Advertisement materials at subway stations and underground shopping malls to be reviewed in advance to improve gender equality

  • – Seoul City to expand the application of anti-gender-equality review system to all of advertisement produced by Seoul Metro and the Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation
  • – After the test period until the end of this year, the system to be applied to all twenty of the city government-funded organizations starting from 2018

SEOUL, KOREA, September 8, 2017 – There are an estimated 12,900 advertisements and promotional materials at subway stations, underground shopping malls, and other public places with large floating population in Seoul. From now on, those advertisements will be reviewed in advance to check if they contain any content against gender equality.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced that it would hold monthly advisory meetings to access the public advertisement’s influential effects on the gender issue to apply the “anti-gender-equality review system” to all of advertisements and promotional materials produced by Seoul Metro and Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation.

So far, the SMG has applied the review system only to advertisement materials directly produced by the city government. Through this system, the city government has revised and improved its policies and programs into more gender-friendly and gender equality. For example, after the reviewing meeting, the length of hand straps on the subway trains were changed in two according to the average height of men and women. In the past, the length of hand straps was fixed only to the average height of men.

Seoul Metro operates Seoul’s subways and stations and the Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation manages all of underground shopping malls in Seoul and the World Cup Stadium. Because the two organizations take care of public facilities and provide services closely to the citizens, this measure to review the advertisement materials in advance might make more improvements and change the citizens can feel directly.

If it is a commercial advertisement made by the private sector, the SMG provides a check list to advertising agencies so that they are able to examine if there is any gender discriminating contents. The check list states the law and ordinance the agencies must follow, and also contains self-regulating guidelines to protect women from discrimination in the advertisement. The guidelines include the self-checkup if the materials contain the stereotyping of roles of women and men; the gender discrimination and denigration; the obsession with beauty and entrenched “lookism”; and other anti-gender equality contents.

After the test period until the end of this year, the system will be revised and applied to all twenty of the city government-funded organizations starting from 2018.

Extended Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway opened to the public after 60 years of off-limits

  • – The 100-meter part of the walkway once occupied by the British Embassy to Korea has been restored and was opened to the public as of August 30, 2017
  • – After two years of discussion between Seoul City and the Embassy, the two reached the agreement to give it back to the citizens
  • – In cooperation with the Embassy and the Cultural Heritage Administration, Seoul City repaired the road and wall within the restored walkway , and installed streetlights for visitors

SEOUL, KOREA, September 5, 2017 – Now, the citizens and visitors are allowed to walk on the once-closed part of the Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway, one of the most popular pedestrian streets especially during the fall foliage season.

The 100-meter part of the walkway, from the back gate of the British Embassy to Korea to the front of the residential building for the Embassy personnel, had been occupied until recently by the British Embassy since 1959 and remained off-limits to the public for nearly 60 years. However, it has restored and was opened to the public as of August 30, 2017.

Historically, this part of the walkway had been usually used for both congratulatory and funeral ceremonies by King Gojong, the twenty-sixth king of the Joseon Dynasty and the first Emperor of Korea, and King Sonjong, the second and the last Emperor. It also served as the main road leading to the Seonwonjeon Hall, where portraits of former kings were enshrined and where ancestral rites were performed, the Russian Legation, and Gyeonghuigung Palace.

In October 2014, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) started to request the British Embassy to restore and return it to the public. Then Mayor Park Won-Soon met with then-Ambassador Scott Wightman in November of the same year, and the two had a consensus about the need for its restoration. In May 2015, the SMG and the Embassy signed a memorandum of understanding and have since been working together for the restoration.

Since then, the SMG had repaired the pedestrian roads and wall of this part, and installed new streetlights in cooperation with the British Embassy and the Cultural Heritage Administration.

Because the stonewall walkway that has restored this time is relatively low and more curved, visitors are able to enjoy a more peaceful view of the palace at a very quiet atmosphere. The red-colored wall confronting the stonewall, and British-style red brick-made building make this place more traditional and also exotic. At night, soft and ambient lightings add more picturesque beauty to the palace.

The restored walkway is some 100 meters out of the 170 meter-long walkway on the British Embassy’s compound. Remaining 70 meters are still off-limits. The SMG plans to discuss further with the British Embassy to restore the remaining one as well.

