Mayor Won-soon Park Visits Paris, France to Attend Climate Change Summit

Mayor Won-soon Park Visits Paris, France to Attend Climate Change Summit

Mayor Won-soon Park made an official visit to Paris, France on December 12, 2017 to attend the One Planet Summit held in Paris, marking the second anniversary of the Paris Agreement.

This summit was co-sponsored by the French government, the United Nations, and the World Bank, with Mayor Park attending as the district government representative and president of ICLEI, at the invitation of French president Emmanuel Macron and Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo.

To the extent that Seoul has been leading the way in responding to climate change more than any other city in the world, Mayor Park communicated the importance of the role of local governments as an ambassador of climate change response, informing the world of Seoul’s efforts and achievements.

In his presentation, Mayor Park emphasized that the most important part of responding to climate change is ‘citizen participation’, and introduced the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s policies for climate change response including the representative ‘One Less Nuclear Power Plant’ and ‘Seoul’s Promise’ policies which are being promoted by the City of Seoul as the core drivers of citizen participation, along with the ‘Promise of Ambitious Cities’ project for spreading ‘Seoul’s Promise’ to Southeast Asian cities.

To accompany this, also being introduced is the new ‘City of the Sun, Seoul’ project, which was announced in November 2017 with the aim of propagating solar power to the capacity of one nuclear power plant (1GW) via distribution of mini solar packages to 1 million households by 2022. A new investment model was also introduced where citizens invest and share profits, similar to a citizens’ fund.

Myeongdong Lantern Festival

Held for about 2 months each year around Christmas in the Myeongdong Special Tourism District of Seoul, the Myeongdong Lantern Festival is an event where Seoul citizens and foreign tourists alike can enjoy the exciting holiday mood. Under the theme of “Myeongdong Tour Seen in Lights”, the 2017 Seoul Lantern Festival will be commence with the lighting ceremony on December 1st, 2017, and run through January 15th, 2018, for a total of 46 days. During the festival period, colorfully lighted streets are set up for Myeongdong-gil and Jungang-gil, which feature a large, 15m-high Christmas tree, LED lights on street trees, photo-zones, and much more.

Period: December 1st, 2017 to January 15th, 2018
Location: In and around Myeongdong-gil and Jungang-gil / Exit 6 of Myeongdong Station (Line 4)

Myeongdong Lantern Festival

Myeongdong Lantern Festival

Myeongdong Lantern Festival

Myeongdong Lantern Festival

Myeongdong Lantern Festival

Myeongdong Lantern Festival

BTS to Sing a Song to Talk about Seoul’s Charms

BTS to Sing a Song to Talk about Seoul’s Charms

BTS, a global Hallyu boy group that has expanded its popularity worldwide including to the Americas and Europe, will sing a song with lyrics that talk about the various charms and appeals of Seoul to introduce the city to the world.

The city of Seoul released a song track sung by BTS called “WITH SEOUL” on December 6th, 2017, announcing it on the Seoul Tourism website ( Anyone may download the song and watch the music video on YouTube ( starting from December 13, 2017.

With the message that “Seoul is a heartwarming city, a city like a friend, a city of excitement” in the lyrics, it emphasized how the city can be a special place for anyone. Towards the end of the song the Seoul city brand is also introduced through rap lyrics that say, “I can feel you in this city, I·SEOUL·U, You, I, Seoul”.

BTS plans to utilize the Seoul song in major events in Korea and overseas, in production of PR video materials, and at international PR booths. The song will also be spread throughout the world by BTS’ concerts, not only in Korea but around the globe.

2017 Seoul Strasbourg Christmas Market

2017 Seoul Strasbourg Christmas Market

2017 Seoul Strasbourg Christmas Market

< 2017 Seoul Strasbourg Christmas Market >

Don’t miss out on this traditional European Christmas Market organized by the Strasbourg Tourist Office in France.

