A short history of Korean B-boying

R16 Korea 2014 National Championships. How it was, who won, and what’s the next step 😉

My first B-boying experience ;-)

Hello there 😉 I am Irish/Polish living in and discovering Korea and I am new to this community. Hope to share some positive energy and spread the word about the Lost Kingdom at the edge of the Asia as I call Korea 😉

私の体韓キャンペーン☆彡 他 韓国観光公社キャンペーン♡

来月、ボッタクリ・ファンミーティングに行くので、今年の後半は韓国に行けないよなぁ?あせると、かなり厳しい経済状況となってきたひぃ それで、最近、韓国に「タダで行ける」ことを考えるしかないなぁと、韓国観光公社さんのキャンペーンをあちこち見て頑張っております


五一的时候还在和同事感叹,去年的这个时候都去了好几次首尔了,今年都快过去一半了还一次没去呢。结果马上出现了机会! 因为确实首尔该玩儿该去的地儿基本都去的差不多了,所以一直在等JYJ的演唱会。但是三个人一直在交替的拍韩剧、演音乐剧,新专辑也连个影儿都没有,别说演唱会了。本来要放弃了吧,突然出了消息,6月4日在日山要开朴有天的生日Fanmeeting!!!马上决定要去。先搞定Fanmeeting的票,然后马上买了机票,坐等出发,省略其中复杂过程。

2014.06.14 – 2014.06.15 香港國際旅遊展 (公眾日)

打算去香港國際旅遊展嘅朋友,一定要去韓國觀光社取本 Korea Travel Guide。我很喜歡閱讀介紹首爾其中 P.68 -70,讓我可下次去首爾一些我未曾去過的地方。



My K-Style Makeover at Jenny House in Cheongdam-dong

People from all corners of the world, particularly in Asia, are paying big bucks to imitate the looks and styles of their favorite Korean singers, actors and actresses. So where do these stars go to get their looks and to ensure that they’re constantly camera-ready? Jenny House in Cheongdam-dong, one of three branches of the city’s premier beauty salon, is a hands-down favorite of Korea’s top celebrities. I was fortunate enough to be invited to tag along with the Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center for my own personal K-star makeover last month and it didn’t take me long to realize why it’s the go-to salon for Korea’s top celebs. (VISIT SEOUL SEARCHING FOR FULL STORY)

Understanding Psy and Snoop Dogg’s “Hangover”

Earlier this week, international sensation Psy debuted his latest release, “Hangover,” featuring American rapper Snoop Dogg (er… Lion) on his oft-visited YouTube channel. Responses to the video have been mixed. Some believe the song is just as catchy as his “Gangnam Style,” a viral hit that has received over 2 billion views to date. Still others have complained, slamming the video for its incessant product placement and Snoop Dogg’s ever-growing tendency to sell out. Either way, “Hangover” is entertaining and paints a rather accurate portrait of Korea’s intense drinking culture and famous nightlife (sans all the twerking in gold booty shorts). For those less accustomed to Korean ways, read on to better understand what exactly the duo are doing in the five minute video. (VISIT SEOUL SEARCHING FOR THE FULL ARTICLE.)




儒林面(유림면) 位于首尔中区西小门洞16,就在地铁2号线市厅站11号出口和12号出口中间的一条小巷子里。招牌是乌冬和荞麦冷面,有机会可以坐在都叫兽坐过的那个位置上吃上一碗热腾腾的乌冬。