Meanwhile, the Cultural Heritage Administration is working on the restoration of the King Gojong’s Trail, which will be completed within this year. This trail will be connected to the Deoksusung stonewall, Jeongdong Park and finally the Jeongdong-gil, making it an uninterrupted pedestrian road.

Mayor Park said, “It is very meaningful to return some part of the Deoksugung stonewall walkway to our citizens. We expect that this area will be a historic trail and also a signature place where well explains about Seoul City’s vision to become a walkable city.” He also added that he would continue his efforts to restore the remaining part of the walkway in order to make this road an all-connected walkway.

Enjoy Culture at Oil Tank Culture Park

Enjoy Culture at Oil Tank Culture Park

The Mapo Oil Depot, a grade 1 security facility which has been strictly prohibited from public access and usage over the past 41 years, has been transformed into an environment-friendly culture space featuring festivals, performances, exhibitions and village markets since September 1, 2017.
The Seoul Metropolitan Government is operating various participatory programs created, produced, and shared among citizens at the Oil Tank Culture Park.

Culture Plaza

○ Dalsijang, My Family’s Lifestyle
– Dalsijang market is an environment-friendly village market held around the time the moon comes out that does not use any disposable goods. The market taking place at Culture Plaza is held on the second Saturday of each month and participated by residents, social economy entrepreneurs, and young local artists. The first Dalsijang Market will be operated on September 9 (Saturday) between 5am and 9pm. When you visit the market, make sure to bring your cup and shopping basket!

○ Bicycle Music Festival for Urban Nomads, Moving Bicycle City@Oil Tank Culture Park
– Bicycle Music Festival featuring a restaurant connected to a bicycle, a moving playground with a large tire and bicycle and various artistic performances will take place on September 9 (Saturday) along with Dalsijang Market.

○ Project ‘Nalda’ @Circus performance All Bounce
– Balloon energy is required to make the trampoline airplanes that fell into the Oil Tank Culture Park fly again. All Bounce is a participatory circus in which the members bounce on trampolines and perform with the assistance of the audience. The event will be held at Culture Plaza on September 9 (Saturday), 2017 starting at 4pm.

○ Bamdokkaebi Night Market@Oil Tank Culture Park
-Night market with food and handmade products will be held on Fridays and Saturdays between September 23 and October 28.


○ 2017 Seoul Architecture Festival (Title: Blurring the Boundaries)
-Between September 1 and 24, view the architect of the year and Hangang Architecture Awards at T6 and the 25th Seoul Metropolitan Government Architecture Awards and Architecture Storytelling Exhibition.


○ Maebongsan Ecosystem Play Map Workshop
– Walk along Maebongsan path surrounding the Oil Tank Culture Park and survey the ecosystem of Maebongsan and have fun at the “Maebongsan Ecosystem Play Map Workshop.” The program will be carried out 12 times between 10am and 1pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays from September 6 to October 19, 2017.

○ Learning about the Environment through Magic “Magical Culture Park”
– Children’s environmental magic workshop using natural elements such as fire, water, and wood at Oil Tank Culture Park. Held at the T6 Communication Center Creative Lab in the Oil Tank Culture Park between September 16 (Saturday) and 17 (Sunday), 2017.

The ‘Oil Tank Culture Park’ is located within a seven minute walk from World Cup Stadium Station Line 6.It is connected to a walking path formed along the ridges of Maebongsan Mountain and you can view the park, the World Cup Stadium and the Mapo-gu area at the observatory on the summit of Maebongsan Mountain (93.9m). On October 14 and 15, 2017, the Citizen Festival Celebrating the Opening will be held.

Fine Dust and Ozone Alerts in Less than 7 Minutes

Fine Dust and Ozone Alerts in Less than 7 Minutes

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has established the ‘Automatic Air Pollution Alert System’ which will send alerts to citizens within 7 minutes through text messages, electronic boards and mobile phones when the fine dust and ozone level in the atmosphere is higher than the accepted standard. The program will start operation in September 2017.

Before the establishment of the new system, when an alert situation occurred, the SMG responded in the order of immediately notifying the press and registering information on the Air Quality website, sending text messages and faxes to citizens and public institutions, and posting messages on mobile Seoul, SNS and electronic boards. This took 30 minutes on average.

