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  • Calligraphic Writing Contest to Be Held on Hangeul Day, October 9

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the “Second Gwanghwamun Square Calligraphy Contest” at Gwanghwamun Square, home to the new statue of King Sejong the Great, on Hangeul Day (October 9).

    Participants in the First Gwanghwamun Plaza Calligraphy Contest

    The contest will provide an opportunity for people to discover the excellent qualities of Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, and the importance of Korean characters on the occasion of the 565th Hangeul Day. The event will also enable Gwanghwamun Square to emerge as Korea’s flagship plaza and a hotspot of leisure and culture activities that is highly popular among Seoul’s citizens. Moreover, the event will serve as a venue for Hangeul Day, a festival in which anyone, irrespective of their nationality, can participate and express their creative ideas through calligraphic writing and paintings.

    Participants being interviewed at First Gwanghwamun Plaza Calligraphy Contest, Invited calligraphers demonstrate their skills at First Gwanghwamun Plaza Calligraphy Contest

    Participants in this annual contest, which was launched just last year, are classified into adult and student categories (ranging from kindergarten to high school students), and try their hand in one of the following fields: Hangeul, painting in a literary artist style, seal engraving, written engraving, and modern calligraphy.

    Two grand prize winners will be selected (3 million won for the winner in the adult category, 500,000 won in the student category, and the Seoul Mayor award), along with 12 winners of the gold, silver, and bronze prizes (500,000 won – 100,000 won for the adult category, 200,000 won – 50,000 won for students, and the Korea Artistic Academy president’s award), and two winners of special prizes. At the event site, diverse programs – including family motto writing, making rubbings of wooden carvings inscribed with famous sayings, and a calligraphic writing performance – will also be held to provide family groups visiting Gwanghwamun Square with plenty of things to see and enjoy during the holiday.

    To participate in the event, please submit your application to the Korea Artistic Academy’s website (http://www.kaac.kr) or visit the Academy’s Secretariat at 288-1 Pirun-dong, Jongno-gu, +82-2-720-1239). Applications will be accepted until October 6, and participants will be charged a participation fee of 10,000 won.