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List of Global Seoul Mates

  • Canaceli Catherine

  • List of Global Seoul Mates SMG 1158

    I would like to apply as a Seoul-Mate to share about the good things I find about Seoul and Korea. Last year, I served at the Korean Cultural Center as volunteer. Ive learned and experienced a lot of fascinating and really beautiful things about Korean Culture. I know there are still so many things to learn about Seoul, so many things to explore and its exciting to able to share that especially to the Filipino people who really have so much interest in Korean Culture.

    The past year that Ive been serving at the Korean Cultural Center, I fell in love with Korea and also with my own culture as a Filipino. As I see the differences and common ground of both cultures, I appreciate them both even more. And I know many would be interested to hear more about Korea and it would be my joy and privilege to write about Korean culture.