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  • CAC Website to Share Seoul’s Response to COVID-19 Reaches Over 2 Million Views

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    CAC (Cities Against COVID-19), an online platform that the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) established to share its pioneering measures and know-how for responding to COVID-19 with cities around the world, reached over 2 million views (2,349,782 views as of May 5, 2020) within its first month.

    The SMG launched the CAC website on Thursday, April 9 in response to the requests by international organizations and overseas cities wishing to learn about Seoul’s initiatives to curb the spread of COVID-19 despite being a megacity with over 10 million populations. All information and data is available in English.

    ○ Recording up to 230,000 views a day since its launch, CAC has become a venue of exchanging information without distancing from each other despite the current state of affairs where face-to-face meetings are restrained due to COVID-19.

    CDC comprises five categories: ① Mayor’s Note (vision and philosophy), ② Daily Updates (current state of COVID-19 cases), ③ Countermeasure (response to COVID-19), ④ Cities Network (inter-city communication), and ⑤ News.

    CAC is providing comprehensive information on Seoul’s responses to COVID-19, from the operation of drive-through and walk-in screening centers to its measures to support small business owners and people’s livelihood. Foreigners living in South Korea and overseas alike can also learn from the platform essential information such as Korea’s disinfection/quarantine measures against COVID-19, special international arrival procedures, foreign student policies, and guideline for travelers arriving from overseas.

    CAC also offers details about medical supplies produced in South Korea in which international cities are greatly interested. The introduced products include specimen collection kits and diagnostic reagents manufactured by 45 companies that have received product qualification certificates and export permission from relevant public institutions. The website is characterized by detailed explanations on the companies and products for international cities that are interested in purchasing so that it can lead to actual exportation.

    Additionally, CAC encourages interactive communication and sharing of policies to fight COVID-19 by providing links to websites related to the countermeasures against COVID-19 of 74 cities and 12 international organizations.

    The SMG will also hold two video meetings to learn how other cities are fighting against COVID-19, share COVID-19 responses among international cities, and discuss measures for the post-coronavirus future. Mayors of major international cities, domestic and foreign experts, and private companies will participate in the meetings.

    ○ On Tuesday, May 12, the Seoul Institute will organize “The Age of Post-Coronavirus: Direction of Seoul’s Policies to Set New Standards,” where Seoul’s Mayor Park Won Soon together with domestic and foreign experts will give presentations and participate in discussion.

    ○ From Monday to Friday, June 1-5, the SMG will hold an international video conference around the theme of the meeting of international cities and new technologies of private companies to tackle infectious diseases, discussing ways to cooperate between cities in the future.