Seoul Holds Seoul International Social Conference

Seoul Holds Seoul International Social Conference

Seoul is scheduled to hold the Seoul International Social Conference 2018 on the eighth floor of the Conference Hall of Seoul City Hall from October 25-26.

In line with the theme, “Communication, made by the people,” the Seoul International Social Conference 2018 will include the Seoul Social Conference on October 25, the first day of the conference, followed by the Seoul City Brand Forum on October 26. There will be lectures and discussions by domestic and foreign communications specialists and influencers on the topic of social media and city brands that have become a vital means of communication by the people.

Day 1 | Seoul International Social Conference – 10.25 (Thurs.) 10:00am – 4:00pm

The Seoul International Social Conference will open on the first day, focalizing upon the discussion on the essence of communication, rather than the media. The conference will deliver a soft yet impactful message on communication, a relatable keyword that all city residents are engaged in, no matter the field.
○ There will be a lectures and discussions by eight specialists within the fields of platform, contents, and future, throughout the three sessions of the conference. Participants will gain insight into stories told from different perspectives about communication that will lead to future communication, representing the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Day 2 | Seoul City Brand Forum – 10.26 (Fri.) 1:00pm – 5:40pm

The Seoul City Brand Forum will follow up opening day to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of I·SEOUL·U, presenting an opportunity for the search of a means of communication between city brands and residents alike through lectures by local specialists providing varied takes under the theme of “Your city, my city.”
○ There will be eight specialist lectures over the course three sessions, including a keynote address. Each session will be comprised of an academic session, case presentation by city, and roundtable discussions. Participants will gain an in-depth insight into the future direction of city branding, together with specialists.
○ Cases of urban and provincial branding will also be shared with the aim of seeking out a city brand development plan that enables public-centered communication.

In addition to presentations, public participatory events, including a performance by an a cappella group and the operation of a photo zone, will offer fun and enjoyment to participants. Detailed information about the conference’s participating speakers and programs can be found on the Seoul International Social Conference 2018 website ( The conference is open to the public and free of charge, however advanced registration online is required in order to attend. Online registration is available up through October 24 through the Seoul International Social Conference 2018 website.

Inquiries: Conference Secretariat – 82-2-772-9317

Seoul Hosts 2018 Jewelry Week

Seoul will host the Korean jewelry shopping festival, ‘The 3rd Jewelry Week’ for 16 days from October 16 – 31.

The ‘2018 Jewelry Week’ will comprise of three events

① The 「2019 S/S TRADESHOW Generation Next_ Seoul」 with an overseas buyers’ meeting and a collaborative jewelry showroom
– There will be a collaborative showroom that will showcase over 200 jewelry prototypes by 40 enterprises that were selected through Seoul’s jewelry prototype production support project in addition to an Asian and European buyers’ meeting with 100 fashion brands.

② 「2018 Seoul International Jewelry Conference」 for all notable figures of the world jewel distribution market
– At the conference, participants will discuss the new direction of the diamond industry and trends of the Asian colored jewelry market.

③ 「Ring Week in Seoul」, sales promotion event for jewelry recognition as a fashion item
– 「Ring Week in Seoul」, the main event of 2018 Jewelry Week, will be open for 13 days from October 19 – 31. At this event, which aims at eliminating the stereotype jewelry is expensive and expanding the culture of jewelry as fashion; 50 enterprises will take part to operate a market where visitors can purchase rings and other jewelry. This event will be an opportunity to introduce various and reasonable product information of jewelry to consumers.

○ For more information on events regarding online shopping malls and jewelry shops based in Seoul that will be a part of Jewelry Week, visit the ‘Jewelry Week website’ (

2018 Jewelry Week Poster

Seoul and Starbucks to install trial ‘disposable cup collection bins’ on streets

Seoul and Starbucks to install trial ‘disposable cup collection bins’ on streets

Seoul will install trial ‘disposable cup collection bins’ on streets with Starbucks Coffee Korea, the Ministry of Environment, and the Korea Zero Waste Movement Network to increase recovery of disposable cups on streets.

