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  • Butterfly Garden Opens at Seoul Forest

  • Integrated News SMG 4459

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government inaugurated a new Butterfly Garden (covering 477 sq meters) for visitors to the park on May 10 at an unused site by the Insect Botanical Garden in Seoul Forest.

    The Butterfly Garden provides a habitat for 1,500 butterflies of Korea’s five representative species of butterfly, including the alpine black swallowtail butterfly, a species protected by the City, the swallowtail, the yellow swallowtail butterfly, and the cabbage butterfly. They spend their entire lifespan, from hatching to growth and then metamorphosis into butterflies, in the park.

    Observation booths have been installed in a corner of the garden to allow visitors to observe the fascinating process of metamorphosis from pupae into butterflies, as well as the drying of their wings.

    Following the inauguration of the Butterfly Garden, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold a two-hour “butterfly experience program” for elementary students from 2 pm every Saturday and Sunday beginning on May 14. Participants will be awarded butterfly caterpillars and kale flower pots, so that they can raise butterflies by themselves at home.

    The entry fee is 7,000 won per person. Applications for participation in the program should be submitted to the Seoul Forest’ Homepage at (parks.seoul.go.kr/seoulforest).