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  • Carnegie Mellon University (US) coming to Sangam DMC

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    Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center

    Four research centers including Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center coming to Korea

    Four research centers, including Carnegie Mellon University’s △Entertainment Technology Center, △IT & Software Engineering Center, △ Industrial Design Center, and △ Architecture Engineering Center are moving into DMC (Digital Media City) at Sangam, Seoul.

    These four research centers are going to move into Carnegie Mellon Tower, which will be ready in 2014. This Carnegie Mellon Tower will be a part of the CJ IT Research institute. Various game developing companies including CJ Internet Corporation will collaborate for research on games with Carnegie Mellon University researchers. At the same time, Carnegie Mellon University will offer graduate school and professional courses in △ entertainment (music, game, graphic, and special effects), △ information technology, △ design, and △ architecture engineering.

    Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center cultivates talents through project-based education, rather than through traditional curriculum based lectures, as it offers education that is a merge between pure art and information technology. This unique format was the output of prominent professor Randolph Frederick Pausch, who is famous for his ‘The Last Lecture’ and Don Marinelli, a drama professor.

    The Entertainment Technology Center is working with global entertainment companies, such as Pixar and DreamWorks, on various research and projects. The majority of its graduates also work at Disney or Electronic Arts, a game development company, producing phenomenal outputs that merge design and technology.

    Professor Don Marinelli, who currently is the Head of the Entertainment Technology Center, visited Seoul this August to review where the new research center will be in Korea. He commented that “Recently Korea has been the leader in interactive entertainment. I want to make the Entertainment Technology Center in DMC to be the Asian Headquarters for entertainment.”

    Moreover, IT & Software Engineering Center (the next generation for digital technology related areas), Industrial Design Center (the total research institute for product design and manufacturing technology), and Architecture Engineering Center (the future answer for energy efficiency and building collaboration technology) are moving in as well.

    Various education and field study opportunities will be given to companies moving into DMC, people in related fields, and CEOs.

    Sangam DMC

    More than twenty thousand people are working at DMC in Sangam dong as more than 270 companies in broadcasting, movie/animation, game, and IT including KBS media, Pantech, LG U+, LG CNS have moved in since May 2002. Other local major media companies and entertainment companies plan to move in from 2015. DMC is going to be home for about 880 companies with more than sixty eight thousand employees.
    Seoul City commented that the “opening of the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center on top of the Bell Research Center (US) last December and the Russian SOI and IPTI this May in Seoul is going to boost Seoul’s growth as a global cutting edge industrial cluster of research institutes.