Seoul plans to install 17 bins in the tourist congested areas of Itaewon, vicinities of universities, Gwanghwamun, and other areas with floating populations located within the four districts of Jongno-gu, Yongsan-gu, Dobong-gu, and Dongjak-gu upon request by the end of this year.

Seoul will collect disposable cups and manage the collection bins through help of the autonomous districts. Starbucks will be responsible for the production, first installments, and repairs of these collection bins. A portion of the sales profit of tumblers and multi-use cups will be invested as funds. Seoul plans to continuously confer with autonomous districts and Starbucks regarding the design and management of the collection bins.

Amidst the announcement of the “comprehensive plan for Seoul with no disposable plastic,” which aims at reducing use of disposable plastics by 50%, and achieve 70% recycling between September 2018 and the year 2022, this trial project will allow for easier collection and sorting of disposable cups to increase the percentage of recycled items.

In addition to the installment of the disposable cup collection bins, Seoul and Starbucks will operate ‘disposable item-free trial stores’ where disposable items will not be offered to customers along with other plans to reduce use of disposable items.

Seoul promotes 「Seoul Without Disposable Plastic」

Seoul promotes 「Seoul Without Disposable Plastic」

Seoul revealed its goal to reduce use of disposable plastics by 50% and achieve up to 70% recycling by the year 2022 through the 「Seoul Without Disposable Plastic」 project.

Seoul plans to hold trial operations after the temporary opening in preparations for its official opening next spring. During the trial operation period, the states of local and foreign plants will be minutely observed to ensure stable settlement of the plants, and citizen opinions will be collected for any improvements or supplementations required for operation.

< Leading practice of zero disposable plastic use in public >

All disposable plastics will be removed from public institutions as to set an example. Seoul-affiliated organizations currently do not use disposable items in office buildings, and this will be implemented on civil consignment organizations by 2019. Starting next January, Seoul government office buildings will limit entrance of employees and citizens holding disposable cups and will install a temporary collection bin at each entrance to realize government office buildings with no disposable products.

Sports facilities, parks, and public sites will also practice reduction of disposable products. For shops, restaurants, and food trucks at sports facilities and parks, recycling bins will be installed at each location or permission to use disposable plastics must be acquired beforehand.

< Fortified development and publicity of citizen-initiative practice campaign>

Under the foundation of leading practice of public organizations, five disposable items used most commonly in daily life—cups, straws, plastic bags, delivery utensils, dry cleaning covers—will be selected and publicized to civic organizations to induce changes in the lifestyle of citizens.

Five individuals from each autonomous district, who will be resource circulation leaders for educating and publicizing reduction of disposable items and enforcement of recycling, will be selected annually for a total of 500 individuals to be trained by 2022. There will be the additional trial project, the Resource Circulation School, centered around Seoul Upcycling Plaza that will include education for youths to reduce disposable items, facility field trips and experiences.

< Establishment of distribution structure with no giving or receiving of disposable plastics >

In addition to leads by public organizations and the citizen practice campaign, the project will be expanded to civil organizations to manage use of disposable items at distribution centers, franchises, and other venues with heavy use of disposable items.

Business operators of legally permitted businesses and goods must conclude a relay voluntary practice agreement for the reduction of disposable items and to induce voluntary participation and practice of the public.

< Maximized recycling of used disposable plastics >

A collection and selection system and facilities will be expanded for maximized recycling of used disposable items. This will first be implemented in areas with single houses where recycled items are collected together, so that there will be specific days on which plastics will be collected and recycled.

Public infrastructure will be fortified through establishment and enlargement of recycling centers in autonomous districts while vehicles that collect recycled items will be replaced and automatic recycled items collectors and recycling equipment will be improved.