2017 Seoul Strasbourg Christmas Market
Period: December 15 (Fri.) – December 31 (Sun.), 2017
Time: Weekdays 17:00~22:00, Weekends 15:00~21:00 (no colons)
Location: The Yeouido Hangang Park Event Plaza
Major Attractions: Food Zone with an array of food trucks, Shopping Zone for handicrafts, Strasbourg Zone to enjoy the gorgeous scenery of Christmas in Europe, and various performances and experiential programs.

Seoul Examined through Statistics, “Seoul Statistical Yearbook 2017” published

Seoul Examined through Statistics, Seoul Statistical Yearbook 2017 published

What was a day in Seoul like in 2016? Every day an average of 206 babies were born, and 119 people passed away. 157 couples got married, 49 couples divorced, 7,810,000 and 4,280,000 people used the subway and buses, respectively, and an average of 0.95 person died in traffic accidents.

As of the end of 2016, the total population of Seoul was 10,204,000, a decrease of 93,081 from the previous year, while the number of registered foreigners was 273,000, accounting for 2.7% of the entire Seoul population. The average age of Seoul citizens was 41.1, a slight increase from 40.6 of the previous year.

Meanwhile, the consumer price index rose by 8.1% compared to 5 years ago (2011). Looking at major items, the price of cigarettes saw a significant increase of 80.8%, urban railway fees by 35.0%, and downtown bus fees by 29.5%. In contrast, the cost of gasoline fell by 24.1%, and mackerel and laundry detergent by 23.1% and 22.2%, respectively.

The percentages of each transportation type used by an average Seoul citizen in a day (as of the end of 2015) were subway and railroad 39.3%, bus 26.5%, personal car 23.0%, and taxi 6.8%, with the subway Line 2 shown as the most used subway line.

Seoul city has published its ‘Seoul Statistical Yearbook 2017’, in which the social lifestyles of Seoul during 2016 can be viewed through 342 major statistics in 20 categories including population, economy, housing, education, and transportation. The report has been disclosed on the Seoul Statistics website.

Website: (Publications → Statistical Yearbook)

Before presenting detailed statistical data, it shows “A Day in Seoul” in a single page, allowing the statistics of Seoul during 2016 to be easily understood at a glance through simple and concise graphs of 19 different categories including ▴population, ▴labor, ▴electricity, ▴water supplies, ▴consumer prices, and many more.

View “A Day in Seoul” statistics:

I·SEOUL·U Holds Korea’s First Flash Mob Awards Ceremony

I·SEOUL·U Holds Korea’s First Flash Mob Awards Ceremony

I·SEOUL·U , the brand of Seoul Metropolitan Government, is holding a flash mob awards ceremony to cheer for the citizens who keep hope while living a hectic life in Seoul. The awards ceremony will start at 2PM on December 8 in the waiting room of Seoul Station.

I·SEOUL·U will hold a flash mob event with approximately 80 members of the Korea University Cheerleading Association (KUCA) from 12 universities, where prizes are awarded “by citizens to citizens.”

The prizewinning works of the storytelling contest for I·SEOUL·U “Seoul for Us” implicitly express Seoul and the stories of living in Seoul as seen by foreigners, people with disabilities, North Korean defectors, and married immigrant women.

The top prize was awarded to “Story of Seoul in the Imagination of Us,” a video which imaginatively narrates a story hidden within the hectic life of day and night in Seoul. The creator of this work depicts a day in Seoul where tyrannosaurus dinosaurs come to work every morning to drive the elevators in downtown Seoul, the duck pedal-boats on the peaceful Hangang River fight fiercely to secure their positions, and buildings that twinkle every night use the people in them to send signals to one another. This piece won high points both from the panel of expert judges and through an online vote by citizens. With witty imagination, a fundamental character of the storyteller, it expressed the interesting daily life of Seoul.

