Seoul City Presents Appreciation Plaque to BTS

Seoul City Presents Appreciation Plaque to BTS

Seoul City presents appreciation plaque to BTS at the red carpet stage of Mnet Asian Music Award on December 14th.

BTS has been playing a big role as a Seoul city tourism ambassador for improving positive and friendly image of Seoul city by spreading Seoul song “with Seoul” to all over the world since 2017. (Seoul song “with Seoul” had 640k viewers in a sound source and 6.58m viewers in a music video on December 5th. Also, 8 advertising videos of Seoul city tourism were made and broadcast on 120 countries.)

The cooperation between Seoul city and CJ ENM this time is based on the business partnership contract to utilize Hallyu between both parties on April of 2018 and promote global city marketing. This is expected to be a successful co-marketing case starting from Japan KCON event this April to MAMA event this December.

Seoul city is anticipating that the awareness and preference of Seoul is going to be increased to global hallyu fans as the scene of BTS awarding an I•Seoul•U Appreciation plaque can be seen in all over the world such as Japan, Southeast Asia and America this year.
Seoul city promoted sponsored subtitles through MAMA On-Air and exposed back wall stage logo as well as presenting appreciation plaque to BTS at the red carpet stage of Mnet Asian Music Award.

Yoo Yeon-Sik, Seoul Public Communications Bureau Director, mentioned: “Aside from natural-born talents of BTS, global agenda ‘Love Myself’ of BTS made a huge contribution to informing positive images of Seoul city as a leader of the global young. Therefore, that is why we appreciate and present I•Seoul•U Appreciation plaque to BTS.”

Seoul Plaza Ice Rink to Open on Dec 21

Seoul Plaza Ice Rink

  • Opening ceremony of the 21st (Friday) starting at 17:30, free entrance to Ice Rink after the ceremony
  • 30% discount for guests using ‘Zero Pay,’ ‘100 won of happiness’ offered to 100 people every day on a first come, first served basis
  • Skate Rink design renewal and largest indoor space ever
  • Ample fun attractions such as a curling experience zone, south-north athletics exchange photo exhibition, snowball photo zone, and VR experience zone
  • Seasonal events such as for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and on Christmas (12.24, 12.25) and the last day of the year (12.31) opening hours extended until 00:30 the next day
  • Advance notification planned through text message, homepage, etc. if operations are suspended due to bad weather

□ A separate rink has been prepared for curling, which, through the PeyongChang Winter Olympics, there have been a lot of citizen requests for as something to experience. Those who want a lesson or who want to try out the sport can purchase tickets through our homepage (

□ We plan to offer various other events as well, aspiring for a successful 100th National Sports Festival, so we ask for a lot of interest in these as well.

Seoul Plaza Ice Rink

Seoul Plaza Ice Rink

Seoul Plaza Ice Rink

Seoul to Extend Service Hours of 88 City Bus Routes for the End of the Year


Seoul will extend the service hours of 88 bus routes that circle Seoul’s major stops for fourteen days, from Dec. 17, 2018 to the night of Dec. 31 (early morning of Jan. 1, 2019). On Sunday nights (Dec. 23, Dec. 30), bus times will not be extended in consideration of the number of passengers after midnight.

As a season with heavy movements of citizens during the late hours, the year-end sees a 26.1% increase in the number of bus passengers after midnight.

Seoul will meet the demands of late-night transportation that temporarily increases at the end of the year, with the service hour extension of city buses, and the city plans to improve connections with the existing Owl buses (nine bus routes), and the custom year-end Owl buses (four bus routes) that began operation on Dec. 1, 2018, to help citizens return home to all parts of Seoul during late hours.

Seoul selected eleven spots (Seoul Station, Jongno 2(i)ga, Myeong-dong, Guro, Yeongdeungpo, Sinchon, Hongik Univ. Station, Gangnam Station, Yeoksam, Konkuk Univ.) where citizens are most active until late at night. City buses will operate for citizens to board the buses by 01:00 at the applicable spots.