Public buildings, autonomous recycling centers, subway stations, and other unused spaces will be used to recreate an uncycling exhibit, experiences, a DIY shop and more for the creation of a Re&Up Cycle area and for the expansion of a recycling and upcycling culture. This will be centered around Seoul Upcycling Plaza located in Yongdap-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul.

Seoul promotes 「Seoul Without Disposable Plastic」

Seoul Botanic Park to open temporarily starting the 11th

‘Seoul Botanic Park’ will hold a six-month trial period following its temporary opening on October 11th and before its official opening in May of next year.

Seoul plans to hold trial operations after the temporary opening in preparations for its official opening next spring. During the trial operation period, the states of local and foreign plants will be minutely observed to ensure stable settlement of the plants, and citizen opinions will be collected for any improvements or supplementations required for operation.

During the trial operation period, all areas of Seoul Botanic Park will be open for free, and matter of payment for admission into the greenhouse and other facilities will be determined after considerable discussion and collection of opinions from citizens and experts.

Seoul Botanic Park to open temporarily starting the 11th

Seoul Botanic Park combines a ‘park’ where citizens can enjoy rest and leisure with a ‘botanic garden’ where plants are exhibited and visitors can learn to create a botanic park. Its total area is 504,000 ㎡, which is roughly the size of 70 soccer fields (7,140 ㎡ each), 2.2 times the size of Yeouido Park (229,000 ㎡) and approximately the size of Seoul Children’s Grand Park (536,000 ㎡). Seoul Botanic Park currently retains around 3,100 species of plants and plans to secure up to 8,000 species for collection, exchange, research, and propagation.

Seoul Botanic Park is directly connected to Magongnaru Station of Line 9 and the Airport Railroad (Exits 3, 4), which allows for fine accessibility. The park is located 30 minutes from Gangnam (Sinnonhyeon Station) and 40 minutes from Incheon International Airport.

The ‘Theme Garden’ that features an outdoor theme park and the Plant Culture Center (greenhouse, learning culture space) that exhibits 12 urban plants from around the world will be open from 09:00-18:00 while other sections will remain open around-the-clock.

I∙SEOUL∙U Holds Photo Event to Celebrate Its 3rd Anniversary

To celebrate the ‘3rd anniversary of I∙SEOUL∙U: The Seoul brand created by citizens,’ Seoul will hold a photo event with I∙SEOUL∙U. Participants can take a photo at one of the I∙SEOUL∙U locations installed at 14 Seoul’s attractions and attend the I∙SEOUL∙U 3rd anniversary event at Seoul Plaza on October 28th to take part in the event.

Participants will be given complimentary Seoul brand promotion souvenirs at Seoul Plaza. After confirmation of photo and a simple I∙SEOUL∙U survey, participants will spin a wheel to receive the souvenir. There will also be exciting performances, photo time with Haechi and various citizen participatory programs.

iseoulu 3rd anniversary event

  • How to participate
    • ○ Take a photo at an I∙SEOUL∙U location set up at specific Seoul’s attractions
    • ○ Receive confirmation at the I∙SEOUL∙U 3rd anniversary event at Seoul Plaza on October 28 (Sun.), 10:00-18:00, fill out a simple survey and spin the wheel to receive souvenirs
    • ○ Souvenir: I∙SEOUL∙U mood light, mug, water bottle, magnet, badge, etc.
    • ○ Enjoy various performances celebrating the 3rd anniversary of I∙SEOUL∙U (performance by Seoul’s representative B-boy group) and experience programs

Take a photo of iseoulu at one of Seoul’s attractions Upload the photo on SNS. #ISEOULU Celebrate 3rd anniversary of iseoulu at Seoul Plaza on October 28 (Sun.) Receive iseoulu souvenir

Present state of iseoulu sculpture installments

<14 locations with iseoulu symbol >
Seoul Plaza, Seoul Grand Park, World Cup Park, Seoul Children’s Grand Park, Yeouido Hangang Park, Dream Forest, Seoul Forest, Oil Tank Culture Park, Seoul Citizens Hall, Seoul Science Center, Seoul Upcycling Plaza, Seoul Startup Hub, Donuimun Museum Village, Sewoon Again