In particular, this contest drew attention due to participation by a number of foreigners, from places including Mexico, Egypt and China. The creator of “The Story of Seoul by an Overseas Student from Mexico”, who first came to Seoul as a tourist and later as a university student, expressed that he hopes to spend most of his life in Seoul in order to make Seoul a “better place for all” as he met friendly people in Seoul who reminded him of his home town. Seoul, as seen by foreigners, has grown into a very special city filled with diverse cultures.

Grand Prize: Story of Seoul in the Imagination of Us, First Prize: Story of Seoul by a Man and Woman from Hamgyeong-do, Participation Prize: Story of Seoul by a Student from Mexico

Some of the prizewinning works have excellent quality, fit to be used even as a theme song for I·SEOUL·U. Overall, a large number of the works were moving stories based on actual events and moving messages to Seoul. The prizewinning works will be utilized in publicizing the value of I·SEOUL·U “Seoul for Us” to citizens.

Getting Ready for a Party! Wanna Join?

Hello, I am Ulrike and I am from Germany.
And today, I will challenge wedding dresses and
I will also challenge dresses for the award ceremony.

Hello. Hello.
Please tell me if you find something you want to try.
This one? Do you like voluminous dress?
I see.
Try this one and
Would you like to try this slim one as well??
Because it could be different if you actually wear it.
This one has sleeves,
and this one is shining.
This is really pretty.
Do you want to try this one?
Wow, like a real bride. So pretty.
You look more like princess with voluminous dress.
These shining beads look great on you as well.
I really like this. Like Cinderella?
Oh, this is so elegant.
Actually I think I like this better than the other one.
Even though I wanted to have a Cinderella dress,
this is kind of more elegant.
This is more comfortable. It’s free.

And what are these dresses?
Oh, those dresses are what celebrities wear.
Please come here.
So cool.
IU wore this dress before.
Yes. Do you like pink?
Yeah, I really like pink.
KARA wore this dress as well.
KARA, too?
Oh my God, I can’t believe both of them wore this.

I think I prefer the pink one that IU wore.
Because it was so pretty and short.
You can dance in it, and it’s just blow in the wind.
It was perfect. I really liked it.
You became IU today because you are wearing that dress.
It’s so different.
More like grown up I think than the pink one.
Because the pink one was younger feeling,
and this is more like grown up.

We challenged on dresses through Seoul Challengers,
and how do you feel?
I really liked it. It’s such a special experience
because I’ve never been in this kind of store.
So it’s really amazing to try all these beautiful dresses
because you only wear those dresses in special events, right?
And now I had opportunity to wear them.
Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Q. What was the most memorable challenge out of the 5 challenges?
I think you can really call them challenges
because for example, the photo shoot, that wasn’t easy at all.
But overall, I really liked it. It was a great experience
and really something completely new.
I am so happy that I could wear these high-end fashion clothes.
It was so cool.

Q. How do you feel about completing the 5 challenges?
I would really want to visit Korea again.
Because I really like it here.
Especially Seoul, Seoul is one of my favorite big cities.
I really love it here, just like everything,
the atmosphere, culture, foods…
and especially or actually, I also want to live here
because I like here so much.

The next Seoul Challengers is you!

Come to Hongdae at 10:30PM!

Hello. I’m Collin from the United States.
Today, I came to look at street culture in Hongdae,
as well as go to a noraebang.
So I hope you guys can enjoy my singing.
Seoul Challenge is go!

Wow! How did I get that score??
So I just really enjoy myself doing that, and with noraebang,
But it’s 10:30pm in Seoul right now
and people are outside.
There are a lot of people actually.
And people are enjoying themselves and
it’s really nice because you don’t have to worry about anything.
It’s so safe here.
And I love that so much,
so that’s why I stay up a lot longer than I would back at home.

