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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • Breakdancing at Cheoenggye-cheon

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    The KTOs headquarters are located next to the Cheonggye-cheon or Cheonggye Stream, which was full of locals and tourists enjoying their Childrens Day outing and the Seoul Friendship Fair being held around the Seoul Plaza and along the stream.

    But this afternoon was not just all about sightseeing and tasting the international cuisines for me, its also about watching and be entertained by these b-boys who always seem to defy gravity with their twists and moves and spins in the air. I watched the R16 World B-Boy Masters Championship held at the Olympic Park a couple of times before, where everyone in the Olympic Hall, including me, was awed by these guys impressive moves, flexibility and creativity on stage.

    And today, everyone in the crowd must have been expecting the same.

    The Freestle Session was a competition of crews of three b-boys with judges sitting in front of the stage deciding on which of the two crews that battled each other moved on to the next round. Of course, if there was a battle, there was a DJ on stage, too!

    While all crews gave their all, impressing the crowd in front of the stage and those watching by the road side next to Cheonggye-cheon, it was Fusion MC who won the title! video%3E%3E hereThese three guys were unrelenting, talented and most of all, very creative in their moves! They deserved to win!

    Before the awarding of the winners, Jay Park, formerly of 2PM, was formally appointed at the honorary ambassador for R16 Korea, the international b-boy competition to be held at the Olympic Park this July 13-14, where b-boys from 20 countries will be impressing the b-boy fans and each other again with their newly invented moves.

    To all of the b-boys, good luck on the next battle!