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  • Buses in Seoul Rated Decent at 79.2 Points

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government scored 79.24 points on the 2014 satisfaction survey on the use of buses in the city. This score represents a 20-point increase over the results of the 2006 survey, on which it scored 59.20 points.

    The satisfaction survey was conducted in the first and second half of last year, targeting those aged 15 years and older who had taken a bus at least three times a week for more than a month. A total of 21,639 citizens were surveyed, including intra-city bus users (12,600 people), shuttle bus users (8,303 people), and airport limousine bus users (736 people).

    Seoul City conducted the survey in a one-on-one format under four categories: “pleasantness” (cleanliness, announcement sound quality, smell, noise, and internal temperature), “convenience” (amenities at bus stops, bus routes, and inconvenience inside buses), “safety” (drivers’ compliance with traffic regulations), and “trustworthiness” (notification of change in operation hours and drivers’ attitude).

    <Intra-city bus score increased 1.14 points from 2013, scoring 79.24 points, “pleasantness” showed the highest satisfaction levels>

    The overall satisfaction with the buses in Seoul appears to have increased. Compared to the 2013 survey, the intra-city bus score increased 1.14 points, scoring 79.24 points, while shuttle buses and airport limousine buses scored 76.31 points (0.03 point higher) and 88.85 points (0.74 point lower), respectively.

    For intra-city buses, the satisfaction levels in all four areas increased more than 1.0 point from 2013. Particularly, “pleasantness” (1.31 points higher) increased the most, along with an increase of 1.16 points for “trustworthiness.” The satisfaction with intra-city buses has continuously increased (71.18 points in 2007 → 74.16 points in 2010 → 78.10 points in 2013) since its score of 59.20 points in 2006.

    Regarding shuttle buses, the scores in three categories increased by less than 0.5 points, but the “pleasantness” score decreased by 0.49 points from its level in 2013, showing that this issue requires immediate improvement.

    Airport limousine buses, which had previously scored close to 90 points, showed an increase of 0.74 points this year. High satisfaction levels were observed in “pleasantness” (1.51 points higher) and “trustworthiness” (1.34 points higher), whereas “safety” (0.18 points lower) was indicated as an area that needs improvement.

    <“Trustworthiness” and “safety” should be improved further, bus companies with low scores will be managed with extra supervision>

    Based on the results of the survey, the city government is planning to address the various issues that need improvement. Particularly, in the “trustworthiness” area, the “provision of accurate information (e.g. change in routes, bus stops, and tentative operations)” and “handling of complaints” need to be improved, while in the “safety” category, “driving after confirming passenger disembarkment” and “compliance with traffic regulations” were pointed out as particular problem areas.

    <Results of Bus Services Satisfaction Survey by Year >

    Category 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
    Intra-city Buses 59.20 71.18 70.66 71.56 74.16 74.26 74.30 78.10 79.24
    Shuttle Buses  –   –   –   –   –  74.55 76.71 76.28 76.31
    Airport Limousine Buses  –   –   –   –   –   –   –  88.11 88.85