The SMG, by reducing the alert time from 30 to 7 minutes by implementing the simultaneous alert system, helps those who are particularly susceptible to fine dust including infants, babies, seniors and sick people as well as outdoor workers to respond to air pollution more efficiently.

The SMG will encourage fine dust susceptible groups, vulnerable groups, and patients to subscribe to the text alert service so that they can receive air pollution information quickly. The text request process will be simplified as well.

Registration for the text alert service, which used to be available after joining the Air Quality Information website and applying is now available via phone (82-2-3789-8701/120 Dasan Call Center) for the first time in the country. Now seniors who do not know how to use the Internet can apply for the service easily.

Air Quality Information website:

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon to Visit Milan and Rome in Italy

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon to Visit Milan and Rome in Italy

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon will visit Rome (Vatican) and Milan (Lombardy) in Italy between September 7 (Thursday) and 12 (Tuesday), 2017. The visit was planned in conjunction with the opening ceremony of the special exhibition “On earth as it is in heaven! Seoul and 230 Years of the Catholic Church in Korea” held at Vatican City, the heart of Catholicism, to celebrate the 230 years of history of the Catholic Church in Korea.

The exhibition is the first Korea-related special exhibition held at the Vatican Museum, one of the three leading museums in the world. 203 pieces of Catholic relics from Korea will be on display. The event, which was first proposed by the Vatican Museum in celebration of the three year anniversary of Pope Francisco’s visit to Korea, will be held as a solo exhibition for over 70 days without being charged for venue rental fees.

The exhibition is not a mere display of religious artifacts but a special exhibition that focuses on explaining the history of Catholicism in Korea under the pretext of the rapidly changing early modern times and the unique characteristics of the City of Seoul over the last 230 years. Historic objects from the Seoul Museum of History will also be included in the collection.

During his visit, Mayor Park will also visit Milan to seek cooperation in fashion at the city of fashion home to one of the world’s top 4 fashion week programs, and work on expanding city diplomatic relations with major cities in Italy including Rome, Milan and Lombardy.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has entered into a sister city relationship with Italy’s capital, Rome, in 2000 and a friendship city relationship with Italy’s second largest city and economic center, Milan, in 2007.

Mayor Park said, “I am glad that a special exhibition celebrating the 230 years of Catholic history in Korea will be held at the Vatican for the first time and consider it a great honor that the Seoul Museum of History can be part of planning such a memorable exhibition.” He added, “Through this visit, I will meet up with the Mayors of Rome and Milan and the people in the fashion industry at the two cities to ensure that the networking will result in the development of the fashion and culture industries of Seoul.”

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon to Visit Milan and Rome in Italy

Opening of “International Forum on Transforming Cities for Decent Work” in Seoul


The “International Forum on Transforming Cities for Decent Work” is opening in Seoul from September 5th to 6th on Tuesday and Wednesday for two days at the Multipurpose Hall of Seoul City Hall and Lotte Hotel Seoul.

This forum organized and led by the Seoul Metropolitan Government is promoting advanced labor policies and the event will provide an opportunity to cast light upon the meaning of labor with the governments of 10 other cities including New York, London, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg in addition to eight international organizations including the ILO, OECD, and EU as well as related public organizations and labor unions in Korea.

< Seoul invited Director-General Guy Ryder of ILO to visit Korea for the second time in ten years >

This forum will be exceptionally meaningful with Director-General Guy Ryder of the ILO giving a keynote speech to highly praise the effort of the Seoul Metropolitan Government in creating quality jobs and the importance of spreading the good model globally.

ILO is an affiliated organization of the UN that supervises the labor situations and compliance of labor laws of each county by setting international labor standards and supporting member countries to create decent jobs. Korea joined the ILO as its 152nd member in 1991 among 187 member countries of the ILO.

Seven other chief executives of the ILO are also planning to visit Seoul with Director-General Guy Ryder to lead effective discussions on labor policies during this forum.

< Opportunity to develop urban labor models for the creation of quality jobs & share the successful results of the current labor policies >

The purpose of this forum is to build an ‘urban labor model for quality jobs’ based on the opinions of workers and laborers on site. All related bodies including city governments, international organizations, public organizations, labor unions, and labor civic organizations will participate in the forum for meaningful discussions.

