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  • ‘Car Mileage Project’ Now Includes All Car Owners

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    The ‘Car Mileage Project’, with cash incentives of up to KRW 35,000, according to the mileage reduction within a 6-month period, is open to all car owners (insurance policy holder) from December.

    All citizens who own a car can participate, and 50,000 participants will be recruited by March 2015 on a first-come first-served basis. Eligibility is limited to persons who own non-business purpose cars and ten-seater or smaller registered in Seoul. In order to check the mileage reduction, compared to the previous year, as well as for systematic maintenance, the participants must agree to provide the Seoul Metropolitan Government with personal information as well as information about mileage performance.

    Those who wish to participate in the Car Mileage Program need to apply at the three participating insurance companies or the neighborhood (dong) community service center closest to them – participants must reduce their car mileage for six months compared to the previous year. Afterwards, the mileage will be checked and compared with the previous year’s mileage. Additionally, cash incentives will be provided to participants (wire transfer) according to their mileage reduction rate.

    Cash incentives of ▴KRW 10,000 for a 5-10% reduction, ▴KRW 15,000 for 10-20% reduction, ▴KRW 20,000 for 20-30% reduction, ▴KRW 25,000 for 30-40% reduction ▴KRW 30,000 for 40-50% reduction, and ▴KRW 35,000 for over 50% reduction of mileage compared to the previous year will be given to participants.

    Incentive Payment Chart

    Reduction Rate Incentives Reduction Rate Incentives
    5~10% KRW 10,000 30~40% KRW 25,000
    10~20% KRW 15,000 40~50% KRW 30,000
    20~30% KRW 20,000 50%∼ KRW 35,000

    ※ An additional 20% given to electric cars.

    ※ The mileage for the previous year will be an average of the total mileage since the date the vehicle was registered.
    (However, for cars owned for less than a year, the 2012 average mileage of vehicles in Seoul, 10,585km, will be used instead.))

    Website : http://no-driving.seoul.go.kr