There are a total 88 bus routes, including three lines at Seoul Station, twelve at Jongno 2(i)ga, four at Myeong-dong, and eleven at Gangnam Station. Bus routes with extended service hours will be posted inside the vehicles (on the front window).

Main stops for bus routes (88 routes) with extended service hours

Main stops for bus routes (88 routes) with extended service hours
Main StopOperating Route
Jongno 2(i)ga
(12 bus routes)
103, 501
101, 160
260, 262, 273, 370
270, 470
721, 7212
Seoul Station Bus Transfer Center
(4 bus routes)
401 (extended to 01:45), 708
261, 701
(4 bus routes)
104, 463
105, 507
Konkuk Univ.
(6 bus routes)
2222, 4212
240, 2016, 3217
Sinchon Station
(4 bus routes)
707 (extended to 02:00), 7611, 7713
Hongik Univ. Station
(14 bus routes)
271, 761, 7612
602, 603, 604, 5712, 5714, 6712, 6716
7016, 7711, 7737
Guro Station
(3 bus routes)
503, 5615
(7 bus routes)
461, 5623
(19 bus routes)
641, 650, 5012, 6514, 6516, 6629
605, 661, 6628, 6631
600, 5618, 6512, 6513, 6515
670, 6637
Gangnam Station
(11 bus routes)
440, 441, 9408
140, 144, 145, 741
Yeoksam·Sinsa Station
(4 bus routes)

Christmas Programs at Seoullo 7017

In celebration of winter, Seoullo 7017 will be painted with Christmas cheer. In place of the wintering flowers and trees planted throughout Seoullo, the twelve birth sign constellations and colorful lights will be installed to create a winter night view filled with showers of stars.

The lighting installed under ‘Seoullo Starlight’ will utilize Seoullo plants encircled with straw for wintering, to present a fantastic night view of the twelve birth sign constellations from Aquarius to Capricorn.

From Seoullo’s most popular Magnolia Stage, to the upper section of Seoul Station Plaza, will be lighting balls, image-projecting lights, Milky Way lighting, and more, in addition to the constellation lights.

Unlike the usual dark green night lights on the 645 circular shrubs, the plants will be lit with warm colors of yellow and white during the ‘Seoullo Starlight’ event.

A star observation program with telescopes will be held for five sessions on Dec. 12, 13, 17, 18, and 19, from 19:00 to 21:00 at Seoullo 7017.

Each session will be held with fifteen elementary school students and their families through prior registration, and this program will be even more special, as it will be linked with a local children’s center near Seoullo.

For more information, visit the Seoullo website ( All programs will be free.

‘Seoullo Starlight’ Overview

‘Seoullo Starlight’ Overview

[Seoullo scenery lighting]

  • Date: Dec. 12, 2018 – Feb. 28, 2019
  • Venue: Seoullo 7017 Upper Section exhibition space – Magnolia Stage
  • Installment
    • – Installments of LED lighting balls
    • – Installments of twelve constellation tree pots with LED bulbs

[Constellation observation program]

  • Date and time: Dec. 12-20, 2018 (total of five sessions) 19:00 – 21:00 (12th, 13th, 17th, 18th, 19th)
    ※ Reserved dates in case of poor weather: 14th, 20th
  • Venue: Hydrangea Bread, Rose Stage
    ※ Venues subject to change in accordance with observing groups or conditions
  • Participants: Residents near Seoullo (families), 2 sessions
  • Details: Astronomy lecture (1 hour), craft activity (30 minutes), observation (30 minutes)

2018 Seoullo Parade Festival Vol.4

Santa Claus Parade Overview

Santa Claus Parade

The Santa Claus Parade, that was positively received during the 2017 Christmas season, will be upgraded this year. The event will add content appropriate to spaces throughout Seoullo this winter to organize a festival for year-end Seoullo visitors.