On the last day of the forum, “Seoul Declaration” will be announced and the declaration will include the future directions and tasks of each city government, labor union, and civic organization that aim to create cities with quality jobs. Furthermore, Seoul is planning to lead the establishment of a「consultative body for cities with decent work」 with other cities that will participate in the forum and is expecting to build a close partnership with the ILO as well through this forum.

On the last day of the forum, “Seoul Declaration” will be announced and the declaration will include the future directions and tasks of each city government, labor union, and civic organization that aim to create cities with quality jobs. Furthermore, Seoul is planning to lead the establishment of a「consultative body for cities with decent work」 with other cities that will participate in the forum and is expecting to build a close partnership with the ILO as well through this forum. (

Outline of International Forum on Transforming Cities for Decent Work

○ Outline of International Forum on Transforming Cities for Decent Work
○ Date: 5 Sep. 2017 – 6 Sep. 2017 (2 days)
○ Venue: Multipurpose Hall at Seoul City Hall, Sapphire Room at Lotte Hotel
○ Host: Seoul Special City
○ Partner: ILO
○ Sponsors: Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL), Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Korea Labor Institute
○ Participants: 200 representatives of ILO, OECD, EU, mayors and policymakers of major cities around the globe, and labor unions

○ Major Programs

Sep. 5th (Tue)· Expert Round Table Discussion:① Strategies of city governments for creation of quality jobs
· Opening Ceremony:Welcoming Speech (Seoul Metropolitan Government), Congratulatory Message (MOEL), Keynote Speech (ILO)
· Presentation & Discussion on Labor Policies:① Employment for cities with decent work/②Social protection and workplace rights
Sep. 6th (Wed)· Presentation & Discussion on Labor Policies:③ Social communication for cities with decent work/④future jobs, future cities
· Expert Round Table Discussion:② Visions and strategies of cities for creation of quality jobs
· Closing Ceremony:Speeches (Federation of Korean Trade Unions, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Korea Employers Federation) Seoul Declaration & Closing Speech (SMG)

Seoul Garden Show 2017 at Yeouido Park

Seoul Garden Show 2017 at Yeouido Park

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will host the Seoul Garden Show 2017 at Yeouido Park between September 22 (Fri) and 26 (Tue), 2017. This year, 80 gardens will be on display under the theme of ‘Garden of You, Me, and Us,’ and a spirit of unification and harmony. Various unique and fresh programs are scheduled for family groups, lovers, students, and gardening experts.

< Recommended for Families >

We recommend the Family Plant-making program for families that love flowers and plants.
The flowerpot making event held at Culture Square provides participants with a chance to make a family pot using flowerpots and young plants. Six outstanding works will receive a citation by the Seoul Mayor along with a prize. Apply for the program on the website (150 teams) or on-site (50 teams).

Families an also participate in the Fall Tree-making event during the Seoul Garden Show. This is another experience-based event in which citizens learn how to make props and make their own prop to display.

< Recommended for Lovers >

For a more romantic experience, try the Autumn Night Garden Concert. Children’s Choir, Adult Choir and famous singers are invited to perform at the central stage of Cultural Event Plaza of Yeouido Park to fill up Yeouido with beautiful music.

Visitors can also watch Park, a Japanese movie created in celebration of the 100 anniversary of Inokashira Park in Tokyo, and Flower Show, an Irish movie about a florist, for free at the center stage.

< Recommended for Students and Gardening Experts >

For gardening and landscaping experts as well as students, the event also offers Garden Center and Garden Conference. The Garden Center will be held at Cultural Event Plaza. Various gardening-related information will be exchanged at the Garden Culture Conference and various questions on gardening will be answered at the Gardening Information Center. The program will also offer an exhibition of works featuring photos of famous gardens by domestic and overseas artists.

Inquiries: Seoul Garden Show:

Seoul Garden Show 2016 Family Plant-making
Seoul Garden Show 2016 Family Plant-making
Cultural EventGarden on Display
Cultural EventGarden on Display

Seeking participants for the Seoul Kimchi Festival

Seeking participants for the Seoul Kimchi Festival

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is recruiting participants for the kimchi-making event as well as volunteers for the 4th Seoul Kimchi Festival which will be held at Seoul Square between November 3 and 5, 2017.

The Seoul Kimchi Festival is a leading festival of Seoul in which everything on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Kimjang, or kimchi-making can be experienced. Visitors can see, experience, and taste kimchi at the event. This year’s festival will be offered as a global sharing culture festival based on three years’ experience of hosting the event and featuring the traditional value of sharing kimchi and sharing the fun elements of the festival.

