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  • BTS to Sing a Song to Talk about Seoul’s Charms

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    BTS to Sing a Song to Talk about Seoul’s Charms

    BTS, a global Hallyu boy group that has expanded its popularity worldwide including to the Americas and Europe, will sing a song with lyrics that talk about the various charms and appeals of Seoul to introduce the city to the world.

    The city of Seoul released a song track sung by BTS called “WITH SEOUL” on December 6th, 2017, announcing it on the Seoul Tourism website (www.visitseoul.net). Anyone may download the song and watch the music video on YouTube (www.youtube.com/visitseoul) starting from December 13, 2017.

    With the message that “Seoul is a heartwarming city, a city like a friend, a city of excitement” in the lyrics, it emphasized how the city can be a special place for anyone. Towards the end of the song the Seoul city brand is also introduced through rap lyrics that say, “I can feel you in this city, I·SEOUL·U, You, I, Seoul”.

    BTS plans to utilize the Seoul song in major events in Korea and overseas, in production of PR video materials, and at international PR booths. The song will also be spread throughout the world by BTS’ concerts, not only in Korea but around the globe.