Event: 2018 Seoullo Parade Festival Vol.4. Santa Claus Parade
Date and Time: Dec. 22 (Sat.), 2018, 16:00-17:30
Venue: Seoullo 7017 (Rose Stage – Magnolia Stage)
Details: Christmas event centered around the Seoullo Santa Parade

Santa Claus Parade Overview
TimeMagnolia StageRose Stage
EventPhoto timeEventPhoto zone
-Photos at Rose Stage
PerformanceCircus juggling
ParadeSanta Claus Parade (Magnolia Stage->Rose Stage)

PerformanceSeoullo buskers performance

Opening of Completed Deoksugung Stone Wall Path

Opening of Completed Deoksugung Stone Wall Path

Seoul began long negotiations with the British Embassy in Seoul in 2014 to complete the disconnected section of the Deoksugung Stone Wall Path for the public’s benefit and is now on the cusp of opening.

The 100m closed section of the Deoksugung Stone Wall Path, stretching from the British Embassy staff dorm entrance to the rear entrance of the embassy building, was opened to the public in August 2017, while the previously left unfinished, 70m section, stretching from the embassy’s rear entrance to the front gate, was successfully completed by the city of Seoul and the Cultural Heritage Administration within a one year and three month period.

Seoul paved a design on the existing stone wall path from the British Embassy Seoul front gate to Sejong-daero and secured a pedestrian walkway by using bollards complementing the wall, as well as faint landscape lighting for added visibility and ambience.

The inner sloped paths of Deoksugung Palace transformed into pedestrian deck areas for convenient access to the surroundings, while leveled walkways were paved with dirt. Wooden railings were also installed to disperse the flow of Deoksugung Palace visitors.

The inner pedestrian path of the Deoksugung Stone Wall Path will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and closed on Mondays, so as to coincide with the operation hours of the Deuksugung Palace and to promote the preservation of palace structures.

A walk along the newly-opened stone wall path will tell of the history of peculiar, old trees planted along the path, as well as the surrounding ancient palace and British architecture that emanate an exotic charm. The completed path is also anticipated to radiate its unique color scheme throughout each of the four seasons.

Seoul Publishes Color Blind-Friendly Subway Map

Seoul published a new subway map for people suffering from color vision deficiency, currently numbering nearly 1.5 million in Korea and some 300 million throughout the world. The map offers an easier view of the map for those with difficulty differentiating between colors and is set to be printed and distributed at 290 station buildings under the jurisdiction of Seoul Metro, including Lines 1-8 & Line 9 from Eonju Station to VHA Medical Center Station, starting from December 6, 2018.

The subway map was designed with a customized color, brightness, and chroma by line to enable everyone, including the public and the color-deficient, to distinguish between lines and directions. Subway lines with colors difficult to distinguish were further accentuated by adding variations of line thickness.
Lines 2, 4, 7, and 9, consisting of colors that appear similar to color-blind individuals, were given colored borders to promote increased differentiation between the lines. Transfer stations, where two or more lines overlap, are marked with both the color and the number of each line for easier recognition as well.

Seoul Publishes Color Blind-Friendly Subway Map
<General map><Map for both color-blind individuals and the public>
General mapMap for both color-blind individuals and the public

The map incorporates the combined use curved and straight lines to the straight-lined design of the current subway map to also promote easier line recognition for people with weak eyesight and presbyopia sufferers.

First opening of building (USO) inside Yongsan Garrison

용산공원 갤러리 YOUNGSAN PARK GALLRY 2018-2019 용산공원시민소통곤간 JOINT EXHBITION oF SEOUL USFX INVITE YOU! 서울시 주한미군 공동전시회에 초대합니다! 2018. 11. 30 개관 관람시간 : 월-금 10:00~16:30 ※ 주말 공휴일은 휴관 전시장소 : 캠프킴 부지 내 옛 USO 건물

Seoul will create and open ‘Yongsan Park Gallery’ in the old United Service Organization (USO) building (616㎡) on Camp Kim, Yongsan. The building at Yongsan Garrison, a site that prohibited citizen entrance, will open to the public for the first time in 114 years. The USO was closed after the relocation of the United States Forces Korea (USFK) headquarters to Pyeongtaek.

