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City of Seoul

  • Can Crush Challenge

  • City of Seoul SMG 1848
    In Korea, the rate of recycling aluminum cans back into cans is less than 30%.
    This is because the quality of aluminum can recycling is bad.
    Aluminum cans are made of an extremely eco-friendly metal that can be recycled into cans within 60 days.
    We have prepared a campaign to inform you about these aluminum cans that can be recycled infinitely.
    We have taken part in the campaign in the form of a private partnership in order to inform citizens about the proper recycling methods.
    I think that this campaign embodies high social values, as it raises funds for paying sanitation workers who collect aluminum cans from the stadium.
    Just toss it into the veranda.
    Rinse with water only.
    I tend to throw it out right away.
    Throw it out in the garbage.
    Collecting cans today was super fun.
    I was going to show you my skills but I can’t. What a shame.
    I got to step on them and throw them out myself, which was really fun.
    It was fun to not only throw them, but also to crush them with my feet.
    Now I know to crush it with my feet first, then throw it out.
    It was a really enjoyable time.
    It was a wonderful event.
    Can Crush Challenge
    Please throw out aluminum cans properly!