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  • Britain’s Dulwich College to open in Seoul

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    Britain’s Dulwich College held an official celebration of the opening of its Seoul facilities on Wednesday, opening doors to first-class British education to foreign students in Seoul, the Seoul Metropolitan Government said.

    The school symbolizes Seoul’s successful efforts in securing one of Britain’s leading educational institutions, underscoring the city’s chance to improve the quality of education for foreign residents here, while boosting foreign direct investments.

    A general view of Dulwich College Seoul

    Unlike the other foreign schools in Seoul, Dulwich College Seoul is the first world-class foreign school successfully directly secured by Seoul City in order to strengthen international competitiveness of the nation’s capital.

    Dulwich College, a world-class private school based in London, also operates branches in Shanghai, Beijing and Suzhou.

    Its Seoul branch, which opened on Sept. 2, has three stories including one basement floor with a total floor space of 12,618 square meters.

    The number of students from kindergarten to elementary school totals 500, and the enrolment quota placed on Korean nationals is 25 percent.

    The school has 37 teachers, which means one teacher for a group of six students. All classes are conducted in English.

    Seoul currently has 20 foreign schools, including the Seoul Foreign School in the Seodamun Yeonhui-dong area and the Seoul Yongsan International School in Yongsan-gu. However, the lack of a foreign school in the Gangnam area, equipped with the facilities, scale and curriculum on par with that of leading institutions abroad, had been hindering Seoul’s effort to attract foreign investment.

    Seoul City said it expects the establishment of Dulwich College in Gangnam (southern Seoul) to significantly help improve the foreign education environment in the area.