:

Seoul Offers “Voucher Taxis” for Non-Wheelchair Using Disabled Individuals

Seoul will offer a “voucher taxi” service this year to 10,000 non-wheelchair using disabled individuals, which will provide such individuals up to KRW 20,000 in taxi fare. Individuals with serious physical illnesses, respiratory diseases, autism, and intellectual disabilities who were using taxis for the disabled can now use voucher taxis starting in May 2019.

The service that was once only offered to the visually disabled and those with kidney disabilities will now be extended to all individuals with disabilities, including those that do not require wheelchairs. The voucher taxi is a taxi for which the city pays a part of the fare that uses call taxi companies that have partnerships with the city of Seoul.

With the raise in taxi fares in 2019, the city increased the maximum amount of support funds from KRW 15,000 to KRW 20,000 (65%→70%) in order to reduce the gap and increase transportation convenience for the disabled.

Seoul anticipates that the increase in voucher taxis will increase transportation convenience for disabled individuals when boarding vehicles, requiring just 5-10 minutes of wait time thanks to a dispersion in movement. The “call taxis for the disabled” and “welfare calls for the disabled” vehicles that disabled individuals used to use required up to 50 minutes of waiting due to a lack of vehicles.

Seoul invested KRW 5 billion this year to increase availability for 3,000 more users in May and October while offering the service to a total 10,000 individuals annually (including the existing 4,000 users). In 2020, the city aims to invest KRW 10 billion to expand the service to reach 20,000 disabled individuals.

Seoul Attractions Serve as Center Stage for 365 Fashion Show

On April 15, 2019, Seoul will open the year-round Seoul 365 Fashion Show starting at Seoul Plaza.
The Seoul 365 Fashion Show was started in 2016 with the aim of promoting a 24/7 runway anytime, and anywhere, for 365 days. A total of 99 fashion shows were held at Seoullo, Gwanghwamun Plaza, and Seoul Museum of Art in 2018 with 11,700 spectators, making it Seoul’s most sought out cultural festival

This year’s Seoul 365 Fashion Show will be operated through the Street Fashion Show that offers people the opportunity to view showcases year-round, while the monthly Buyer Fashion Show, is held in charming venues all around the city, such as Banpo Hangang Park. The number of annual operations will be extended to over 500 showings, enabling the public to use the QR code to purchase outfits of choice after the shows to discover talented rising designers, as well as garner positive support of market development.

Inaugural Operation of Street Fashion Show on Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays

A regularly-programmed fashion show called, Street Fashion Show, will be held three times a week on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and will select a ”designer of the month” each month for enjoyable shows at venues, like DDP, Gwanghwamun, and Sinchon.

Seoul plans to use mobile buses to debut runways at different scenes upon public request for the enjoyment of fashion shows in the midst of everyday life.

Preliminary Performance for 2019 Cultural Seoul Plaza
Day Time
Monday (City Hall) ① Seoul Plaza (12:00, in front of Seoul Metropolitan Library)
② Deoksugung Stonewall Path (12:20, plaza in front of Seoul Museum of Art)
③ Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture (12:40, Seoul Maru)
④ In front of Gwanghwamun D Tower (13:00)
Thursday (Sinchon) ① Sinchon U-Plex (12:00, plaza lot)
② Changcheon Cultural Park (12:20, within park)
③ In front of Yonsei University campus (12:40, in front of main entrance)
④ Ewhayeodae-gil (13:00, parade)
Saturday(Dongdaemun) ① Cheonggyecheon Ogansugyo Bridge water stage (18:00, water fashion show center)
② DDP Oullim Square (18:30, 19:00)

< Street Fashion Show Plan (Draft) >

※ Shows may be canceled due to severe weather or particulate matter levels.

April’s Street Fashion Show will commence with costumes by designer, BOWLOON. Casual outfits that incorporate the vitality of spring will be debuted under the motif of city winds. The BOWLOON fashion show will be held until April 30th.

BOWLOON Featured Outfits
BOWLOON Featured Outfits

The May Street Fashion Show will introduce unique costumes by ManG and Doucan. ManG plans to introduce individualistic styles by grafting graffiti to fashion, with the fashion show slated to commence from May 1-5.

Doucan uses fantasy theme to graft personal drawings onto outfits each season, and he plans to debut his characteristic fashion fused with an eastern elegance. The fashion show will be held from May 16-30.

‘ManG’ Featured Outfits
‘ManG’ Featured Outfits
‘Doucan’ Featured Outfits

< Monthly Buyer Fashion Show at Impressive Seoul Venues >

A monthly fashion show by signature Korean designers will be held throughout popular, sought-out locations in Seoul, like the Banpo Hangang Park, Nodeulseom Island, and the Oil Tank Culture Park. The fashion show will commence on April 24 at 7 p.m. at the Banpo Hangang Park Yebitseom Island Stage, featuring designer Lee Sang-bong’s collection. Detailed information is available at the Seoul 365 Fashion Show website (

Preliminary Performance for 2019 Cultural Seoul Plaza

Prior to the installation of the main stage for the 2019 Cultural Seoul Plaza, Seoul will host the “boom-up” preliminary performance on the eastern part of the Seoul Plaza in line with the theme, ”Spring’s here! It’s picnic time!” For five days on April 15, 17, 22, 24, and 26, unique attractions will unfold at Seoul Plaza.

