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  • Businesses and Organizations in Seoul to Support the Fight Against MERS

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    To prevent the spread of MERS and overcome the current outbreak, businesses and organizations in Seoul are making a concerted effort to support the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

    Using the Dasan 120 Call Center and other means to connect businesses and organizations eager to provide assistance with related institutions in the aftermath of the MERS outbreak, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is working to support the medical personnel and patients at the frontlines of the outbreak as well as those placed under home quarantine.

    In general, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is connecting businesses and organizations with previous experience engaging in social philanthropy with the Seoul Metropolitan Government as well as those that have expressed a desire to provide support with the Social Cooperation Team through the Dasan 120 Call Center, thereby supporting those in need during this difficult time.

    For instance, Kolmar Korea, which provided medical supplies following the Nepal earthquake in May, donated 5,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to national and public childcare and welfare facilities in cooperation with the Seoul Council on Social Welfare. In addition, the SPC Happy Foundation provided over 3,000 people, including medical professionals, support personnel, patients, and people under home quarantine, with snacks such as pastries and beverages.

    Working through the Seoul Volunteer Center, Sebang Co., Ltd. and Kuhnil Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. provided funds for the purchase of necessary materials, such as vitamins, personal sanitary products, daily necessities, and antiseptics, while the Community Chest of Korea in Seoul provided medical staff, hospital personnel, and those under home quarantine messages of encouragement along with snacks and beverages packaged by organization members themselves. For members of low-income households under home quarantine, the Community Chest of Korea is also planning to provide financial assistance to help cover living expenses.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will continue to support and bring together private businesses and organizations that have established plans to make social contributions for those in need.

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    Kolmar Korea – Donated hand sanitizer SPC Happy Foundation – Provided snacks such as pastries and beverages