Seoul to Hold ‘Sharing Festival’ for its Sharing Economy

Seoul to Hold ‘Sharing Festival’ for its Sharing Economy

Festival based on the theme of ‘sharing’ will be held for the first time in the country with the participation of numerous companies and organizations that lead the sharing economy providing citizens with opportunities to experience the culture of sharing through various programs and events. The City of Seoul is holding the ‘2018 Sharing Seoul Festival’ for three days from September 7 (Fri) to September 9 (Sun) at Oil Tank Culture Park in Mapo.

The ‘2018 Sharing Seoul Festival’ is roughly divided into three categories – ① Sharing Experience Program, ② Performance‧Exhibition, and ③ Forum‧Lecture – based on the theme of ‘Sharing turns everyday life into a festival.’

For the sharing experience programs, around 30 sharing economy companies and organizations specializing in electric scooters, mini electric car, power-assisted wheelchair, bus sharing, cooking, makeup, and yoga will present their specialties to share hobbies and even a bucket list with citizens and let them take part in the experiences at relevant booths. Diverse activities including controlling R/C cars, making pet tags and earrings, woodworking, and 3D dog and cat figurine coloring will be offered as well.

Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market will also take place during the festival period with lines of food trucks offering a variety of foods to eat, while 20 busking teams who made it to the final rounds of the ‘2018 Korea Busking Contest’ will be performing. Engaging exhibitions and an outdoor library where citizens can read books in hammocks will also be available.

Moreover, a forum with real stories on the sharing economy and back-to-back lectures by CEOs of leading sharing economy companies such as WeWork Korea (office), Airbnb (lodging), Green Car (car sharing), and MODUCOMPANY (parking lot) will be held for three days.

Please visit the festival’s official website ( or call (☎ 02-515-1536) for more information on and making reservations for the ‘2018 Sharing Seoul Festival.’

Seoul Hosts 5-Day Broadcast Culture Celebration, DMC Festival

Seoul Hosts 5-Day Broadcast Culture Celebration, DMC Festival

From September 5, Wednesday, to September 9, Sunday, the 2018 DMC Festival, featuring several media and entertainment artists, is to be held at the Sangam Digital Media City Complex.
Currently, the Digital Media City Complex is home to approximately 500 businesses with around 40,000 associates, solidifying its position as a global media cluster.

The DMC Festival 2018 is set to offer a variety of events in line with three different themes, including broadcast and music festivals, featuring an all-out attendance of Hallyu stars, business-supporting events, such as trial product exhibitions and job consultations, and media conferences as well.

* Sept. 5 (Wed) – Sept. 9 (Sun) – Hallyu Star Broadcast & Music Festival at DMC Sangam Culture Plaza
The DMC Sangam Culture Plaza will be hosting the 5-day long festival with broadcasting and music festivals scheduled for opening every evening. On Wednesday, the 5th, the K-pop Super Concert kicks things off with celebratory performances from such artists as Red Velvet, GFRIEND, Wanna One, Sohyang, Dynamic Duo, and more.

The DJ Concert, opening on Thursday, is set to feature the complete lineup of MBC radio DJs, while on the 7th, the Mask Singer’s The Winner Concert will invite past show contestants on stage for a live performance, with the Korean Music Wave Concert on the 8th, scheduled to invite the elite of popular Hallyu artists. On the 9th, Sunday, the festival will wrap up with the A.M.N., or Asia Music Network, offering a variety of collaborative stages among Asian artists.

* R&D Brand Trial Product Exhibitions & Various Streetside Events
The Digital Media Street is scheduled to feature business-supporting events sponsored by the Seoul Business Agency (SBA). During the event period, there will be an exhibition of trial products from as many as 21 different R&D brands, amid other events open to the public.
On Saturday (8th) and Sunday (9th), a parade and dance performances will take place featuring animation character favorites, in addition to busking by various artists to reward festival-goers with a variety of entertaining sights and fun things to do.