During the “boom-up” preliminary performance, people will get a glimpse into different genres, not readily accessible, that include circus performances, large street puppet shows, and pole dancing.

Preliminary Performance for 2019 Cultural Seoul Plaza
Date & Time Performance Teams Main Contents
04.15 (Mon.) 12:20-12:50 Seefar Project Artistic performance creating dramatic images of human life through the circus
04.17 (Wed.) 12:20-12:50 Traditional Art Professional play performance with a compilation of traditional arts
04.22 (Mon.) 12:20-12:50 ArtstageSAN A large street puppet show uniquely portraying the story of The Fairy and the Woodcutter
04.24 (Wed.) 12:20-12:50 Sung A Pole Studio An artistic gymnastics performance using a 2.6m pole
04.26 (Fri.) 12:20-12:50 BONGnJOULE Creative circus play using ropes and poles

The 2019 Cultural Seoul Plaza will begin with the “boom-up” preliminary performances with various stages taking place through October. This year has some diversification in store for the programming, adding films and plays, in addition to musical performances. Enjoyable performances for all age groups, including children and the elderly, will also be included for a wider stage platform.

More information is available at the Seoul Culture Portal ( and the Seoul Plaza website ( Additional inquiries may also be made to the Seoul Culture Policy Division (82-2-2133-2541).

Reference Photos

Reference Photos
Circus Traditional Art
Street Puppet Show Pole Dancing

Seoul Farmers Market to Open Every Weekend till October

Seoul Farmers Market to Open Every Weekend till October

Seoul Farmers Market, offering a venue for farmers from around the country to gather, is set to open its doors. At the 2019 8th Farmers Market, the public will be able to buy seasonally healthy, agricultural products grown by farmers.

Starting April 13, 2019, Seoul will open the Farmers Market at the Gangdong-gu Urban Agriculture Park, the Deoksugung Stone Wall Path, Gwanghwamun Square, and Malli-dong Plaza every Saturday and Sunday until October, where agricultural specialty products and cultural festivities come together in a single setting. Open hours will be from 10:00 to 18:00.

One hundred and forty-five agricultural specialty products from 75 cities and districts can be purchased at prices 10-30% lower than the market price every Saturday at Malli-dong Plaza and Gangdong-gu Urban Agriculture Park, and every Sunday at Gwanghwamun Square, while Deoksugung Stone Wall Path market will open on a bi-weekly basis.

The Farmers Market will be filled with plenty of attractions and enjoyable sites as part of a project seeking out a new market of urban-rural mutuality through urban and agricultural cooperation. The agricultural specialty products produced from the 75 cities and districts introduced at the Farmers Market are items produced on carefully-selected farms that have been certified and recommended by each autonomous district.

From April to June, programs will be added to animate the Farmers Market, including a rice straw craft workshop, farmers’ secret sauce recipe workshops, seed sharing, spring sprouts market with farm music, spring sprouts salad with music, and potluck events.

There will be other various events in September and October with a corn party featuring farmer guests, cheese-making workshops, and roasted sweet potato sharing, in addition to Chuseok gift booths and other seasonal item booths, adding to the abundance of the Farmers Market.

More information on items, venues, and schedules of the Farmers Market is available at the official website:

Seoul Attracts Investment of USD 110 Million from Four Newly Emerging North American Companies

The first Asia-based studio of the global innovative enterprise, Scanline VFX (“Scanline”), that shared in the production of visual effects (VFX) of large-scale Hollywood films, like The Avengers and Aquaman, will open its doors at the Sangam DMC R&D Center in Seoul this year. Scanline, with studios in Vancouver, Canada, Los Angeles, U.S., and Munich, Germany, made the decision to open its Asia-based studio in Seoul following positive response by the city, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and KOTRA, during Scanline’s examination for the opening of an additional studio in either China, or Japan, to further its global positioning.

In addition to Scanline, Seoul and KOTRA succeeded in attracting four North American innovative companies to Seoul, including the bio-technology enterprise, Platinum 21, the blockchain technology-based, fintech platform, Finhaven, and the promising startup of Silicon Valley’s Stanford University, BuildBlock.

The four companies will establish local headquarters and R&D centers in Seoul, invest a total of USD 110 million in the city over the next five years, and create 550 new jobs.

