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  • Can We Get Married at the Seoul City Hall?

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    If you are thinking of having a wedding, why not send a request to the Citizens’ Hall, which will open in the basement of the new City Hall on January 12 next year. It will also house a Citizen’s Plaza, a Gallery, an Exhibition Hall, and an Event Hall, which our citizens will be able to use for diverse purposes.

    To commemorate the opening of the new City Hall in a special way, we will host the “First Wedding at the New City Hall” in the Event Hall. To that end, the City of Seoul will accept applications to become the first couple to wed at the ‘First New City Hall Wedding’. Applications should be submitted from Friday, October 12 to Saturday, October 20, 2012 at the Citizens’ Naver Cafe: (http://cafe.naver.com/simincheong).

    The wedding will be held at the Event Hall (703.4㎡) of the Citizen’s Hall, which can accommodate about 150 guests. Fees are about 100,000 ~ 200,000 won. The bride and groom must receive marital education beforehand, and only a simple reception with light snacks or sandwiches may be held.

    The First New City Hall Wedding will be highlighted by a number of talented professionals who will donate their services free of charge, including a master of ceremony, congratulatory singers, photographer, etc. The couple will also be able to receive assistance from a socially responsible wedding company hired by the City of Seoul. However, it is up to the couple to elect to use the services of a socially responsible company, the costs of which will be borne by the couple. For further information on the wedding at the Citizen’s Hall, please contact +82-2-2133-6416~9.

    The City plans to make the Event Hall at the New City Hall available for one wedding ceremony per week on Saturdays for Seoul citizens.