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  • Bugak Skyway

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    Bugak Skyway is a tourist road that goes from Jahamun Gate to Jeongneung’s Ariranggogae Pass following the ridge of Bugaksan Mountain in Seoul. Reflectors and mercury lamps are installed here and there on this spiral road. There is the site of an old palace, Jahamun Gate, Palgakjeong Pavillion, a swimming pool and picturesque spots by Bugak Skyway, so it is regarded as one of the most visited tourist destinations in Seoul.

    When you go up following Bugak Skyway, you can stop by Palgakjeong Park, which is located at a spot with an excellent view on Bugaksan Mountain, to take in the great panoramic view and spectacular scenic nightscape of Seoul. Located at the end of the tourist road of Bugak Skyway, Palgakjeong Pavillion is loved by citizens as a romantic driving course and resting area.

    Address: San 6-94, Pyeongchang-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

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