It is estimated that the old USO building at Camp Kim was first built 110 years ago in 1908. As a structure that shared the modern and present-day history of Korea from the time following the Korean War to August 2018, the USO building itself has substantial architectural and historical value.

The exhibition will be co-managed by the city of Seoul and the USFK. A total of 60 articles comprised of photos, maps, and images in possession of the Seoul Museum of History, the National Archives of Korea, Yongsan Cultural Center, and individuals, will be put on display at the exhibition. The gallery will depict the role of Yongsan Garrison, the symbol of South Korea-United States relations for 73 years, and the symbiotic growth and relations between Seoul and the USFK during the city’s 65 years of advancement following the Korean War.
Seoul will operate a ‘communicational space’ within Yongsan Park Gallery at the close of 2018 in order to share information about the creation of Yongsan Park, accumulate data, and collect a wide variety of opinions.

Yongsan Park Gallery will be operated with the ‘Yongsan Garrison Bus Tour’ that will give visitors a tour of Yongsan Garrison’s main spots.

Mickey Mouse to visit Seoul for the first time in collaboration with I·SEOUL·U

Mickey Mouse to visit Seoul for the first time in collaboration with I·SEOUL·U

The Seoul City brand I·SEOUL·U and Disney’s representative icon Mickey Mouse are set to join forces in a collaborative campaign. Mickey Mouse will arrive on Nov. 27, 2018 and will visit Seoul City’s major attractions including Gwanghwamun Gate, Yeouido Hangang Park, and N Seoul Tower for four days starting on the 28th.

On Nov. 28, Mickey Mouse will transform into Santa for the day at Seoul Citizens’ Hall. Presents to be delivered to 500 children of low-income households this Christmas were wrapped prior to Mickey’s visit by actor Lee Joon-gi, actress Shin Sae-kyeong, Seoul city officials, and Walt Disney Company Korea employees, along with 200 individuals.

Mickey Mouse will begin making rounds at Gwanghwamun Gate on Nov. 28, Yeouido Hangang Park on Nov. 30, and N Seoul Tower and Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) on Dec. 1 to meet with citizens and surprise them.

Mickey Mouse’s ‘Seoul Tour’ schedule is available for reference on I·SEOUL·U’s official Facebook page ( and Walt Disney Company Korea’s official Facebook page (

The Seoul Tour is a collaborative brand campaign that celebrates the third anniversary of Seoul City’s I·SEOUL·U brand and the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse.

Mayor Park Won-soon Gives Seoul Mayor Inaugural Lecture at China’s Peking University

Mayor Park Won-soon Gives Seoul Mayor Inaugural Lecture at China’s Peking University

Mayor Park Won-soon became the first Seoul mayor to give a lecture at China’s prestigious Peking University on November 26th. Under the topic, “A new future of Northeast Asia found in the city,” Mayor Park Won-soon spoke on the issues of countermeasures for climate change, ecological civilization, new and renewable energy, urban regeneration, and innovative youth policies, while stressing the roles of cities and local governments in effectively transforming people’s lives in a time of globalization and localization. He introduced numerous innovative policies that Seoul had ventured for in the past to communicate with the youth community.

Prior to his lecture, the mayor visited China’s entrepreneurship hub, Beijing’s Z-InnoWay, also known as the heart of the start-up industry, Beijing’s own Silicon Valley.

Mayor Park Won-soon also took part in the Seoul-Beijing Climate and Environment Cooperation Forum, co-sponsored by Seoul and Beijing. The forum served as a platform of mutual policy exchange attended by over 100 members of urban climate and environment policy teams, Beijing Municipal Research Institute of Environmental Protection, as well as officials from international organizations. On this day, Seoul and Beijing established the Joint Research Team for Reduction of Particulate Matter with participation by the Seoul Research Institute of Public Health and Environment, Beijing Municipal Research Institute of Environmental Protection, and the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Monitoring Center (BMEMC).

