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  • Business Support Institution for SMEs Exports Products for COVID-19 Prevention to Brooklyn

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    On June 16 (Tues.), 10,000 prevention kits consisting of a package of ten items made by small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Seoul, including a COVID-19 diagnostic kit, fashionable mask, hand sanitizer, and vouchers for games and webtoons, will be loaded on a ship to Brooklyn, New York. As part of a project that supports future overseas exports of products by SMEs, the 10,000 kits will allow users to experience products and contents made by SMEs in Seoul.

    Seoul Business Agency (SBA), the leading business support institution for SMEs that creates jobs in Seoul, is in the process of promoting the “project to support the export of goods for COVID-19 prevention” with Brooklyn, New York as a means of pioneering the market for the overseas export of items produced by domestic SMEs amid the global COVID-19 crisis.

    Products included in the package were made by SMEs for prevention of COVID-19, and the packages will be delivered to about ten thousand individuals of lower-income classes in Brooklyn.

    Items in the package for the prevention of COVID-19 can be divided into two types. The first type includes items like anti-bacterial spray, hand sanitizer, and masks that help prevent and diagnose COVID-19.

    The second type is comprised of coupons for games and webtoons from domestic SMEs, among other contents to be enjoyed at home that are appropriate for the “untact” era.

    This project is socially meaningful with the participation of Seoul-based SMEs. It is expected to introduce the excellent products and services of Seoul’s SMEs to the US in addition to helping SMEs advance into the overseas markets amid difficulties caused by COVID-19.