Present state of iseoulu sculpture installments
Seoul PlazaSeoul Grand Park
Seoul PlazaSeoul Grand Park
World Cup ParkSeoul Children’s Grand Park
World Cup ParkSeoul Children’s Grand Park
Yeouido Hangang ParkDream Forest
Yeouido Hangang ParkDream Forest
Seoul ForestOil Tank Culture Park
Seoul ForestOil Tank Culture Park
Seoul Citizens HallSeoul Science Center
Seoul Citizens HallSeoul Science Center
Seoul Upcycling PlazaSeoul Startup Hub
Seoul Upcycling PlazaSeoul Startup Hub
Donuimun Museum VillageSewoon Again
Donuimun Museum VillageSewoon Again

Seoul hosts “Fall Picnic with Dogs”

Come enjoy a fall picnic with family, friends, and lovers while walking your dogs at the World Cup Park on two Saturdays, October 13th and 20th, and enjoy breathing in the scent of autumn. This event will feature 10 abandoned dogs that have been listed as ▲abandoned · lost pets, ▲abandoned animals that received emergency treatment after being rescued by the city of Seoul and ▲pets under urgent care by the deaths of their guardians at Seoul Animal Care Center.

At this event, a part of Seoul’s “abandoned animal adoption cultural event”, citizens who are not ready to adopt, but want to spend time with animals will be given the opportunity to do so through a walk in the park.

Citizens who want to participate in the “Fall Picnic with Dogs” event can register online at Seoul Reservation for Public service website ( Residents can register alone or with family members, friends, and lovers. Minors must be accompanied by a guardian. To ensure adequate rest for animals, there will be two scheduled sessions on both the 13th and 20th at 13:00 and 15:00. Six teams per session, total of 24 teams, will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

This event on the 13th and the 20th at the World Cup Dog Park will have volunteers who will guide and accompany each team for the safety of all participants. Participating residents may also receive Polaroid service with the autumn park scenery as the background to treasure their memories with the dogs.

In addition to the walks, an “adoption event” will be held at the World Cup Dog Park from noon to 4 p.m. Citizens who did not take part in walking dogs can also visit the Dog Park to meet abandoned dogs waiting to be taken home to their new families.

Fall Picnic with Dogs
Fall Picnic with DogsFall Picnic with Dogs
Fall Picnic with DogsFall Picnic with Dogs

Art museum and concert at Seoul Grand Park

Art museum and concert at Seoul Grand Park

Seoul Grand Park will have the ‘Art Museum in the Zoo’ from October 9-21 under the theme of ‘Folk Painting Meets the Zoo’ that will include an animal illustration exhibit in folk painting and an animal mask ball performance and other events.

Ninety-six animal-themed folk paintings will unfold at the Entrance Plaza and the Carnivore Enclosure. In front of the Carnivore Enclosure, where a Siberian tiger was born in May 2018; visitors will encounter 22 tiger-themed paintings.

Animal Mask Ball
(Centennial Square → Zoo Entrance Plaza, 2 sessions/day (1st session 14:00, 2nd session 16:00 / Each session: 40 min.))
Put on your animal masks and come enjoy the exciting swing dance performances. Thirty swing dance experts will parade from the Centennial Square to the Zoo Entrance Plaza twice a day to show off their swing dance moves.

A variety of fun experiential programs (Zoo Entrance Plaza)
There will be various experiential programs such as making animal masks, wood-printing, etc. for visitors to fully enjoy ‘Art Museum in the Zoo’. Families are welcome to color and better understand folk paintings, and add more fun being at the zoo. Families can color folk paintings to better understand and enjoy attractions at the zoo.

Making animal masks (500 people daily on first come, first served basis)
Put on your own animal mask and tour the zoo for a memorable experience. Participants can paint their animal masks with folk painting paint to create stylish masks.