As the first cooperative project of the joint research organization, both cities will determine the Seoul-Beijing detailed analysis of particulate matter for close examination of the cause of atmosphere deterioration and evaluate the cause of volatile organic compounds while researching for reduction measures to be enforced starting in 2019. Results of the study are scheduled to be announced in late 2019.

Mayor Park Won-soon will meet with Chen Jining, the mayor of Beijing. Mayor Chen Jining visited Seoul for the March 2018, 3rd Annual Seoul-Beijing Joint Committee Conference and met with Mayor Park Won-soon to inspect Seoul’s excellent policy assets, including the Digital Mayor’s Office, TOPIS (Transport Operation & Information Service), and Seoullo 7017.

In the evening, the Mayor Park attended the Seoul-Beijing 25th Sister City Anniversary Concert, co-sponsored by Seoul and Beijing, at Beijing’s largest performance hall, the National Centre for the Performing Arts. The Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Orchestra opened the night with Arirang Fantasy and rewarded the audience with a special rendition of harmony and friendship between the Korean and Chinese cultures.

Mayor Park Won-soon Heads to Beijing to Bolster Cooperative Partnerships

Mayor Park Won-soon Heads to Beijing to Bolster Cooperative Partnerships

Mayor Park Won-soon will be visiting Beijing, China, for four days and three nights, from November 25-28, making it his first visit since his 2015 tour to Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

Seoul looks to fortify cooperative relations between Seoul and Beijing in light of the 25th anniversary of the two cities’ signing of the Sister Cities Agreement and the Korea-China Growth Conference for Governors and Mayors, held on a biannual basis. Mayor Park Won-soon will supervise the Korea-China Growth Conference for Governors and Mayors where the two countries’ metropolitan council heads will gather in Beijing and speak with Premier Li Keqiang of China.

The core agenda of this Beijing visit are lies in environmental cooperation, economic cooperation, and youth exchange.

First, at the 2nd Korea-China Growth Conference for Governors and Mayors, the topic of environmental cooperation will be taken up by the heads of both local governments to discuss practical matters regarding the bolstering of cooperative partnerships in terms of improving the air quality. Seoul will hold a Climate and Environment Cooperation Forum with Beijing to create a center of the political exchange of urban environmental policy teams.

Second, in regard to economic cooperation, large enterprises will accompany promising, SMEs and start-ups to help revitalize Chinese investments. The Seoul China Investment Week, from November 28-29, will be co-hosted with Bank of China to offer comprehensive support for varied business opportunities among domestic enterprises.

Third, Mayor Park is set to be the first Seoul mayor to give a lecture at China’s prestigious Peking University, meet with China’s future leaders, and visit Z-InnoWay, China’s hub for entrepreneurship.

Seoul to Operate Four ‘Custom Year-end’ Owl Bus Routes in Gangnam and Hongdae

Owl Bus

Seoul will newly organize and operate four owl buses temporarily at the year-end starting from Dec. 1, 2018 at 00:10 (to be operated until Dec. 30, 2018, 03:30).

Two additional buses will be added to each of the four owl bus routes in operation (N13, N15, N16, N26) that are to run through main downtown areas (Dongdaemun, Jongno, Euljiro, Seoul Station, etc.), with the plan to reduce the intervals of owl buses. Areas where owl buses are not normally operated will be linked with existing owl bus routes to offer passengers the convenience of taking the owl bus to their destinations instead of taking a late night taxi.

The 72 owl buses in nine bus routes will temporarily be extended to 92 buses in 13 routes (increase of 20 buses) in December for increased public transport convenience of citizens in the late hours at the end of the year.

