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  • Camping Festival Brings Together 7,000 Youngsters from Korea and Overseas

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Korea Youth Association will hold the International Youth Campfest 2011 in Seoul, in which teenagers from Korea and overseas will camp out at Noeul Park and learn about the history and culture of Seoul for three days from July 27.

    Hangang aquatic leisure sports (River boat), Experiencing natural dying with foreign teenagers

    The event will bring together some 6,000 Korean teenagers and 1,000 youngsters from ten countries worldwide. The participants will pitch tents by the Hangang River in Noeul Park in Seoul downtown, camp out, and forge friendships that overcome national borders and nationalities.

    Preparing for camping (pitching tents), Noeul Park campsite

    The event will be held under the theme of “Let’s Draw a Green Island in the City.” The participants will have a chance to experience outdoor camping, something which many of them may only have seen on TV entertainment shows.

    Waiting for a performance to begin , Athletic games of dream teams (Air bounce)

    At the Campfest, the participants will embark on a journey into history and culture in Seoul’s downtown, and take part in various creative experience-focused activities.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government expects the event will give the young people an opportunity to forget the burden of study for a short time and engage in experience programs and exciting outdoor activities, thereby helping them to grow into creative, self-motivated people ready to serve future society through exchanges with young people from all around the world.