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  • Cambodian “Elephant Couple” Celebrates 1st Anniversary in Seoul Children’s Grand Park

  • Integrated News SMG 2519

    An exotic party was held to celebrate the first anniversary of the Cambodian government’s donation of a pair of elephants to the Seoul Metropolitan Government on July 8, 2010.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corp. held a “celebration of the Cambodian elephants’ first year in Seoul” in front of the elephants’ compound at Seoul Children’s Grand Park at 11 am, July 10.

    The event comprised a quiz show and a recreational performance under the general theme of elephants, and various participatory programs for citizens, including congratulatory message writing.

    Notably, more than 100 multicultural families of Cambodian heritage were invited to the event, and joined in the celebration of the first anniversary of the pair of elephants, a symbol of friendship between Korea and Cambodia.

    The Cambodian elephants have seen their weight increase by 700 or 800 kilograms over the past year, having completely adapted to life in Seoul thanks to the warm care and protection given them by the veterinarians and breeders at Seoul Children’s Grand Park.