Q. What was the most memorable challenge out of the 5 challenges?
So my favorite one out of the 5 Seoul challenges that I did
was the dancing challenge.
I love dancing so much,
so just being able to learn some choreography from the person who actually made it
was really enjoyable for me and it was such a great honor for me to partake in that challenge.
So it was really nice.
I didn’t know how to make makgeolli,
so I’m really excited because I personally like makgeolli so I was really happy to make it.
With sports, I learned that I can’t really play sports at all.
I’m really bad.
So I’m going to challenge myself more to work hard and learn sports.

Q. How do you feel about completing the 5 challenges?
So I really enjoyed doing these challenges,
as it made me learn something new.
This was such a great experience, and like myself,
you can also participate in these Seoul Challenges.

The next Seoul Challengers is you!

I’d Like to Have Food Delivered to the Hangang River!

Hello, everyone. I’m Deng jing from China.
I’m at Hangang River, one of the most scenic places in Seoul.
Today, I’m going to order delivery food at Hangang.
It’s going to be awesome to eat delivery food
while admiring the beautiful view of Hangang River.
Today I have a friend with me to enjoy delivery food.

This is my friend Jeongwon Lee.
Say hello to the viewers.
Hello. Hello.
We are going to order chicken and pizza.
Jeongwon, can you order the food?
Hello. We’re at Ttukseom Island now. Do you deliver here? Great!
One pizza and one chicken, please.
Thank you.

Did you order?
When is the food coming? How long do we have to wait?
They’re going to deliver to Exit 3 of Ttukseom Resort Station.
It’ll take around 30 minutes.
30 minutes?
Awesome. Let’s wait.

My face is bigger.

I’m so hungry. When’s the food coming?
Me too. I haven’t eaten anything.
Me too. We’re waiting.
Isn’t that the delivery man?
Hello? Great. Thank you!

Thank you.
Bon appetit!
Thank you.
Thank you.

At last! I’m so excited.
I think we ordered too much.
This is a lot!
My favorite!

So refreshing!
Let’s eat!
Bon appetit!
Let’s do this!
Sis, do you like the leg?
I love the leg.
I prefer the breast meat.
You do?
We’re perfect for each other!
Look how quiet we’ve become since the food arrived.
I know.

Want some pizza?
Yes, please!
Wow, that looks spicy.
It’s not that spicy.
You’re right.
Wow, this is quite good.
I know.
Let’s toast with the pizza.
Don’t forget the beer.
The beer is so refreshing and tasty.
I agree.
This is the best.

Let’s come again next time!
Sure thing.

Back at home, there are no rivers.
So eating chicken and drinking beer by a beautiful riverside was quite a treat for me.
I love the fact that in Seoul, you can enjoy the great view of the river while eating delicious chicken and beer.
I feel great.

Q. What was the most memorable challenge out of the 5 challenges?
Out of the five challenges,
I enjoyed eating chicken and beer while chatting with my friend the most.
It was so much fun.
If you ever visit Seoul,
experience as many things as possible.
Seoul has so many delicious restaurants and fun activities available.
You won’t regret visiting.

Q. How do you feel about completing the 5 challenges?
The five challenges experience was awesome.
I encourage you all to visit Seoul and
try out for the Seoul Challengers event.

The next Seoul Challengers is you!

Silver Waves in Seoul

Hello, everyone.
I’m Yui from Japan.
Today I am going to check out the Seoul Silver Grass Festival at Haneul Park.
Here comes the Seoul Challengers. Let’s go!
I’m taking the Toad Bus to get to the festival venue.
This is awesome! Let’s go!

At night, the lighting makes the place even more beautiful.
There’s a lot of people because of the festival.
The bus line was very long.
We’re here!
Haneul Park! Yay!
Should I pose like this?
One, two, three!
Silver grass!
Feels like fall!
Lots of couples!
The event is great for families, couples and everyone.
When you’re in Seoul, make sure to check out the Seoul Silver Grass Festival.

I’m going to drink some water.
This is the Hangang River.
Wow! Fantastic!
What’s that? I’m checking it out.

