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  • Bukchon Hanok Village Implements Limited Touring Hours

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    Bukchon Hanok Village Implements Limited Touring Hours

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government and Jongno-gu announced an eight-point plan for the ‘Lifestyle Improvement Plan for Bukchon Hanok Village Residents’ in order to protect their rights as neighborhood residents by reducing any potential harm or damages. The plan will go into full effect from July, 2018.

    The eight-point plan entails the following: ① Designation and operation of limited touring hours, ② Guide accompaniment for all tourist groups, ③ Investigation into the designating of tour bus restricted parking zones, ④ Expansion of waste collection and employment of an additional cleaning workforce, ⑤ Promotion of the increase of public restroom facilities, ⑥ Installation of restriction guidelines board for visiting tourists, ⑦ Enforcement of training for tourist guides and ⑧ Enforcement of training for a resident-led management workforce.

    First, the designation and operation of limited touring hours will go into effect for the crowds of visitors at the Bukchon-ro 11-gil area from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday through Saturday, ultimately restricting access during early morning and late night hours, while all tourist operations are to be closed on Sundays.

    Second, guide accompaniment for all tourist groups will help enable thorough guide services geared toward visiting tourists while aiding in the enforcement of tourist etiquette in order to prevent issues involving unlawful property entry and waste disposal. Seoul is also planned to provide ‘Village Tourism Guides’ and other forms of management services for tourist groups absent of an accompanying guide.

    Third, following the designation of tour bus restricted parking zones, thorough action will be implemented to crack down on illegally parked vehicles.

    Fourth, increased efforts for waste management will be implemented having designated the Bukchon Hanok Village as a waste-free zone. Waste collection is planned to increase from the current two rounds to three rounds per day, while permanent cleaning help will be on constant patrol throughout the area to ensure maintained cleanliness when the janitorial staff is off the clock.

    Fifth, the plan for as many as 70 public and shared bathroom facilities are currently underway in order to bring about a solution to the issue of public urination among tourists.

    Shared Bathroom:
    There are currently 58 locations partaking in making restrooms accessible to the public at workshops, galleries, museums and other cultural and tourist facilities as part of the solution to the lack of restrooms in the Bukchon area. Participating businesses will have their name indicated on the Bukchon guide map and be allowed to provide business promotional materials at the Bukchon Information Office.

    Sixth, a board for guidelines, covering prohibited actions from tourists that include excessive noise, unlawful waste disposal, unlawful filming, unlawful entry, public urination and other matters of public order, are to be installed at two locations during the latter half of the year. Additionally, the simultaneous implementation of resident-led guidance and promotion of prohibited actions are anticipated to enhance the effectiveness of countermeasures taken.

    Seventh, the enforcement of tourism etiquette training, including topics such as visiting times, prohibited actions and punishment regulations, will take place for all travel and city and district tour guides, in order to ensure the provision of proper, on-site guide services.

    Lastly, additional training will commence for Bukchon Village Keepers, a management workforce comprised of village residents. They are expected to provide further support for the enforcement of tourist hours, restricted entry, prevention of unlawful waste disposal and other critical, tourism-related issues in need of attention.