* Sept. 5 (Wed) – Sept. 6 (Thur) – Visible Future Conference, ‘A Glimpse into the Future from the Heart of South east Asia’
On Wednesday and Thursday, the 2018 Visible Future Conference is to be held at the MBC Open Hall, under the theme of ‘A Glimpse into the Future from the Heart of South east Asia.’
Specialists from each field and global scholars will join one another to discuss a number of topics, including economic cooperation in Southeast Asia, seeking the direction of future technological development, and more.

The festival will be completely open to the public. Please visit the official DMC Festival website ( to register to attend performances, as well as to find out other additional details.

How far have you ‘upcycled?’ Seoul Upcycling Festival in Sept.

Seoul Upcycling Festival

Seoul Upcycling Plaza, Korea’s largest upcycling complex culture area, is holding the Seoul Upcycling Festival during the month of September to celebrate its one-year anniversary.
Seoul Upcycling Plaza opened its door in Seongdong-gu, Seoul on September 5, 2017 in order to lead an upcycling culture, fostering the upcycling industry and selling upcycled products. The plaza itself houses lifestyle workshops and exhibition halls, as well as reusable goods workshops, and more.

This event is a citizen festival that will let citizens experience an upcycling culture that is applicable to food, clothing, and shelter in an exciting way, and teaches people how to incorporate it into their daily lives.
Throughout the duration of the event, there will be 4 upcycling exploration/experience education programs, and an upcycling exhibition will be up for enjoyment starting from September 5th.

Main events include various experience/educational programs, such as the upcycling forum opening anniversary event ‘Resource Recirculation City, Seoul Without Plastic’ on the 5th, the ‘Car Disassembling Show’ on the 8th that shows the sorting process of disassembled car parts, the ‘Upcycling Design Protection Act’ workshop by Design Protection Act professional and Patent Attorney Kim Woong on the 7th, and the ‘Upcycling Traditional Playground’ made out of upcycled materials and turned into a playground which will be open during the Chuseok holidays.

Seoul Upcycling Plaza is continuing with projects of various fields to spread the upcycling culture and foster the upcycling industry, including holding citizen participation events, experience education, materials research, and product creation and service development for things using waste products. Through this, they are leading the nation’s upcycling field.

After its opening, the plaza continuously offered programs in which citizens could participate, consequently welcoming 80,000 visitors as it organized 900 exploration/experiential education programs on upcycling, hosted exhibitions, international conferences, and forums on upcycling, and organized an upcycling marketplace.

Detailed information on the ‘Seoul Upcycling Festival’ events and programs can be found on the Seoul Upcycling Plaza website at (

Seoul Upcycling Festival

Seoul Upcycling Festival

Seoul Upcycling Festival

32 Asian Cities Meet in Seoul to Find Solution for Fine Dust

The ‘2018 Northeast Asia Forum on Air Quality Improvement’ is holding it’s largest scale meeting yet for two days starting Tuesday, September 4 at Seoul City Hall, with major east Asian cities meeting to discuss solutions for air quality improvement.

This year’s forum will be attended by 18 cities from four northeast Asian countries including Beijing, Tokyo, and Ulaanbaatar, and seven cities from southeast Asian countries for a total of eight countries and 25 cities throughout East Asia. There will be over 300-atmosphere environment specialists, etc. attending the forum from each country. Cooperative atmospheric improvement plans will be discussed for the capital, where Seoul will attend along with Incheon, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, and Chungcheongnam-do, Korea.
‘The Northeast Asia Forum on Air Quality Improvement‘ was first started in Seoul in 2010, making this year it’s eighth opening.

On the first day of the forum, September 4th, there will be specialist presentation sessions by country for emission reduction plans regarding major sources of fine dust – the transportation sector and living sector. Cooperative plans for cities regarding atmospheric improvement will also be presented.

On the second day of the forum, September 5th, there will be an open discussion on public and private cooperation plans between attending government officials, environment research institution environment specialists, and civic society organizations from main cities in Korea, China, and Japan.