How are you doing?
There’s silver grass everywhere!
It looks like couples put up these locks
as a symbol of their unchanging love.
There’s another photo zone here.

The Seoul Silver Grass Festival is held in October each year.
I didn’t realize
it would be this large and beautiful.

Q. What was the most memorable challenge out of the 5 challenges?
Among the five challenges,
I enjoyed the Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market the most.
There was so much tasty food.
I enjoy eating tremendously.

Q. How do you feel about completing the 5 challenges?
Before I took part in the challenge, I was unaware of the fact that Seoul had so many interesting events and policies.
It was a pleasure to learn about the events and policies,
and I look forward to finding out more about them and experiencing more of Seoul.
Try out for the Seoul Challengers!

The next Seoul Challengers is you!

Kids Went to the Biggest Fireworks Festival in the World

Hello. We are Jasper’s family.
Today we are going to challenge
Hanwha Seoul International Fireworks Festival!
Look, look, look!
It’s like bugs or something. They are flying!
Wonderful ~
I know, I see, honey!

It’s a beautiful night, the weather is perfect!
There are so many people in this packed area,
but it feels really exciting just to be here with everybody.

Oh, those are cool.
Jasper, which ones do you like?
I like the blue ones!
Green and blue, green and blue!
Boom, boom, green and blue, buddy, green and blue!
Oh my gosh!
Do you see those smiley faces?
It’s so cool~
I know.
Oh, it’s so beautiful!
Blue, blue, blue, blue!
Catch it, catch it, catch it, boom, boom, boom, boom!
I love you.
Look at this fireworks!
I know, look at it! Ah, baby…

It’s so exciting because of the fireworks.
To see my kids experience the lights and the fireworks.
So it feels like a really magical evening.

Q. What was the most memorable challenge out of the 5 challenges?
Of all the things that we’ve done on this challenge,
I really enjoyed the Lotte Seoul Sky,
because I watched it being built for 5 years
and it was fun to actually be in there,
and be so high up. .

But I would also say that this evening is really, really memorable.
because we are leaving Seoul,
I think has it more memorable for me.
And has just reminded me that Seoul is a really special city.
Just full of things to do and places to make memories,

Q. How do you feel about completing the 5 challenges?
I just feel honored that we were able to do this and
to have fun experiencing things through my kids’ eyes.
Anyone who is looking for something fun to do in Seoul
can do these Seoul challenges.

The next Seoul Challengers is you!

Seoul City to Run On-demand Night Owl Bus in Gangnam, Hongdae for Year-end Season

Seoul City to Run ‘Year-end Custom’ Night Owl Bus in Gangnam, Hongdae

Approaching the end of the year, Seoul city is setting up and running two Night Owl Bus routes for a limited time starting from 12:00AM December 8, 2017 (expected to run until 3:30AM January 1, 2018). The routes were selected to provide convenient use of transportation for citizens going home late at night toward the end of the year, based on areas of frequent passenger refusal by taxis, number of passengers for Night Owl buses, and big data analysis of taxi hailing and arrival points.

There is a plan to also add two buses per route for the three Night Owl bus routes (N13, N15, N26) running in the major downtown areas to reduce the wait time in between Night Owl buses passing through downtown.

The two routes running from 12:00AM December 8, 2017 to 3:30AM January 1, 2018 are numbers N854 (Sadang Station – Konkuk University Station) and N876 (Saejeol Station – Yeouido Station). During that period, they are scheduled to run for 5 days a week (Wed. – Sun.), as well as from 12AM to 3:30AM on December 25, 2017 (Mon.) and January 1, 2018 (Mon.), when a large number of passengers is expected.

The two routes were decided based on big data analysis of year-end late night taxi hailing and arrival for the Gangnam and Hongik University station areas which have a high incidence of passenger refusal by taxis, and are expected to be a great help to passengers travelling short distances. Not only will the late night bus intervals be shortened on the main streets with high transportation demand, but the existing Night Owl bus routes and transfers will also be more convenient.