Calling out for participants for Big Tent

Big Tent was implemented for the first time last year and received good reviews. The program consists of four programs: My Tent is where you can make kimchi for your family and take it home, Master’s Tent is where you can watch kimchi masters demonstrate kimchi-making, Chef’s Tent is where you can learn how to make unique kimchi from chefs, and Foreigners’ Tent is a tent dedicated to foreigners.

600 participants will be selected on a first-come-first-serve basis on the website starting on September 7, 2017. Select the kimchi made by the master of your choice to participate in the program. Use the delivery service booth to send the kimchi you made home. (Participants are responsible for shipping.)

Receiving volunteers for the Seoul Kimchi Festival

The ‘4th Seoul Kimchi Festival’ calls out for 120 volunteers to help operate the event. Volunteers must plan, operate, and participate in all processes of the event including preparations proactively.

We are recruiting volunteers in the areas of ▲Sharing (Kimjang sharing site/Supply management and operation), ▲Display and Promotion (Experience and operation of exhibition halls/guide and interpreter), ▲Kimchi Fun Madang (Operation of Kimchi playground) and ▲Promotion (Photography and SNS management). All Korean citizens over the age of 18 interested in the festival are welcome to apply. Overseas residents and foreigners residing in Korea who are able to communicate in Korean are also welcome to apply.

Applications are accepted until September 25 (Mon), 2017 online on the website of the Seoul Kimchi Festival who are selected through the document screening will go through orientation in October and perform preparation work and work during the festival at Seoul Square. Volunteers will also receive uniforms and souvenirs. They will also receive a volunteer work certificate after completing the necessary hours of volunteer work. Outstanding volunteers will receive a citation by the Seoul Mayor.

▶ Website :
▶ E-mail :

Photos of Seoul Kimchi Festival

Kimjang SharingKimjang Sharing
Kimjang SharingKimjang Sharing
Big TentProgram inside the Big Tent
Big TentProgram inside the Big Tent

Wear Hanbok and Watch Performances for Less!

Wear Hanbok and Watch Performances for Less

Visit performance halls wearing a hanbok for a special experience. Those who wear a hanbok are eligible for a discount when watching classical music, dance and traditional music performances.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government encourages a culture of ‘wearing hanbok in daily life’ by offering a discount of up to 30,000 won for performances held at city-run facilities. Shows 30,000 won or less are available for 1,000 won. Watch 21 performances held at Sejong Center, Namsan Gugakdang (Traditional Theater), Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater and other locations between September and November 2017.

All visitors wearing hanbok are eligible to receive a discount. Select the “Hanbok discount” on the website for discount-eligible performances to reserve at the discounted price.

<Reservations and Inquiries>
○ Sejong Center: / 82-2-339-1000
○ Namsan Gugakdang (Traditional Theater): / 82-2-2261-0500
○ Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater: / 82-2-1544-1555
○ Dream Forest Art Center: / 82-2-2289-5401
○ Samcheonggak: 82-2-740-3207 ※ Phone reservation only

Visit the performance hall wearing a hanbok to watch the reserved performance after going through a hanbok check procedure. Those who did not reserve tickets are still eligible for a discount as long as they wear a hanbok.

※ The hanbok check procedure is carried out at the photo zone next to the ticket office. The ticket-selling staff will take photos of people wearing hanbok and the photos will only be used to calculate the discount.