With the increasing temperatures, decreased winds and precipitation, and other climate changes taking it’s toll on the atmosphere quality, this forum will also hold the ‘Korea Local Government Talanoa Dialogue’ on the afternoon of the 5th to discuss plans for reducing greenhouse gases.

Seoul is going beyond just sharing policies to reduce atmospheric pollution throughout northeast Asian cities during this year’s forum, and is expected to be a stage to transmit fine dust management know-how discussed and shared at other forums to the southeast Asian countries suffering bodily ailments due to the harmful effects of fine dust that has been created due to their large-scale construction projects. Additionally, this should be an important opportunity for citizen participation in the making of policies through civic organizations.

More detailed information on programs and speakers can be found on the 8th Northeast Asia Forum on Air Quality Improvement website (, and any other inquiries can be made to the managing secretariat (☎ 02-6952-0653,

32 Asian Cities Meet in Seoul to Find Solution for Fine Dust

32 Asian Cities Meet in Seoul to Find Solution for Fine Dust

Events Galore Mark 30th Anniversary of 1988 Seoul Olympics

2018 marked the year not only the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, but also the 30th anniversary of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Seoul Olympics, Seoul is scheduled to hold various events before and after the Olympic period, between September 17 and October 2, which include the Seoul Sports Talent Festival (Sept. 1), the 2018 Seoul Sports Festival (Sept. 29-30), the 2018 SonKeeChung Peace Marathon (Oct. 3), and the 1988 Olympics: Momentum of Changes in Seoul (until Oct. 14).

Seoul residents are welcome one-on-one lessons given by athletes from Seoul City and experience various sports events at the Seoul Olympic Park Peace Plaza during the Seoul Sports Talent Festival on September 1.

Athletes will give one-on-one lessons to local residents including boxing, taekwondo, billiards, and curling. Festival-goers can also experience in person 14 inaccessible sports, as well as 16 other events, including archery, inline roller skating, and shooting.

The 2018 Seoul Sports Festival will be held over two days on September 29 and 30. As a pre-opening ceremony event, special fusion performances, combining Korean classical music and street dancing in line with the Seoul Olympic theme of harmony and peace, are in store. Concurrent events also include a photo zone featuring Olympic medalists, as well as a special apparel and photo op for visitors to try on school uniforms reminiscent of the 1980s fashion.

The 2018 SonKeeChung Peace Marathon will take place on October 3, Wednesday, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the 1988 Seoul Olympics and the brilliant feat of Son Kee-chung, Korea’s first sports hero. Concurrent events will also include trial programs of new sports, including floor curling and shuffle boarding, in addition to sports massages made available for participants.

Festival-goers are sure to get a feel about the Seoul Olympics must have been like at “The 1988 Olympics: Momentum of Changes in Seoul exhibition”, scheduled to be held at the newly-renovated Olympic Exhibition Hall of Jamsil Sports Complex and the Seoul Museum of History.

○ Photos on display

Photos on display
Donated articles from medalists Donated articles from medalists and commemorative medals
Donated articles from medalists Donated articles from medalists and commemorative medals
Olympic torch Hodori
Olympic torch Hodori

Seoul Holding the Opening of Seoul Friendship Festival this Weekend at Seoul Plaza

Seoul City will hold the Seoul Friendship Festival 2018 (Sept. 1 – 2), its representative The global event, where people can enjoy a treasure trove of diverse cultures from around the world in one place.

The festival (formerly the Seoul Friendship Fair) is famous for its history and its tradition of allowing visitors to enjoy diverse cultural performances and foods from the world’s major cities and of promoting cultural exchanges.

This year’s festival, attended by Seoul’s fifteen sister and friendship cities and seventy foreign embassies in Korea, will consist of cultural performances from fifteen overseas cities, an exhibition of foods from fifty-seven countries, a city tourism fair involving fifty-three countries, a publicity exhibition by eleven international organizations and NGOs, and a world marriage culture festival.