  1. Scanline invested USD 50 million in Seoul to open its first Asia studio at the Sangam DMC R&D Center, and it plans to employ over 310 talented individuals over five years from 2019 to 2023. Scanline is in the process of working with the films, including X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Spiderman: Farm From Home, and Joker, while working on plans to officially operate domestic production of such Hollywood films in the Asia studio to open in Seoul. Techniques, such as virtual reality or computer graphics, will be used for visual effects (VFX) and scenes difficult to film, in addition to images, to maximize film visual.
  2. Seoul and KOTRA were successful in attracting the local headquarters of Platinum 21, a medical, bio-technology-based company from Vancouver. Platinum 21 is a brand dedicated to the development of the BioIQ Test Kit that quickly diagnoses AIDS, the syphilis, hepatitis, cancer, and other diseases. In order to more effectively push forward with research and development that is inclusive of preventive healthcare and clinical testing, Platinum 21 plans to invest approximately USD 53 million in intellectual property and cash in Seoul over the next five years and create high-quality jobs for 200 people.
  3. The city of Seoul also concluded an investment agreement for a R&D Center with Vancouver’s blockchain technology-based, fintech platform, Finhaven. Finhaven is a financial service-providing platform that mediates security transactions based on blockchain technology. It revealed its plans to invest USD 1 million in Seoul over the next five years, as well as hire 30 new staff members. If Finhaven’s launch in Seoul proves successful, it is anticipated that the Finhaven platform will play the role as bridgehead between Korea and the global financial market.
  4. Seoul also attracted an establishment of a Korean corporation of the promising startup, BuildBlock of Silicon Valley’s Stanford University. BuildBlock is an innovative company that plans to construct a real estate transaction platform based on blockchain technology, and it made its debut into Korea’s financial service platform market through a USD 1 million investment while hiring ten new staff members to boost the growth of the domestic blockchain industry.

Hyochang Park, Resting Place of Independence Activists, to Become Centenary Memorial Park

Hyochang Park (total area of 160,924 ㎡) in Yongsan-gu, the burial site of seven independence activists who sacrificed their lives for country’s liberation but were not properly recognized, will be reborn as an Independence Movement Memorial Park in 2024.

This is a plan to restore the historical value of the movement while properly establishing the topology of Hyochang Park, which has grown unfamiliar among the public and neglected by residents due to the aging of the park and varying facilities that settled in over time.

<Current Facilities of Hyochang Park>

  • Grave Sites (historical)
    • – The tomb of Kim Koo (1949), Samuisa [tombs of three martyrs] (Yi Bong-chang, Yun Bong-gil, Baek Jeong-gi) (1946), tombs of Korean Provisional Government leaders (Yi Dong-nyung, Cha Ri-seok, Cho Seong-hwan) (1948), Ahn Jung-geun family shrine (1946), Euiyeolsa [shrine of national martyrs] (historical site No. 330, constructed in 1990)
  • Main Facilities
    • – Hyochang Stadium (1960), Kim Koo Museum & Library (2002), Korean Senior Citizens Association (1972), Seoul Senior Citizens Association (1979)
  • Other Facilities
    • – Statue of the Reverend Wonhyo (1968), Anti-communist Monument (1969), Monument of Yuk Young-soo (1975), children’s playground, and more

The wall that stood between the park and the community will be torn down to provide a natural connection between the points of history and culture in the area. To the north of Hyochang Park, the Son Kee Chung Athletic Park is set to open in June 2020 in commemoration of the athlete Son Kee-chung, who revived the spirit of the nation during a dark time.

Seoul announced the Plan for Hyochang Park Centennial Park in light of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Korean Provisional Government.

The future direction of Hyochang Park design includes ▴a changeable, multi-faceted space of Hyochang Stadium through creativity, ▴transformation of the tombs of seven independence activists into an everyday “sanctum,” ▴and the commemorative linking of the park expansion with the surrounding area. The aim is to change the closed, static image of Hyochang Park into that of an open space to remember as a community.

First, Hyochang Park will undergo remodeling through creative designs. However, the matter of facilities needing only partial reparations will be decided through public opinion within the sports community.

Second, the tomb site for independence activists will be a memorial space in everyday life for the public to visit, rather than a closed space centered on worshipers. The city plans to create the area into a space like Germany’s Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, where memory and daily life are in coexistence with one another, and the Père Lachaise Cemetery, the beautiful city park of Paris where Chopin, Oscar Wilde, and other noted figures are buried.

Third, the park will go through an expansion to promote coexistence with the local community, linked to surrounding base points like the Son Kee Chung Athletic Park, Museum of Japanese Colonial History in Korea, Yi Bong-chang Memorial Hall, Gyeongui Line Forest Park, and Sookmyung Women’s University. The park will be linked with Yongsan-gu’s Hyochang Centennial Path Creation Project to break down the wall that had stood between the local community and the park to make for a natural park entrance adorned with flower beds and grass.

The Son Kee Chung Athletic Park that will newly open to the public in June 2020 is to be located within a 15-minute walk north of Hyochang Park. This will be another park that commemorates an athlete’s spirit of resistance associated with the history of the independence movement.

The plans for Hyochang Park have not yet been confirmed, however is currently in draft form for future deliberation. The final plans will be confirmed through a public consensus, such as the Hyochang Independence Centennial Forum (TBD), with participation by Seoul city, related departments, associations, and residents.

Hyochang Park
Son Kee Chung Athletic Park
Aerial view of Son Kee Chung Athletic Park