Folk painting woodprint experience (200 people daily on first come, first served basis)
Participants can paint ink and use hanji (Korean traditional paper) to decorate woodprints engraved with animals and plants in folk paintings.

Zoo in a handkerchief (300 people daily on first come, first served basis)
Participants can use animal pattern stencils and stamps to decorate their very own handkerchiefs. Take part in the experience to make beautiful handkerchiefs decorated with happy animals.

○ Build birdhouses and make wishes (100 people daily on first come, first served basis)
A program painting birdhouses will be available to accomplish the goal of helping birds that live in the rich nature of Seoul Grand Park get through the winter. Participants will paint completed birdhouses and hang messages of hope which will then be dried and hung on trees around Seoul Grand Park Lake Promenade. This will be a meaningful experience for participants to take part in an activity supporting animals.

Pink Muhly Grass in Full Bloom at Jamwon Hangang Park

Grass Garden’s Pink Muhly Grass Theme Park
Grass Garden’s Pink Muhly Grass Theme Park
Grass Garden’s Pink Muhly Grass Theme ParkGrass Garden’s Pink Muhly Grass Theme Park

Pink muhly and another 25 species of perennial plants are in full bloom in “Grass Garden,” a garden of about 6,000 ㎡ which was built in Jamwon Hangang Park, Seoul.

Hangang River’s “Grass Garden” is an unusual garden made up of various colors of grass, different from the usual flower gardens that can easily be seen. It offers a variety of landscapes over the seasons with its perennial plants that change colors and textures.

In particular, unlike the usual silver grass, this “Pink Muhly” theme garden, newly unveiling itself by Hangang River, is known for its beautiful atmosphere, coated in a uniform layer of pink. It is a perfect spot to take pictures in autumn, and is expected to attract the attention of both domestic and foreign tourists.

Directions to “Grass Garden”

· Subway: Jamwon station, Exit 4 > Jamwon Hanshin Apartment > Hangang Park Sinjamwon IC > Grass Garden
· Bus: Take Blue bus 143, 362, or Green bus 4318 and get off at Jamwon Hanshin Apartment

Seoul to Install Emergency Sanitary Pad Dispensers in Ten Public Facilities

Seoul to Install Emergency Sanitary Pad Dispensers in Ten Public Facilities

Seoul will launch a pilot project for the installation of emergency sanitary pad dispensers in ten public restrooms starting October 8th in order to ease the inconveniences that women may face in everyday life and promote women’s health rights.

The ten locations at which these dispensers will be installed are: ▴Gwangjin Youth Center, ▴Guro Youth Center, ▴Seoul Metropolitan Library, ▴Seoul Science Center, ▴Seoul Museum of Art, ▴Seoul Museum of History, ▴Buk Seoul Museum of Art, ▴Seoul Women’s Plaza, ▴Jungbu Women’s Development Center, and the ▴Taiwha Christian Community Center.

There will be two types of emergency sanitary pad dispensers: ① a lever-system dispenser that offers free sanitary pads, and ② a coin dispenser that offers free sanitary pads upon insertion of a coin received at the Information Desk. The dispenser types to be used at each facility were determined based on countermeasures regarding the possibility of abuse.

The “installation of emergency sanitary pad dispensers in public facility restrooms” is a matter that was continuously requested by citizens. This is reflective of the heightened social interest about public sanitary pad dispensers, as a direct outcome of the international trend and New York’s announcement regarding the “supply of free tampons in state schools.” A collection of citizens’ opinions from June showed that 92% (1,350 votes) responded “in favor to the installation of free sanitary pad dispensers in public facilities.”

Seoul City plans to provide facilities with dispensers, sanitary pads, coins and posters for the pilot project. It will also collect data on daily sanitary pad use along with the citizens’ feedback in cooperation with the applicable facilities in order to undertake an analysis of the results at the end of the year. An operating manual will also be published and distributed by the end of the year to promote the installation of emergency sanitary pad machines.