The cultural performances will take place in Seoul Plaza, while the World Food Exhibition, which is growing in popularity every year, will be held on Mugyo-ro and Cheonggyecheon-ro. Visitors will be able to sample the cuisine of fifty-seven countries among many other attractions. Please note that those who prepare their tasting schedules in advance will have a more pleasant time.

At the City Tourism Fair, some fifty-three countries will operate promotional booths at Seoul Plaza to display and sell diverse traditional artifacts and show off their attractive tourism contents.

The World Marriage Culture Festival will feature a wide range of performances, exhibitions, experience programs and events under the theme of The global marriage culture. In particular, street parades by foreign participants wearing marriage costumes of ten countries, including Korea, are sure to attract much enthusiastic attention. Notably, Vietnam’s traditional wedding ceremony will be reenacted to provide citizens and visitors with an opportunity to experience the Southeast Asian country’s marriage culture.

In addition, major international organizations and NGOs such as the UNHCR, Green Peace, and Save the Children will attend the festival to publicize their international aid activities and run various experience programs in which Seoul citizens can take part.

Full details of the schedule can be viewed at the website of the Seoul Friendship Festival ( or Facebook (

○ Events / Venue

Events / Venue
Venue Event
Main stage at Seoul Plaza Sept. 1 (Saturday) Sept. 2 (Sunday)
14:50~15:20 16:00~17:00 17:00~20:00 12:00~16:00 16:30~17:00
▸Pre-ceremony street parade ▸Opening ceremony
▸Opening performance
▸Congratulatory performance
▸Performances by troupes from overseas cities ▸Performances by troupes from overseas cities ▸Encore performances
▸Finale performance
Seoul Plaza September 1st (Saturday) 12:00 ~ 18 :00 / September 2nd (Sunday)  12:00 ~ 17:00
World Tourism Fair, World Marriage Culture Festival, NGO Exhibition
Mugyo-ro World Food Fair, Stamp Rally
Cheonggyecheon-ro World Food Fair, Music Cafe, Stamp Rally
Events / Venue
Street Parade World Food Fair
Street Parade World Food Fair
World Tourism Fair Performances by troupes from overseas cities
World Tourism Fair Performances by troupes from overseas cities
Performances by troupes from overseas cities
Performances by troupes from overseas cities

TVXQ U-Know for Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Campaign

Hallyu K-Star, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho met the master handmade shoe craftsman at Seongsu-dong for the participation in the Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Relay Campaign.

U-Know Yunho will be the first star to participate in the ‘Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Campaign’ started by Seoul city in order to inform the public about the attraction of handmade shoes and Seongsu-dong as a whole. The second celebrity will be announced in September.

As part of the ‘Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Campaign,’ three pairs of handmade shoes will be made spotting the names of the celebrities. One of these pairs will be sold through a donation auction from the Seongsu Handmade Shoes website ( in December, and all of the funds collected will be used in the manufacture of special handmade shoes for people with developmental disorders. Another pair of shoes will be displayed at the Seongsu Handmade Shoes Hope Platform Promotion Hall from September, 2018 until next year.

Celebrities participating in the ‘Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Relay’ like TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho will be collaborate with the handmade shoes craftsman in order to create shoes that are both good for the stars’ health and also comfortable. In particular, you can expect to see each star’s individual characteristics integrated into their shoes through the design process that they will directly participate in.

The ‘Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Relay’ campaign started off by going all out with TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho’s collaboration carries the valuable meaning of activating the regional society and the star’s voluntary social contribution activities.

TVXQ U-Know for Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Campaign

TVXQ U-Know for Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Campaign

TVXQ U-Know for Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Campaign

Seoul 365 Fashion Show to be Held at the Seoul Museum of History

Seoul 365 Fashion Show to be Held at the Seoul Museum of History

Seoul 365 Fashion Show to be Held at the Seoul Museum of History

A special fashion show will be held where spectators can appreciate the diversity of hanbok fashion, which includes royal costumes of kings and queens, the traditional costumes worn at coming-of-age ceremonies and weddings, and the modernized hanbok that was reborn with a modern touch.