The N854 route will pass Gangnam Station, which has high traffic demand; the Yeoksam and Nonhyeon areas, which have high taxi arrival overall; and the Sadang, Isu, and Konkuk University Stations, which have high rates of taxi passenger refusal. The existing Night Owl routes such as N13, N37, and N61 will also be available for transfer via the N854 bus.

The N876 route will include Hongik University Station, which has high traffic demand; Eungam-dong, Dangsan, Yeongdeungpo, which have high taxi arrival; and also Yeouido Station, which has high rates of taxi passenger refusal. Transfer will also be convenient for the existing Night Owl routes N16, N26, N62, and N65.

Of the existing Night Owl routes in service in the downtown area, the number of buses for three routes (N13, N15, and N26) will be increased temporarily for the end of the year.

In the downtown area, due to high incidence of taxi passenger refusal around the Seoul Station, Jonggak Station, Jongno 2-3ga, and Dongdaemun, routes which stop often in such areas have been selected for an increase in buses.

Also, routes which serve stops where a large number of passengers ride were selected for an increase in the number of buses using the passenger data from the previous year for the year-end Night Owl buses.

Seoul City to Run ‘Year-end Custom’ Night Owl Bus in Gangnam, Hongdae
Serial Number Route Number Main Stops Buses in Service Distance Interval
First / Last Bus
1 N13 Dongdaemun Station,
Gangnam Station,
Jamsil Station
8→10 74.5 ㎞ 25~30 min 00:00
2 N15 Jonggak Station,
Seoul Station,
Noryangjin Station,
Sadang Station
8→10 76.0 ㎞ 25~35 min 00:00
3 N26 Cheongnyangni Station, Jonggak Station,
Sinchon Station
8→10 72.3 ㎞ 30~35 min 00:00

The temporary extra buses will be deployed between 1 and 2AM, when the extended service for downtown buses has ended. The interval time for the Night Owl bus routes at this time will be shortened by 10 minutes, which is predicted to contribute to relief of year-end late night traffic demand for the downtown area.

Starting mid-month, Seoul city also plans to implement an extension of bus service to 1AM for main areas in Seoul, to offer convenience of late night transport for citizens in all areas of Seoul.

Year-End Custom Night Owl Bus Service Summary

  • ○ Affected Route Sections
    Affected Route Sections
    Route Main Stops Buses in Service Distance Interval Trips
    N854 Sadang Station, Gangnam Station,
    Express Bus Terminal Station
    3 38.0 ㎞ 35-45 min 6
    N876 Hongik University Station, Yeongdeungpo Station, Yeouido Station 3 38.9 ㎞ 35-45 min 6
  • ○ Time: 12:00AM – 3:30AM
  • Period: 12.8.2017 – 1.1.2018, 5 days service per week (Wed. – Sun.)
    Period: 12.8.2017 – 1.1.2018, 5 days service per week (Wed. – Sun.)
    Service Dates Service Times
    Dec. 8 Fri. 00:00 – 03:30
    Dec. 9 Sat.
    Dec. 10 Sun.
    Dec. 13 Wed.
    Dec. 14 Thu.
    Dec. 15 Fri.
    Dec. 16 Sat.
    Dec. 17 Sun.
    Dec. 20 Wed.
    Dec. 21 Thur.
    Dec. 22 Fri.
    Dec. 23 Sat.
    Dec. 24 Sun.
    Dec. 25 Mon.
    Dec. 27 Wed.
    Dec. 28 Thur.
    Dec. 29 Fri.
    Dec. 30 Sat.
    Dec. 31 Sun.
    Jan. 1, 2018 Mon.
  • ※ Service to be provided on December 25 (Mon.) and January 1 (Mon.), 12:00AM – 03:00AM due to high passenger expectancy

    Fare: 2,150 won (same as Night Owl bus)