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  • Card News of Seoul’s Cultural Heritage of the Month—Three Selections for February, Including Seungdong Presbyterian Church

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced that it will select cultural heritage of Seoul every month starting on the first week of February 2021 (Wed, Feb. 3) to introduce them on online channels with related historical events.

    Every first Wednesday, the SMG will post card news of its selected “Cultural Heritage of the Month” with a brief historical background related to the month so that citizens can enjoy the history and cultural heritage of Seoul online at a time when we can only view cultural heritage in a contactless manner due to the spread of COVID-19.

    The SMG will post the card news on social media (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter of the SMG and SMG’s Culture Headquarters). For February 2021, the selected cultural heritages of the month are the Former Russian Legation, the historic sites of Yanghwanaru Ferry and Jamdubong Peak, and Seungdong Presbyterian Church.

    Seoul with 2,000 Years of History Seoul’s Cultural Heritage of the Month Card News Seoul Metropolitan Government

    Cultural Heritage of February Former Russian Legation, Seoul Historic Site No. 253 The first cultural heritage of February is the Former Russian Legation in Seoul. The Former Russian Legation, located in Jung-gu, is the site where King Gojong and the crown prince (Sunjong) resided for one year from February 1896 to February 1897 following the assassination of Empress Myeongseong by Japanese soldiers. Designated: Nov. 22, 1977

    Cultural Heritage of February Historic Sites of Yanghwanaru Ferry and Jamdubong Peak, Seoul Historic Site No. 399 The second cultural heritage is the Historic Sites of Yanghwanaru Ferry and Jamdubong Peak in Mapo-gu. This is a Catholic martyrs’ shrine where Bishop Jang Gyeong-il (Siméon-François Berneux) and Hong Bong-ju were arrested on Feb. 23, 1866, which marked the beginning of the Byeongin Persecution. Designated: Nov. 11, 1997

    Cultural Heritage of February Seungdong Presbyterian Church Tangible Cultural Heritage of Seoul No. 130 The third cultural heritage is Seungdong Presbyterian Church in Jongno-gu. On Feb. 20, 1919, around twenty representatives of professional schools in Gyeongseong gathered in the basement of this church to discuss plans for the March 1st Movement. Designated: Apr. 6, 2001