Seoul City will host the ‘Seoul 365-Seoul Museum of History Fashion Show’ under the theme of hanbok on August 29 (Wed.) at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the ‘Seoul Museum of History.’

The fashion show will unfold under the theme ‘hanbok’ and is scheduled to be held at the Seoul Museum of History, a noted site encompassing both the history and traditions of Seoul. The show will be open to the public.

The Seoul 365 Fashion Show is an event taking place from April to November at Seoullo 7017, the Seoul Museum of Art and other main attractions in Seoul for citizens to enjoy the unique fashion culture in their everyday lives. The fashion show presents rising designers with the opportunity to introduce their brands while offering young models who dream of becoming fashion models a chance to stand on the runway.

Citizens who visit the hanbok fashion show will come in contact with the spirit of the different colorful and rich hanbok fashion of 40 different costumes that include the refined and full traditional hanbok, the royal hanbok breathing with decorum and elegance and the modernized hanbok reborn with a modern and polished touch.

Spectators will gain insight not only into the hanbok of the past and the present but into the trends of future hanbok fashion, and the fashion show will offer the opportunity of encountering both the beauty and potential for change in the traditional costume.

Seoul 365 Fashion Show to be Held at the Seoul Museum of History

Seoul 365 Fashion Show to be Held at the Seoul Museum of History

Seoul 365 Fashion Show to be Held at the Seoul Museum of History

Seoul Metro Opens 9th Annual International Subway Film Festival

Seoul Metro Opens 9th Annual International Subway Film Festival

Asia’s first international, the short film festival is scheduled to take place simultaneously in both the subway facilities of Seoul, Korea, and Barcelona, Spain. The 9th Annual International Subway Film Festival opened on August 24, with the top-selected films screening until September 14, through subway lines 1 through 8.

This festival is a collaboration between the Seoul Metro and Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), featuring a number of quality domestic and international 90-second short films to reward city residents with a sense of enjoyment during their day.

This year’s festival saw an additional 13 film entries, in comparison to last year, for an unprecedented total of 1,067 features from 41 countries around the world, calling for a panel of six judges to select the final 26 films representing 11 countries. These top-selected features are comprised of 20 international and six domestic films competing with one another.

The finalists are to be screened on subway lines 1 through 8, using the electronic notification boards located on subway platforms, while also being available via the festival’s official CGV Yeongdeungpo website ( Award-winning films competing with one another will also be screened simultaneously in the subway, bus, and Tram, located in Barcelona, Spain.

The 26 finalists pre-selected by the panel of film experts are to be narrowed down to a final-four selection by the public viewers themselves. The public may partake in the voting process, scheduled to be conducted from August 24 to September 12, while the final four are to be determined by a total vote count for each film. Those participating in the voting process are rewarded free gifts through a special drawing, including movie tickets and more.

CGV Yeongdeungpo is set to host both the closing and awards ceremony on September 14.

“196km to Pyeongyang” Seoul Installs 20 ‘World City Signposts’

Blue ‘world city signposts’ have appeared throughout the heart of Seoul in places like Seoul Plaza and Gwanghwamun, pointing out the direction and distance of 15 of the world’s major cities.

Following the Inter-Korean Summit, unified north/south team for the Asian Games, the reunification of separated families between the two countries, and other active exchanges between north and south, North Korea’s Pyeongyang along with 14 of Seoul’s sister/friendship cities around the world will be featured.

Seoul City has placed these ‘world city signposts’ at 20 main sites that are most visited by citizens and tourists alike. These posts are expected to become tourist spots by itself and the new symbol of ‘Seoul, Walking City’ not just for Seoul, but also to be shared with people all over the world.

World City Signposts

13 sites including Seoul Plaza, Gwanghwamun, and Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) have completed installation on the 21st of August (Tues.), and the remaining seven spots are scheduled to be finished by the end of the month.