The four routes to operate from 00:10 on Dec. 1 until 03:30 on Dec. 30 are N877 (Bukgajwa 2-dong – Hongik Univ. Station), N866 (Guro 3-dong – Yeouido Station), N854 (Sillim-dong – Konkuk Univ. Station), and N824 (Konkuk Univ. Station – Gangnam Station). The buses will operate five days a week during the fixed period (Wednesdays-Sundays) and will run on Dec. 25 (Tue) during the hours between 00:10 and 03:30 when great numbers of passengers are expected. Four of the existing owl bus routes operating in downtown areas (N13, N15, N16, N26) will be temporarily increased for the end of the year period.

Owl Bus Routes
No.Route No.Main StopsNumber of Operating BusesBus Intervals
First Bus
Last Bus
1N13Dongdaemun Station, Gangnam Station, Jamsil Station8→1025-3000:00
2N15Jonggak Station, Seoul Station, Noryangjin Station, Sadang Station8→1025-3500:00
3N16Suyu Station, Eulji-ro, Seoul Station, Sindorim Station8→1025-3000:10
4N26Cheongnyangni Station, Jonggak Station, Sinchon Station8→1030-3500:00

Temporary increase of owl buses

Temporary increase of owl buses
RoutesMain StopsNumber of Operating BusesBus IntervalsNumber of times operated
N877Ungam-dong Catholic Church, Myongji Univ., Yeonhui-dong, Hongik Univ. Station225-35 min.8
N866Namguro Station, Guro Digital Complex Station, Singil-dong, Yeongdeungpo Station, Yeouido Station325-35 min.9
N854Sillim Station, Sadang Station, Bangbae Station, Seoul Nat’l Univ. of Education Station, Gangnam Station425-35 min.8
N824Gangnam Station, Nonhyeon Station, Gangnam-gu Office Station, Cheongdam Station, Konkuk Univ. Station325-35 min. 9

Operation hours: 00:10-03:30
Operation period: Five days a week, Dec. 2, 2018 – Dec. 30, 2018 (Wednesdays-Sundays)

Fare: 2,150 KRW (same as existing owl bus fare)

Seoul to Register ‘Embedded Microchips’ in Pets

Seoul City is to actively support the ‘Embedded Animal Registration System’ to effectively prevent the loss and abandonment of pet dogs through embedded chips. Citizens can register for animal embedment at 10,000 KRW at over 900 animal hospitals starting in 2019. The city plans to realize ‘zero’ euthanasia of abandoned animals through accurate grasp of animal-raising status.

According to the ‘Animal Registration System,’ all pets over the age of 3 months must be registered. A serial number will be given to each animal, and the owner’s name, address, contact information, pet breed, and age will be registered in the Animal Protection Management System ( through chip embedment procedure, or collar or external chips. In case the registered pets get lost, owners of the pets will be easily identified through this system.

Embedded Microchips
Registration MethodInsertion of embedded electronic chipInstallation of external electronic tagAttachment of identification tag
FormInsertion of embedded electronic chipInstallation of external electronic tagAttachment of identification tag
Method of ProcedureA microchip the size of a grain of rice to be inserted under pet’s skin A collar with a pendant containing a microchipName tag with the owner’s name and contact information
Cost45,000-70,000 KRW15,000-25,000 KRW5,000-10,000 KRW

The ‘embedded animal registration’ involves the placement of a microchip the size of a grain of rice into the area between the animal’s shoulder blade, which is most effective in preventing pet loss or abandonment as compared to the external chip or dog tag that is susceptible to damage, loss, and destruction. The embedded chip will allow for speedy contact with the owners upon occurrence of pet loss accidents.

All pets of Seoul citizens are subject to embedded animal registration, and starting in 2019, embedded microchip animal registration can be made through a safe procedure of 10,000 KRW at over 900 animal hospitals throughout Seoul.

The number of abandoned pets decreased from 11,395 pets in 2013 to 8,632 pets in 2017 after the enforcement of the animal registration system in 2013. Seoul City plans to vitalize the embedded animal registration system to develop and enforce an animal welfare policy that will meet citizens’ demands.