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  • Calling for 10 multicultural couples to be part of a group wedding ceremony

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    In cooperation with the Woori Multicultural Scholarship Foundation, Seoul City is calling for 10 multicultural couples living in Seoul, who have not been able to have their own wedding ceremony, to take part in a group wedding ceremony especially for multicultural couples.

    Multicultural couples living in Seoul, who wish to participate, should visit their nearest multicultural family-support center by October 20 and submit the required documents (application form, etc.). After a comprehensive consideration of level of livelihood, number of family members, number of years lived together, and motive for applying, applicants will undergo an interview in order to determine important factors, like willingness to participate, before the final candidates are announced.

    The selected couples will be provided with financial support for every step of the wedding process: from taking wedding pictures at a studio to the wedding ceremony, after-wedding banquet and honeymoon. The wedding ceremony will take place on December 14 at the Woori Bank headquarters, where couples will be celebrated by over 300 guests.

    In early 2014, 10 multicultural couples participated in a similar group wedding ceremony. A Korean husband and Thai wife couple stated, “We hope to live every day full of laughter, just like in our wedding pictures. We are very grateful for being able to have this precious memory, which we will remember our entire lives,” and expressed their hope for the future. “We will look at these wedding pictures everyday as a reminder to work harder and enjoy our life together even more.”

    ♣ Inquiries : 2133-5081 www.mcfamily.or.kr