Public Facilities Subject to the Installation of Emergency Sanitary Pad Dispensers

Public Facilities Subject to the Installation of Emergency Sanitary Pad Dispensers
Seoul Museum of ArtFreeJung-gu
Seoul Women’s PlazaFreeDongjak-gu
Jungbu Women’s Development CenterFreeMapo-gu
Taehwa Christian Community CenterFreeGangnam-gu
Seoul Metropolitan LibraryCoinJung-gu
Seoul Museum of HistoryCoinJongno-gu
Seoul Science CenterCoinNowon-gu
Buk Seoul Museum of ArtCoinNowon-gu
Gwangjin Youth CenterCoinGwangjin-gu
Guro Youth CenterCoinGuro-gu

※ The emergency sanitary pad supply pilot project will operate either free dispensers or free coin dispensers.
– Free dispenser: Turn the lever with no payment necessary to receive a sanitary pad.
– Free coin dispenser: Receive a coin at the Information Desk, insert it into the coin slot and turn the lever to receive a sanitary pad.

Seoul to Hold a Hangeul Week Event in Honor of Hangeul Day

Seoul to Hold a Hangeul Week Event in Honor of Hangeul Day

In honor of the 600-year anniversary of King Sejong’s enthronement and the 572nd anniversary of Hangeul Day, the city of Seoul will host an event from October 6 to 14 that will shine a light on the changes that the influence and value of the Korean language has brought upon Seoul and its citizens.

The event will begin on October 6th with a proclamation ceremony for Hangeul week at Seoul Citizens Hall. This exhibit will comprise three themes: various cases of communal languages that were improved in Seoul, cultural property signs that were revised to help citizens better understand, and the linguistic differences between the two Koreas as a stepping stone towards a mature inter-Korean exchange. The exhibit will prove significant in that it is the result of cooperation between the National Institute of Korean Language and Korean language groups.

On October 9, Hangeul Day, a citizen flower offering event for King Sejong the Great (Gwanghwamun Square) and a surprise flash mob celebrating Hangeul Day will take place around Hongdae and Seoullo 7017. The “Hangeul Playground” that is scheduled to open at Seoul Citizens Hall will offer Hangeul curling for the whole family to enjoy on the holiday, together with many other experiential activities for citizens.

2018 Seoul Street Arts Festival

2018 Seoul Street Arts Festival

The <2018 Seoul Street Arts Festival> will be held throughout Seoul at Seoul Plaza, Gwanghwamun Square, Sejong-daero, Donuimun Museum Village and Namsangol Hanok Village for four days from October 4-7. Artist teams representing ten countries including France, Spain, Poland, England, and Belgium will partake in the festival to debut a total of 46 street art performances.

At Seoul Plaza will be large midair performances by over 200 citizens and artists, and in front of the Seoul Metropolitan Library will be enthralling diving performances to showcase to the public. On 20 large blocks installed at Gwanghwamun Square there will be fused, enrapturing dance and circus performances.

On the last day of the festival, Sejong-daero will close its 11 lanes to create a car-free zone and become a large-scale stage and playground for public participation. Participants will not want to miss out on street art activities like domino making with large paper boxes, chalk drawing on the asphalt, storytelling bus exclusively for children, and circus experiences that include tightrope walking and juggling that can only be enjoyed this one day of the year.

The theme of this year’s festival is ”Unity in Differences.” Participating teams will not perform separately but will perform in collaboration in groups of local and overseas teams together with resident artists, community groups, and general citizens, and each performance will be connected and unified in omnibus form.

Main programs of the 「2018 Seoul Street Arts Festival」 include the ① Opening Program, ② Closing Program, ③ 33 officially invited productions and 13 free participation productions, ④ citizen artists, ⑤ “Let’s play with Gildong” designed by volunteers, and ⑥ the 2018 Seoul Street Arts Festival International Forum.

More information about the festival is available at the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture’s Seoul Street Arts Festival website (