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  • BTS sending message to fans: ‘See you in Seoul’

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    [Anchor] And now, this piece of news will lift your spirits even more. K-pop stars BTS have been making waves in the music industry recently, but they are also honorary ambassadors for the city of Seoul. So, take a look at this message from BTS. Our Kim Yeon-seung reports.
    [Reporter] K-pop sensations BTS once again blew the world away on Wednesday night with their performance of ‘Dynamite’ on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ It’s not every day that K-pop stars reach out to such a wide global audience, but their message of needing to love yourself continues to strike a chord with fans around the world.
    But that is not all they sing about. They also sing about their love for the city of Seoul, where the group began their journey to global stardom. Over the past four years, BTS have been Seoul city’s honorary tourism ambassadors, appearing in the city’s promotional videos, and collaborating with the city to create promotional songs. And they continue to invite their loving fans, known as ARMY, to visit Seoul.
    This year, the COVID-19 pandemic makes it tough for fans to travel to the city. So through Seoul city’s promotional video, released last Friday, BTS sent fans a message of “See you in Seoul,” in the hope that they could meet their fans in the Korean capital once the world opens up again. In the video, BTS show fans around the city and introduce them to its food, style and other highlights.
    Within a week of its release, the video has already been viewed more than 80,000 times. Some local fans commented on how they live in other cities in South Korea but want to visit Seoul because of BTS. Other global fans wrote how it’s their life-long dream to visit Seoul, and that they can’t wait to come to Korea as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on travel loosen up.