Areas of Installation
Areas of Installation
Main attractions & walking areas Seoul Station, Gangnam Station, Gimpo International Airport, COEX, Jamsil (Lotte World Tower)
Seoul Plaza, Gwanghwamun Square, Myeongdong, DDP, Itaewon
Parks Namsan Palgakjeong, Seoul Children’s Grand Park, Seoul Forest, Dream Forest, Seoul Grand Park
Hangang River Hangang Banpo, Ttukseom, Yeouido, Jamsil, Gangseo areas

Through the installation of these ‘world city signposts,’ Seoul is taking one more step towards becoming a walking-friendly city as part of the ‘Seoul, Walking City’ policy focused on the people. As such, Seoul will be able to realize the creation of a city that people from around the world can enjoy while walking together.

World City Signposts
< Seoul Plaza > < Hangang Ttukseom Area >
Seoul Plaza Hangang Ttukseom Area

70m Closed Section of the Deoksugung Stone Wall Path to Open in October

In addition to Seoul’s sectional opening of the closed Deoksugung Stone Wall Path area in August 2017, the remaining 70 meters (British Embassy Seoul’s rear entrance – main gate) will open in its entirety in October 2018 after deliberation and cooperation among the city of Seoul, the British Embassy Seoul, and the Cultural Heritage Administration.

With this, the disconnected section (70m) of the Deoksugung Stone Wall Path that was restricted by The occupation of the British Embassy Seoul in the past will be fully connected for visitors to walk the entire stone wall path of 1,100m without taking a detour.

The 70m section that newly opens leads to the pedestrian path within Deoksugung Palace as Deoksugung and the British Embassy Seoul are merely divided by a single wall. A new passage gate will be installed at the main gate of the British Embassy Seoul where the pedestrian path ends.

※ Completed Deoksugung Stone Wall Path (total 1,100m): Deoksugung Daehanmun Gate – Deoksugung Path – The Residence of the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea (Habib House) – British Embassy Seoul rear entrance – pedestrian path in Deoksugung Palace (*new opening of 70m) – British Embassy Seoul main gate – Sejong-daero

In addition, the ‘Path of Gojong’ (Deoksugung-gil – Jeong-dong Park), which has been on a trial run by the Cultural Heritage Administration will be included in the completed stone wall path to officially open in October, 2018 through which visitors will be able to walk the ‘Path of Gojong’ to Jeongdong-gil and Gyeonghuigung Palace without taking a detour.

Creation of Pedestrian Path Connecting Deoksugung Stone Wall Path
(Before & After)

70m Closed Section of the Deoksugung Stone Wall Path to Open in October
< Inner Pedestrian Path of Deoksugung Palace >

70m Closed Section of the Deoksugung Stone Wall Path to Open in October
< Pedestrian Path at the British Embassy Seoul Main Gate >

70m Closed Section of the Deoksugung Stone Wall Path to Open in October
< Sejong-daero 19-gil >

Seoul City Holds 2018 Tap Water Festival

Seoul City Holds 2018 Tap Water Festival

Seoul City will hold the ‘2018 Tap Water Festival’ on August 25, 2018 from 11 am to 5 pm at Gwanghwamun Square to raise public awareness and to establish a social consensus on the safety of tap water.

This year’s festival under the theme ‘We All Drink Tap Water’ will be participated in by more than Exhibits and various cultural events along with event booths run by each participating institution will be conducted for the public to have a diversified experience.

The city plans on running a promotional kiosk during the festival to provide information on drinking tap water in terms of environmental, economic, and health aspects. Opportunities to drink Seoul’s tap water, Arisu, and tumbler giveaways will also be offered to encourage citizen participation in order to reflect the recent trend of reducing disposable wastes.

2018 Tap Water Festival Overview

  • □ Event details
    • ○ Time and date: 8. 25. 2018 (Sat) 11:00 – 17:00
    • ○ Location: Gwanghwamun Square
    • ○ Theme: We All Drink Tap Water!
  • □ Festival program
    • ○ Main festival details
      • – Tap water public campaign participation booth: Around 20 booths will be run by institutions and member groups
      • – Cultural events: Performances by indie bands, a magic show, and a bubble show