List of Performances Eligible for Hanbok Discount

No.Facility NamePerformance NameDurationRegular PricePrice After Discount
1Sejong CenterTchaikovsky Ballet Special Gala‘17. 9. 6~9R: 70,000 won40,000 won
S: 50,000 won20,000 won
A: 30,000 won10,000 won
2Sejong CenterChamber Series‘17. 9. 9R: 50,000 won25,000 won
S: 40,000 won10,000 won
3Sejong CenterSeoul Metropolitan Youth Traditional Music EnsembleYouth Music‘17.9.16R: 40,000 won10,000 won
S: 30,000 won1,000 won
4Sejong CenterClassic GenerationHumor & Humanity‘17.10.13R: 70,000 won40,000 won
S: 50,000 won20,000 won
5Sejong CenterSeoul Metropolitan ChorusHaydn’s Oratorio and Four Seasons‘17.10.16R: 50,000 won20,000 won
S: 30,000 won1,000 won
A: 20,000 won1,000 won
6Sejong CenterSeoul Metropolitan Traditional Music OrchestraGugak Indoor Festival‘17.11.2~3All seats 20,000 won1,000 won
7Sejong CenterSeoul Metropolitan Youth Orchestra<Beethoven>‘17.11.4R: 30,000 won15,000 won
S: 20,000 won10,000 won
8Sejong CenterSeoul Metropolitan Dance TheaterRomeo and Juliet‘17.11.9~10VIP 70,000 won70,000 won
R: 50,000 won20,000 won
S: 30,000 won1,000 won
9Sejong CenterCollabo M‘17.11.9~11R: 70,000 won70,000 won
S: 50,000 won20,000 won
A: 30,000 won5,000 won
10SamcheonggakJami‘17.8.23~11.30Performance + Meal45.000 won15,000 won
Performance1,000 won
11Dream Forest Art CenterHangawi PerformanceHuihui Nangnak‘,000 won10,000 won
12Seoul Donhwamun Traditional TheaterFuture Masterpieces‘17.9.6~3020,000 won1,000 won
13Seoul Donhwamun Traditional TheaterJeongno‘17.11.3~2420,000 won1,000 won
14Namsan GugakdangNamsangol Myeonginyeoljeon (Master Contest)‘17.9.1~2920,000 won1,000 won
15Namsan GugakdangNamsan Contemporary 3‘17.9.8~920,000 won1,000 won
16Namsan GugakdangKorean Music in the World‘17.9.28~2920,000 won1,000 won
17Namsan GugakdangNamsan Contemporary 4‘17.10.13~1420,000 won1,000 won
18Namsan GugakdangKorean Music in the World‘17.10.1720,000 won1,000 won
19Namsan GugakdangGood Festival‘17.10.18~2120,000 won1,000 won
20Namsan GugakdangAutumn Breeze,Playing Heartstrings‘17.10.25~2710,000 won1,000 won
21Namsan GugakdangNamsan Contemporary 5‘17.11.10~1820,000 won1,000 won

Seoul Friendship Fair

Seoul Friendship Fair, marking its 19th anniversary this year, is the largest multicultural festival held in Seoul and attended by the sister and friendship cities of Seoul from over 60 countries. The 2017 Seoul Friendship Fair was held on September 2 and 3 at Seoul Plaza, Mugyo-ro, and Cheonggye Plaza and comprised of fun cultural programs including traditional performances by sister and friendship cities, World Food Exhibition featuring display and sales of traditional food from 60 something countries, and World Tourism Exhibition that offered visitors a chance to experience traditional culture.


Seoul Friendship Fair

Seoul Friendship Fair

Seoul Friendship Fair

Seoul Friendship Fair

Seoul Friendship Fair

Seoul Friendship Fair

Seoul Friendship Fair

Street in Front of Cheongwadae

The street in front of Cheongwadae (Blue House) is a four-lane road with a width of 25 meters and a length of 810 meters that traverses a wall path north of Gyeongbokgung Palace and the Cheongwadae on the foot of Bugaksan Mountain. The road starts at 98-6, Gungjeong-dong, Jongno-gu (Hyoja-dong Three-way Intersection, crosses the Cheongwadae, and ends at 162, Palpan-dong (Samcheongdong-gil). The road was opened to the public on a 24 hour-basis on June 24, 2017. Starting from Gyeongbokgung Station on Subway Line 3, follow Hyoja-ro, and make your way towards Hyoja Three-way Intersection to see the Cheongwadae Sarangchae, the water foundation, Rose of Sharon Hill, Yeonmugwan Hall and Yeongbingwan Hall.

Directions: Take Exit 2 at Gyeongbokgung Station and walk straight for 900 meters in the direction of Hyoja-dong Three-way Intersection
Inquiries: Jongno-gu Office 82-2-2148-1114

Street in Front of Cheongwadae

Street in Front of Cheongwadae

Street in Front of Cheongwadae

Street in Front of Cheongwadae

Street in Front of Cheongwadae

Street in Front of Cheongwadae

Seoul Biennale visitors invited to experience replica of a North Korean home